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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01015746291Rat SeraMir Exosome RNA 384 microRNA qPCR Profiler Assay SetInfo Systembio RA812A-1 20 profiles632.69Ask
01015746290Mouse SeraMir Exosome RNA 384 microRNA qPCR Profiler Assay Set (20 assays)Info Systembio RA811A-1 20 profiles632.69Ask
01015746289SeraMir Exosome RNA 384 microRNA qPCR Profiler Assay SetInfo Systembio RA810A-1 20 profiles632.69Ask
01015746288SeraMir Exosome RNA Purification Column kit (20 exoRNA columns)Info Systembio RA808A-1 20 preps508.81Ask
01015746286SeraMir Exosome RNA Purification kit (5ml ExoQuick and 20 exoRNA columns)Info Systembio RA806A-1 20 preps657.02Ask
01015746285SeraMir Control spike-in Small RNA and qPCR assayInfo Systembio RA805A-1 100 assays347.32Ask
01015746283SeraMir 3'-Universal Primer (10,000 qPCR reactions)Info Systembio RA800P-3 10,000 reactions290.90Ask
01015746282SeraMir Exosome RNA Ampflication KitInfo Systembio RA800A-1 20 reactions1007.66Ask
01015746281rno-miRNome MicroRNA Profiling Kit [Rat]Info Systembio RA680B-1 20 complete profiles1744.32Ask
01015746280mmu-miRNome MicroRNA Profiling Kit [Mouse]Info Systembio RA670A-1 20 profiles1776.40Ask
01015746278Stem Cell MicroRNA Profiling PanelInfo Systembio RA620A-1 10 profiles1257.64Ask
01015746277Cancer MicroRNA qPCR ArrayInfo Systembio RA610A-1 10 profiles1257.64Ask
01015746276RNA-Quant cDNA synthesis Kit (20 reactions)Info Systembio RA430A-1 20 reactions782.01Ask
01015746275Cells-to-Cts + QuantiMir complete KitInfo Systembio RA422A-1 20 reactions783.12Ask
01015746274QuantiMir 3'-Universal Primer (10,000 qPCR reactions)Info Systembio RA420AU-3 10,000 assays290.90Ask
01015746273RA420A-rU6 QuantiMir Rat U6--50 assaysInfo Systembio RA420A-rU6 50 assays264.36Ask
01015746272RA420A-RNU43 QuantiMir RNU43--50 assaysInfo Systembio RA420A-RNU43 50 assays264.36Ask
01015746271RA420A-RNU1 QuantiMir RNU1 (U1)--50 assaysInfo Systembio RA420A-RNU1 50 assays264.36Ask
01015746270RA420A-mU6 QuantiMir Mouse U6--50 assaysInfo Systembio RA420A-mU6 50 assays264.36Ask
01015746269RA420A-miR-16 QuantiMir miR-16 --50 assaysInfo Systembio RA420A-miR-16 50 assays264.36Ask
01015746268RA420A-hU6 QuantiMir Human U6--50 assaysInfo Systembio RA420A-hU6 50 assays264.36Ask
01015746267QuantiMir KitInfo Systembio RA420A-1 20 reactions749.94Ask
01015746266MicroRNA precursor pooled library, HT prepackagedInfo Systembio PMIRHPLVAHT-1 10 virus aliquots9879.69Ask
01015746265Pooled Virus Library of all Lenti-miR microRNA Precursor Constructs [4 virus aliquots]Info Systembio PMIRHPLVA-1 4 virus aliquots4960.86Ask
01015746264MicroRNA Precursor Pooled Plasmid LibraryInfo Systembio PMIRHPLPA-1 1 aliquot plasmid DNA165.92Ask
01015746263OncoMir pooled microRNA precursor virus libraryInfo Systembio PMIRHOPLVA-1 1 virus aliquot1276.44Ask
01015746262Human pre-microRNA Expression Construct let-7iInfo Systembio PMIRHlet7iPA-1 Bacterial Streak783.12Ask
01015746261Human pre-microRNA Expression Construct let-7gInfo Systembio PMIRHlet7gPA-1 Bacterial Streak783.12Ask
01015746260Human pre-microRNA Expression Construct let-7f-2Info Systembio PMIRHlet7f2PA-1 Bacterial Streak783.12Ask
01015746259Human pre-microRNA Expression Construct let-7f-1Info Systembio PMIRHlet7f1PA-1 Bacterial Streak783.12Ask
01015746258Human pre-microRNA Expression Construct let-7eInfo Systembio PMIRHlet7ePA-1 Bacterial Streak783.12Ask
01015746257Human pre-microRNA Expression Construct let-7dInfo Systembio PMIRHlet7dPA-1 Bacterial Streak783.12Ask
01015746256Human pre-microRNA Expression Construct let-7cInfo Systembio PMIRHlet7cPA-1 Bacterial Streak783.12Ask
01015746255Human pre-microRNA Expression Construct let-7bInfo Systembio PMIRHlet7bPA-1 Bacterial Streak783.12Ask
01015746254Human pre-microRNA Expression Construct let-7a-3Info Systembio PMIRHlet7a3PA-1 Bacterial Streak783.12Ask
01015746253Human pre-microRNA Expression Construct let-7a-2Info Systembio PMIRHlet7a2PA-1 Bacterial Streak783.12Ask
01015746252Human pre-microRNA Expression Construct let-7a-1Info Systembio PMIRHlet7a1PA-1 Bacterial Streak783.12Ask
01015746251Human pre-microRNA Expression Construct Lenti-miR-99bInfo Systembio PMIRH99bPA-1 Bacterial Streak783.12Ask
01015746250Human pre-microRNA Expression Construct Lenti-miR-99b-onlyInfo Systembio PMIRH99b-only-PA-1 Bacterial Streak783.12Ask
01015746249Human pre-microRNA Expression Construct Lenti-miR-99aInfo Systembio PMIRH99aPA-1 Bacterial Streak783.12Ask
01015746248Human pre-microRNA Expression Construct Lenti-miR-98Info Systembio PMIRH98PA-1 Bacterial Streak783.12Ask
01015746247Human pre-microRNA Expression Construct Lenti-miR-96Info Systembio PMIRH96PA-1 Bacterial Streak783.12Ask
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