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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01013807888SDS-RemoverInfo Inventbiotech WA-012 0.01 l117.25Ask
01013807887Protein Solubilization Reagent for MSInfo Inventbiotech WA-011 2000 ul101.76Ask
01013807886Non-Denatured Protein Solubilization ReagentInfo Inventbiotech WA-010 0.01 l101.76Ask
01013807885Denaturing Protein Solubilization ReagentInfo Inventbiotech WA-009 0.01 l101.76Ask
01013807884WB Blocking SolutionInfo Inventbiotech WA-008 0.259 l206.84Ask
01013807883RBC Lysis BufferInfo Inventbiotech WA-007 0.25 l206.84Ask
01013807882High Efficiency Protein Precipitation kitInfo Inventbiotech WA-006 0.03 l241.13Ask
01013807881Peroxidase SuppressorInfo Inventbiotech WA-005 0.03 l148.22Ask
01013807880Ponceau S StainInfo Inventbiotech WA-004 0.25 l109.50Ask
01013807879Western Blot Stripping SolutionInfo Inventbiotech WA-003 0.25 l206.84Ask
01013807878Antibody EnhancerInfo Inventbiotech WA-002 0.03 l206.84Ask
01013807877HRP Substrate KitInfo Inventbiotech WA-001 0,03 l206.84Ask
01013807876Histone/DNA Binding Protein Extraction KitInfo Inventbiotech HP-014 1 kit/50 reactions361.69Ask
01013807875Single Cell Isolation KitInfo Inventbiotech SC-012 1 kit/50 reactions361.69Ask
01013807874Protein/Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit from GelsInfo Inventbiotech PN-019 1 kit/50 reactions206.84Ask
01013807873Chloroplast Isolation KitInfo Inventbiotech CP-011 1 kit/50 reactions361.69Ask
01013807872Plant Microsomal Membrane Extraction KitInfo Inventbiotech MM-018 1 kit/50 reactions671.40Ask
01013807871Yeast Mitochondria Enrichment KitInfo Inventbiotech YM-017 1 kit/50 reactions361.69Ask
01013807870Detergent-free nuclei isolation kitInfo Inventbiotech NI-024 1 kit/20 reactions361.69Ask
01013807869Adipose Tissue Fractionation KitInfo Inventbiotech AF-023 1 kit/20 reactions516.55Ask
01013807867Nuclear Envelope Protein Extraction KitInfo Inventbiotech NE-013 1 kit/50 reactions671.40Ask
01013807865Plasma Membrane Protein Isolation KitInfo Inventbiotech SM-005 1 kit/50 reactions516.55Ask
01013807864Cytoplasmic & Nuclear Extraction KitsInfo Inventbiotech SC-003 1 kit/50 reactions361.69Ask
01013807863Protein Extraction Kit for Fixed and Embedded TissuesInfo Inventbiotech FE-025 1 kit/20 reactions361.69Ask
01013807862Protein Extraction Kit for Hair and NailsInfo Inventbiotech HD-021 1 kit/20 reactions361.69Ask
01013807860Total Protein Extraction Kit for Microbes with Thick Cell WallsInfo Inventbiotech YT-015 1 kit/50 reactions206.84Ask
01013807859Bacterial Total Protein Extraction KitsInfo Inventbiotech SB-004 1 kit/50 reactions361.69Ask
01013807858Total Protein Extraction Kit for Adipose Tissues/Cultured AdipocytesInfo Inventbiotech AT-022 1 kit/20 reactions361.69Ask
01013807856Detergent-Free Plant Protein Extraction KitInfo Inventbiotech SN-010 1 kit/50 reactions361.69Ask
01013807855Total Protein Extraction Kit for Plant TissuesInfo Inventbiotech SN-009 1 kit/50 reactions361.69Ask
01013807854Total Protein Extraction Kit for Plant TissuesInfo Inventbiotech SD-008 1 kit/50 reactions361.69Ask
01013807852Total Protein Extraction Kit (for Animal Cultured Cells and Tissues)Info Inventbiotech SN-002 1 kit/50 reactions361.69Ask
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