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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01015693353Cytokine CocktailInfo HumanZyme HZ-8501 5 μg1768.65Ask
01015693352Cytokine CocktailInfo HumanZyme HZ-8101 1 μg490.00Ask
01015693351DC Generation KitInfo HumanZyme HZ-9501 500 mL1827.28Ask
01015693350DC Generation KitInfo HumanZyme HZ-9101 100 mL548.63Ask
01015693349HSAInfo HumanZyme HZ-3003 (10x) 1000 µg2653.53Ask
01015693348HSAInfo HumanZyme HZ-3002 1000 µg548.63Ask
01015693347HSAInfo HumanZyme HZ-3001 100 µg292.01Ask
01015693346Wnt3AInfo HumanZyme HZ-1304 1000 µg7355.57Ask
01015693345Wnt3AInfo HumanZyme HZ-1297 100 µg2156.90Ask
01015693344Wnt3AInfo HumanZyme HZ-1296 10 µg607.25Ask
01015693343Wnt3AInfo HumanZyme HZ-1295 5 µg473.41Ask
01015693342VEGF165Info HumanZyme HZ-1153 1000 µg4811.54Ask
01015693341VEGF165Info HumanZyme HZ-1097 100 µg1117.16Ask
01015693340VEGF165Info HumanZyme HZ-1038 10 µg403.73Ask
01015693339VEGF121Info HumanZyme HZ-1206 1000 µg4700.93Ask
01015693338VEGF121Info HumanZyme HZ-1205 100 µg1117.16Ask
01015693337VEGF121Info HumanZyme HZ-1204 10 µg415.89Ask
01015693336TPOInfo HumanZyme HZ-1249 1000 µg4642.30Ask
01015693335TPOInfo HumanZyme HZ-1227 100 µg2660.17Ask
01015693334TPOInfo HumanZyme HZ-1248 10 µg460.14Ask
01015693333TNF alphaInfo HumanZyme HZ-1202 1000 µg3484.22Ask
01015693332TNF alphaInfo HumanZyme HZ-1201 100 µg929.12Ask
01015693331TNF alphaInfo HumanZyme HZ-1014 10 µg283.16Ask
01015693330TGF beta 3Info HumanZyme HZ-1142 1000 µg6360.08Ask
01015693329TGF beta 3Info HumanZyme HZ-1200 100 µg1426.87Ask
01015693328TGF beta 3Info HumanZyme HZ-1090 5 µg287.59Ask
01015693327TGF beta 2Info HumanZyme HZ-1088 1000 µg5695.31Ask
01015693326TGF beta 2Info HumanZyme HZ-1199 100 µg1270.91Ask
01015693325TGF beta 2Info HumanZyme HZ-1092 2X5 µg360.59Ask
01015693324TGF beta 1Info HumanZyme HZ-1087 1000 µg5917.64Ask
01015693323TGF beta 1Info HumanZyme HZ-1131 100 µg1426.87Ask
01015693322TGF beta 1Info HumanZyme HZ-1011 5 µg415.89Ask
01015693321SCFInfo HumanZyme HZ-1198 1000 µg5154.43Ask
01015693320SCFInfo HumanZyme HZ-1197 100 µg2219.94Ask
01015693319SCFInfo HumanZyme HZ-1024 10 µg415.89Ask
01015693318pro IGF-IIInfo HumanZyme HZ-1163 1000 µg1935.68Ask
01015693317pro IGF-IIInfo HumanZyme HZ-1162 100 µg475.62Ask
01015693316pro IGF-IIInfo HumanZyme HZ-1161 10 µg277.63Ask
01015693315Pleiotrophin (PTN)Info HumanZyme HZ-1280 1000 µg2931.17Ask
01015693312PDGFaaInfo HumanZyme HZ-1216 1000 µg4002.98Ask
01015693311PDGFaaInfo HumanZyme HZ-1270 100 µg1049.69Ask
01015693310PDGFaaInfo HumanZyme HZ-1215 10 µg415.89Ask
01015693309OSMInfo HumanZyme HZ-1086 1000 µg4176.63Ask
01015693308OSMInfo HumanZyme HZ-1195 100 µg995.49Ask
01015693307OSMInfo HumanZyme HZ-1030 10 µg415.89Ask
01015693306NogginInfo HumanZyme HZ-1085 1000 µg4002.98Ask
01015693305NogginInfo HumanZyme HZ-1120 100 µg1222.24Ask
01015693304NogginInfo HumanZyme HZ-1118 10 µg377.18Ask
01015693303M-CSFInfo HumanZyme HZ-1039 1000 µg4176.63Ask
01015693302M-CSFInfo HumanZyme HZ-1193 100 µg1216.71Ask
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