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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
07022590895Vimentin RMabInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370173 1 mililiter Concentrate1040.38Ask
07022590894Villin RMabInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370188 1 mililiter Concentrate1278.91Ask
07022590893VEGFInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370114 1 mililiter Concentrate1709.20Ask
07022590852Topoisomerase IIa RMabInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370150 1 mililiter Concentrate1602.53Ask
07022590844TintoCarbonic Anhydrase 9 RMabInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370196 1 mililiter Concentrate1350.82Ask
07022590833TdT RMabInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370156 1 mililiter Concentrate1510.24Ask
07022590832TCL1 RMabInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370187 1 mililiter Concentrate1278.91Ask
07022590827T-bet RMabInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370220 1 mililiter Concentrate1278.91Ask
07022590810Synaptophysin RMabInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370214 1 mililiter Concentrate1040.38Ask
07022590802Survivin RMabInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370231 1 mililiter Concentrate1278.91Ask
07022590781SOX-2 RMabInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370175 1 mililiter Concentrate1278.91Ask
07022590779Somatostatin RMabInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370273 1 mililiter Concentrate1040.38Ask
07022590738S100BetaInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370181 1 mililiter Concentrate1040.38Ask
07022590737S100A9Info MBS Monoclonals GEN370162 1 mililiter Concentrate1278.91Ask
07022590735S100A1Info MBS Monoclonals GEN370209 1 mililiter Concentrate1278.91Ask
07022582776PSP94/MSMB RMabInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370236 1 mililiter Concentrate1278.91Ask
07022582775PSMA RMabInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370138 1 mililiter Concentrate1489.86Ask
07022582774PSAP RMabInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370215 1 mililiter Concentrate1040.38Ask
07022582773PSA RMabInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370193 1 mililiter Concentrate1040.38Ask
07022582742Prolactin RMabInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370165 1 mililiter Concentrate1278.91Ask
07022582738Progesterone Receptor RMabInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370101 1 mililiter Concentrate1709.20Ask
07022582723PMS2 RMabInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370279 15 ml1258.53Ask
07022582716PLAP RMabInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370099 1 mililiter Concentrate768.30Ask
07022581963PAX-5 RMabInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370098 1 mililiter Concentrate1364.01Ask
07022581939p63 RMabInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370096 1 mililiter Concentrate1709.20Ask
07022581588NSEInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN373036 1 mililiter Concentrate933.71Ask
07022581587Fli-1Info MBS Monoclonals GEN373012 15 ml914.53Ask
07022581586BG8 LewisYInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370283 1 mililiter Concentrate927.72Ask
07022581585CD13Info MBS Monoclonals GEN370280 15 ml1510.24Ask
07022581584TCR Beta F1Info MBS Monoclonals GEN370277 1 mililiter Concentrate1278.91Ask
07022581583CD33Info MBS Monoclonals GEN370275 1 mililiter Concentrate1503.04Ask
07022581582Parathyroid Hormone (PTH)Info MBS Monoclonals GEN370271 15 ml960.08Ask
07022581580PerforinInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370266 1 mililiter Concentrate1099.12Ask
07022581579LangerinInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370265 1 mililiter Concentrate1099.12Ask
07022581573CD71Info MBS Monoclonals GEN370244 1 mililiter Concentrate788.68Ask
07022581571OCT-4 RMabInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370206 1 mililiter Concentrate1278.91Ask
07022581570OCT-2 RMabInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370195 1 mililiter Concentrate1278.91Ask
07022581568NeuNInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370226 1 mililiter Concentrate1040.38Ask
07022581566Melanoma KBA.62Info MBS Monoclonals GEN370216 1 mililiter Concentrate946.89Ask
07022581565Melanoma PNL2Info MBS Monoclonals GEN370212 1 mililiter Concentrate946.89Ask
07022581564Mart-1 A103Info MBS Monoclonals GEN370211 15 ml920.52Ask
07022581561Varicella Zoster VirusInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370207 1 mililiter Concentrate867.79Ask
07022581560Cytokeratin LMW CAM5.2Info MBS Monoclonals GEN370204 15 ml1404.76Ask
07022581559SmoothelinInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370197 1 mililiter Concentrate1278.91Ask
07022581558Mart-1 & TyrosinaseInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370192 15 ml1085.93Ask
07022581556INI-1Info MBS Monoclonals GEN370185 1 mililiter Concentrate1305.28Ask
07022581555SV40Info MBS Monoclonals GEN370184 1 mililiter Concentrate1278.91Ask
07022581554Annexin A1Info MBS Monoclonals GEN370183 15 ml735.94Ask
07022581553SOX-11Info MBS Monoclonals GEN370177 1 mililiter Concentrate1278.91Ask
07022581551IgG4Info MBS Monoclonals GEN370161 1 mililiter Concentrate867.79Ask
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