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01016806466ECFP-Tag Monoclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-T616A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806465EBFP Monoclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-T615A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806464AmCyan Monoclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-T614A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806463EYFP Monoclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-T613A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806462Myc-Tag Monoclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-T612A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806461S-Tag Mouse Monoclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-T611A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806460KT3-Tag Mouse Monoclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-T610A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806459E2-Tag Mouse Monoclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-T609A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806458RFP-Tag Mouse Monoclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-T608A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806457HSV-Tag Mouse Monoclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-T607A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806456VSV-G -Tag Mouse Monoclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-T606A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806455V5-Tag Mouse Monoclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-T605A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806454T7 -Tag Mouse Monoclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-T604A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806453Strep II tag Mouse Monoclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-T603A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806452mCherry-Tag Mouse Monoclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-T602A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806451MBP-Tag Mouse Monoclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-T601A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806450GFP-Tag antibodyInfo SAB SAB-T529A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806449GST-Tag antibodyInfo SAB SAB-T528A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806448TAP-Tag Mouse Monoclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-T527A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806447CBP-Tag Mouse Monoclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-T526A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806446HA-tag Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (1B10)Info SAB SAB-T525A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806445Flag-tag Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (2C5)Info SAB SAB-T524A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806444His-Tag Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (4E6)Info SAB SAB-T523A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806443RFP-Tag Rabbit Polyclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-T522A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806442mCherry -Tag Rabbit Polyclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-T521A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806441Trx-Tag Mouse Monoclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-T520A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806440Flag-Tag Mouse Monoclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-T519A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806439SRT-Tag Mouse Monoclonal Antibody(4H9)Info SAB SAB-T518A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806438Avi Tag Mouse Monoclonal Antibody(6E3)Info SAB SAB-T517A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806437GFP Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (Plant Specific)Info SAB SAB-T516A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806436mCherry Mouse Monoclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-T515A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806435Plant GST Rabbit Polyclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-T514A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806434mCherry Mouse Polyclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-T513A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806433GFP Mouse Polyclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-T512A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806432RFP Mouse Polyclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-T511A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806431DYKDDDDK-Tag mouse mAbInfo SAB SAB-T510A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806430GST-Tag mouse mAbInfo SAB SAB-T509A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806429GFP AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-T508A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806428HA-Tag mouse mAbInfo SAB SAB-T506A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806427His-Tag mouse mAbInfo SAB SAB-T505A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806426Myc-Tag Mouse Monoclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-T504A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806425Anti-DYKDDDDK Polyclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-T503A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806424HA-Tag Rabbit Polyclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-T501A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806423Rb (Acetyl-K873/K874) Polyclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-HW189A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806422PARP-1 (Acetyl-K521) Polyclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-HW188A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806421p53 (Acetyl-K305) Polyclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-HW187A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806420p53 (Acetyl-K120) Polyclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-HW186A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806419E2F-1 (Acetyl-K125) Polyclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-HW185A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806418E2F-1 (Acetyl-K117) Polyclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-HW184A 50ul410.97Ask
01016806417AR(Acetyl-K631) Polyclonal AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-HW183A 50ul410.97Ask
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