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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01028457473pJMP1Info Lifescience Market PVT19098 2 ug447.74Ask
01028457472pDG148Info Lifescience Market PVT19097 2 ug447.74Ask
01028457471pHP13-P43Info Lifescience Market PVT19096 2 ug447.74Ask
01028455650pLenti-EF1a-EGFP-Puro-CMV-MCS-3FlagInfo Lifescience Market PVT17274 2 ug573.59Ask
01028443336Rabbit matrix metalloproteinase 9/ Gelatinase B, MMP- 9 ELISA KiInfo Lifescience Market ELA-E0553Rb 96 Tests1122.97Ask
01028443246Rabbit Interleukin- 4, IL- 4 ELISA KitInfo Lifescience Market ELA-E0077Rb 96 Tests1122.97Ask
01028441510Porcine Interleukin- 4, IL- 4 ELISA KitInfo Lifescience Market ELA-E0077p 96 Tests1122.97Ask
01028440602Canine Interleukin- 10, IL- 10 ELISA KitInfo Lifescience Market ELA-E0056d 96 Tests1122.97Ask
01028438101Canine Epidermal growth factor, EGF ELISA KitInfo Lifescience Market ELA-E0560d 96 Tests1122.97Ask
01028438089Canine Luteinizing Hormone, LH ELISA KitInfo Lifescience Market ELA-E0441d 96 Tests871.27Ask
01028438074Canine Leptin ELISA KitInfo Lifescience Market ELA-E0084d 96 Tests1122.97Ask
01028438069Canine Interleukin- 4, IL- 4 ELISA KitInfo Lifescience Market ELA-E0077d 96 Tests1122.97Ask
01028438058Canine Growth hormone, GH ELISA KitInfo Lifescience Market ELA-E0044d 96 Tests1122.97Ask
01028438056Canine Erythropoietin, EPO ELISA KitInfo Lifescience Market ELA-E0028d 96 Tests1122.97Ask
01028428918Rabbit matrix metalloproteinase 9, MMP9 ELISA KitInfo Lifescience Market ELA-E0553r 96 Tests1072.15Ask
01028421226Rat Thrombospondin-1, THBS1 ELISA KitInfo Lifescience Market ELA-E0611r 96 Tests1072.15Ask
01028420926Rat Interleukin- 4, IL- 4 ELISA KitInfo Lifescience Market ELA-E0077r 96 Tests1072.15Ask
01028401530Mouse Programmed cell death protein 1, PDCD1 ELISA KitInfo Lifescience Market ELA-E0515m 96 Tests1046.74Ask
01028389583Mouse Programed Death Ligand- 1 ELISA KitInfo Lifescience Market ELA-E0513m 96 Tests1046.74Ask
01028369501Mouse Indoleamine 2 ,3 -dioxygenase, IDO ELISA KitInfo Lifescience Market ELA-E1547h 96 Tests1046.74Ask
01028368514Human matrix metalloproteinase 9/ Gelatinase B, MMP- 9 ELISA KitInfo Lifescience Market ELA-E0553h 96 Tests997.12Ask
01028368478Human Programmed cell death protein 1, PDCD1 ELISA KitInfo Lifescience Market ELA-E0515h 96 Tests997.12Ask
01028368476Human Programmed cell death 1 ligand 1, CD274 ELISA KitInfo Lifescience Market ELA-E0513h 96 Tests997.12Ask
01028368331Human Fucosyltransferase 6, FUT6 ELISA KitInfo Lifescience Market ELA-E0358h 96 Tests997.12Ask
01028368316Human Hephaestin, HEPH ELISA KitInfo Lifescience Market ELA-E0338h 96 Tests997.12Ask
01028368301Human Lithostathine-1-beta, REG1B ELISA KitInfo Lifescience Market ELA-E0323h 96 Tests997.12Ask
01028368244Human Tryptase beta- 2, TPS2 ELISA KitInfo Lifescience Market ELA-E0258h 96 Tests997.12Ask
01028368238Human Apolipoprotein C- I, APOC1 ELISA KitInfo Lifescience Market ELA-E0252h 96 Tests997.12Ask
01018457542pUCDMInfo Lifescience Market PVT19167 2 ug412.64Ask
01018457541pCR-BluntII-TOPO-IRGMInfo Lifescience Market PVT19166 2 ug279.53Ask
01018457540pLVX-IRES-Neo-CDK4Info Lifescience Market PVT19165 2 ug312.21Ask
01018457539pLVX-Puro-Meis1-mInfo Lifescience Market PVT19164 2 ug363.03Ask
01018457538pOTB7-PFKPInfo Lifescience Market PVT19163 2 ug312.21Ask
01018457537pCDNA3.1-HA-TBK1Info Lifescience Market PVT19162 2 ug363.03Ask
01018457536pLVML-Myc-Kbtbd6-r-IRES-PuroInfo Lifescience Market PVT19161 2 ug363.03Ask
01018457535pcDNA3.1(-)-hPGAM5-FLAGInfo Lifescience Market PVT19160 2 ug312.21Ask
01018457534pCMV-SPORT6-PAMInfo Lifescience Market PVT19159 2 ug312.21Ask
01018457533pBluescriptR-CPDInfo Lifescience Market PVT19158 2 ug412.64Ask
01018457532pBE2R(cm)-mCitrineInfo Lifescience Market PVT19157 2 ug614.73Ask
01018457531pBE2R(cm)Info Lifescience Market PVT19156 2 ug563.91Ask
01018457530pOTB7-MSLN-2Info Lifescience Market PVT19155 2 ug279.53Ask
01018457529pOTB7-MCOLN1Info Lifescience Market PVT19154 2 ug279.53Ask
01018457528pBE2R-mCitrineInfo Lifescience Market PVT19153 2 ug563.91Ask
01018457527pBiT1.1-N-TK-LgBiT-HNRNPLInfo Lifescience Market PVT19152 2 ug312.21Ask
01018457526pCDNA3.1-HA-TRAF2Info Lifescience Market PVT19151 2 ug312.21Ask
01018457525pCMV-SPORT6-ANKS3Info Lifescience Market PVT19150 2 ug279.53Ask
01018457524pCMV-SPORT6-ATRNL1Info Lifescience Market PVT19149 2 ug279.53Ask
01018457523pCMV-SPORT6-BCAMInfo Lifescience Market PVT19148 2 ug279.53Ask
01018457522pCMV-SPORT6-BIN2Info Lifescience Market PVT19147 2 ug279.53Ask
01018457521pCMV-SPORT6-C2Info Lifescience Market PVT19146 2 ug312.21Ask
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