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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
010236790535,5,10,10-TetraMethyl-5,10-dihydroindenoindenInfo SFC SFC-49158 1 EA0.00Ask
010236697505,10-dihydroindenoindeneInfo SFC SFC-39855 1 EA0.00Ask
010236354241-chloro-2-nitro-3-oxo-6,7-dihydro-3H,5H-benzoquinolizineInfo SFC SFC-05528 1 EA0.00Ask
01013700085Vanilic acidInfo SFC SFC-70190 1 EA0.00Ask
01013700084XanthoneInfo SFC SFC-70189 1 EA0.00Ask
01013700083TriclosanInfo SFC SFC-70188 1 EA0.00Ask
010137000822,3,4,6-tetra-O-Benzyl-D-Gluco PyranoseInfo SFC SFC-70187 1 EA0.00Ask
01013700081Triphenyl distyreneInfo SFC SFC-70186 1 EA0.00Ask
010137000803',4,5'-Trichloro-2-hydroxy benzophenoneInfo SFC SFC-70185 1 EA0.00Ask
010137000793',4,5'-Trichloro-2-hydroxy ChalconeInfo SFC SFC-70184 1 EA0.00Ask
010137000787,8,3',4'-Tetramethoxy flavoneInfo SFC SFC-70183 1 EA0.00Ask
010137000773,4',5-Trichloro-2-hydroxy benzophenoneInfo SFC SFC-70182 1 EA0.00Ask
010137000762,4,4'-Trihydroxy benzophenoneInfo SFC SFC-70181 1 EA0.00Ask
010137000753,4',5-Trichloro benzophenoneInfo SFC SFC-70180 1 EA0.00Ask
01013700074L-Tyrosine ethylester hydrochlorideInfo SFC SFC-70179 1 EA0.00Ask
010137000733,4,5-Trimethoxy PhenolInfo SFC SFC-70178 1 EA0.00Ask
010137000723',4',5'-Trimethoxy acetophenoneInfo SFC SFC-70177 1 EA0.00Ask
01013700071Suberic acidInfo SFC SFC-70176 1 EA0.00Ask
01013700070SyringaldehydeInfo SFC SFC-70175 1 EA0.00Ask
01013700069Sinapic acidInfo SFC SFC-70174 1 EA0.00Ask
01013700068Propyl hydroxy benzaldehydeInfo SFC SFC-70173 1 EA0.00Ask
01013700067Propyl paraben-IPInfo SFC SFC-70172 1 EA0.00Ask
01013700066Piperdine hydantoinInfo SFC SFC-70171 1 EA0.00Ask
01013700065PlumbaginInfo SFC SFC-70170 1 EA0.00Ask
01013700064PongamolInfo SFC SFC-70169 1 EA0.00Ask
01013700063Phenyl aceticacidInfo SFC SFC-70168 1 EA0.00Ask
01013700062Phloro glucinolInfo SFC SFC-70167 1 EA0.00Ask
01013700061P-hydroxy BenzoicacidInfo SFC SFC-70166 1 EA0.00Ask
01013700060NaproxenInfo SFC SFC-70165 1 EA0.00Ask
010137000594-Nitro benzylcyanideInfo SFC SFC-70164 1 EA0.00Ask
01013700058α-Naphtho flavoneInfo SFC SFC-70163 1 EA0.00Ask
010137000576-Nitro-4-ChromanoneInfo SFC SFC-70162 1 EA0.00Ask
010137000563(4'-Methoxyphenyl)-4-phenyl coumarinInfo SFC SFC-70161 1 EA0.00Ask
010137000552-Methoxy naphthaleneInfo SFC SFC-70160 1 EA0.00Ask
010137000544-Methoxy phenyl aceticacidInfo SFC SFC-70159 1 EA0.00Ask
010137000534-Methoxy benzoicacidInfo SFC SFC-70158 1 EA0.00Ask
01013700052Methyl-3-amino-4-methyl benzoateInfo SFC SFC-70157 1 EA0.00Ask
01013700051Methyl-4-hydroxybenzoateInfo SFC SFC-70156 1 EA0.00Ask
010137000507-Methoxy-4-hydroxy-3-phenyl coumarinInfo SFC SFC-70155 1 EA0.00Ask
010137000494-Methyl-6-methoxy-3(4'-methoxyphenyl)coumarinInfo SFC SFC-70154 1 EA0.00Ask
010137000486-Methyl-4- chromononeInfo SFC SFC-70153 1 EA0.00Ask
010137000477-Methoxy-4-hydroxy coumarinInfo SFC SFC-70152 1 EA0.00Ask
010137000467-Methoxy-4-methyl coumarinInfo SFC SFC-70151 1 EA0.00Ask
01013700045Malonic acidInfo SFC SFC-70150 1 EA0.00Ask
01013700044Methyl-3-bromo-4-hydroxybenzoateInfo SFC SFC-70149 1 EA0.00Ask
010137000432-Methyl ResocinolInfo SFC SFC-70148 1 EA0.00Ask
010137000422'-Methoxy-6'-methyl acetophenoneInfo SFC SFC-70147 1 EA0.00Ask
01013700041Methyl-3,5-Dibromo-4-hydroxybenzoateInfo SFC SFC-70146 1 EA0.00Ask
010137000406-Methoxy-4-hydroxy coumarinInfo SFC SFC-70145 1 EA0.00Ask
010137000396-Methyl coumarinInfo SFC SFC-70144 1 EA0.00Ask
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