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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01014298528Liposomal MagnesiumInfo ProF DPC002MG-2 2 ml269.89Ask
01014298527Liposomal CalciumInfo ProF DPC002CA-2 2 ml269.89Ask
01014298526PEGylated Liposomal Rhodamine B DyeInfo ProF PHC001RB-1 1 ml269.89Ask
01014298525PEGylated Liposomal Acridine Orange DyeInfo ProF PHC001AO-1 1 ml269.89Ask
01014298524Liposomal Fluorescein DyeInfo ProF DPC001FL-1 1 ml269.89Ask
01014298523Liposomal Rhodamine G DyeInfo ProF DPC001RG-1 1 ml269.89Ask
01014298522Liposomal Acridine Orange DyeInfo ProF DPC001AO-1 1 ml269.89Ask
01014298521PEGylated HSPC Liposomal CiprofloxacinInfo ProF PHPC002CP-2 2 mg269.89Ask
01014298520DPPC Liposomal CiprofloxacinInfo ProF DPPC002CP-2 2 mg269.89Ask
01014298519PEGylated Liposomal DoxorubicinInfo ProF PHPC020DX-20 20 mg631.58Ask
01014298518PEGylated Liposomal DoxorubicinInfo ProF PHPC002DX-2 2 mg269.89Ask
01014298517Ready-to-load DPPC Liposomes with Ammonium TartrateInfo ProF DPC200AT-10 10 ml414.79Ask
01014298516Ready-to-load DPPC Liposomes with Ammonium SulfateInfo ProF DPC100AS-10 10 ml342.89Ask
01014298515Ready-to-load PEGylated HSPC Liposomes with Ammonium SulfateInfo ProF PHPC200AS-10 10 ml414.79Ask
01014298514Liposome Plasma Stability Test KitInfo ProF SPS20-20 20 columns414.79Ask
01014298513Liposome Drug Dissolution Assay KitInfo ProF LDD05-5 5 assays558.58Ask
01014298512MicroMolar Liposome Sulfate Assay KitInfo ProF LSA100-100 100 assays414.79Ask
01014298511Liposome Drug Encapsulation Assay KitInfo ProF LDE10-10 10 assays414.79Ask
01014298510Spin-columns for Liposome PurificationInfo ProF SLP20-20 20 columns313.03Ask
01014298509Cell Density Assay DyeInfo ProF CP1000-1000 1000 assays414.79Ask
01014298508Nucleic Acid Binding BlockerInfo ProF NBP96N-1 1 ml118.35Ask
0101429850796-well DNA–binding Plates (Transparent)Info ProF NBP96T-4 4 plate173.66Ask
0101429850696-well DNA–binding plates (black)Info ProF NBP96B-4 4 plate173.66Ask
0101429850596-well Cationic Protein-binding Plates (transparent)Info ProF CPP96T-4 4 plate188.04Ask
0101429850496-well Cationic Protein-binding Plates (black)Info ProF CPP96B-4 4 plate188.04Ask
0101429850396-well Anionic Protein-binding Plates (transparent)Info ProF APP96T-4 4 plate180.29Ask
0101429850296-well Anionic Protein-binding Plates (black)Info ProF APP96B-4 4 plate180.29Ask
01014298500Protein and DNA Removal Spin-columnsInfo ProF PNR020-20 20 columns313.03Ask
01014298499Nucleic Acid Removal KitInfo ProF NAR911-22 22 ml216.80Ask
01014298498Micro Phosphate Removal Column SetInfo ProF MPR020-20 20 columns298.65Ask
01014298497Micro desalting spin column setInfo ProF MDC050-50 50 columns342.89Ask
01014298496Protein stability and aggregation assay kitInfo ProF PSA200K-200 200 assays226.75Ask
01014298495Membrane Protein Extraction Solution (Solution #1)Info ProF MPE01-40 40 ml310.81Ask
01014298493Membrane Protein Extraction KitInfo ProF MPE01-12S-0,5 0,5 ml234.49Ask
01014298492Dilution Preparative Membrane Protein Folding Kit (condition #1)Info ProF MPP01-20 20 ml425.85Ask
01014298491Dilution Membrane Protein Folding Screen KitInfo ProF MPS01-20-0,35 0,35 ml234.49Ask
01014298490Preparative Membrane Protein Folding Column Set (column #1)Info ProF MFC01-4 4 columns482.26Ask
01014298489Spin-column Membrane Protein Folding Screen KitInfo ProF MFC01-20-20 20 columns342.89Ask
0101429848796-Well Protein Folding PlateInfo ProF PFS096-1 1 plate241.13Ask
01014298486Large-Scale Preparative Protein Folding Column Set (column #1)Info ProF PFC01-4 4 columns453.50Ask
01014298485Small-Scale Preparative Protein Folding Column Set (column #1)Info ProF SFC01-10 10 columns222.33Ask
01014298484Spin-Column Protein Folding Screen KitInfo ProF SFC01-10-10 10 columns254.40Ask
01014298483MicroMolar Oxaliplatin Assay KitInfo ProF OPT200-200 200 assays414.79Ask
01014298482MicroMolar Cisplatin Assay KitInfo ProF CPT200-200 200 assays414.79Ask
01014298481MicroGram Polymyxin Assay KitInfo ProF MPX200-200 200 assays558.58Ask
01014298480MicroMolar Primary Amine Assay KitInfo ProF PAA100K-100 100 assays313.03Ask
01014298479MicroMolar DTT Assay kitInfo ProF DTT200-200 200 assays414.79Ask
01014298478MicroMolar Chloride Assay KitInfo ProF CLA100-100 100 assays409.26Ask
01014298477MicroMolar EDTA Assay kitInfo ProF EDTA200-200 200 assays394.88Ask
01014298476MicroMolar Sulfate Assay KitInfo ProF MSA200-200 200 assays457.93Ask
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