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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
06043622271NEPTUNE BarriersTips ,200ul Low RetentioInfo Gentaur Genprice 43-bt200 1 vial118.28Ask
06043621534rHu IL 2 , 3MIU , Lot 200908F02Info Gentaur Genprice 04-RHIL2-08F02 1 vial343.58Ask
06043621533GMP IL4, 50µg,Info Gentaur Genprice 04-GMP-HU-IL4-50UG 1 vial602.68Ask
06043621468TCGF HUMAN T-CELL GROWTH FACTOR, Lot NumInfo Gentaur Genprice 02-0801017 1 vial440.46Ask
06013622952Tissue-Tek Cryomold Intermediate 15x15x5Info Gentaur Genprice 94-4566 1 vial198.26Ask
06013622935Agarose LE 500 grInfo Gentaur Genprice 81-101-9012-36-6 1 vial432.58Ask
06013622928M21-500-499-TBInfo Gentaur Genprice 79-110939 1 vial78.86Ask
060136229273/4" B461 white PolyesterInfo Gentaur Genprice 79-110933 1 vial93.50Ask
06013622926PAL-500-461Info Gentaur Genprice 79-110932 1 vial91.25Ask
06013622925M21-375-461, 9.53mm x 6,4 mInfo Gentaur Genprice 79-110931 1 vial79.98Ask
060136229223/4" B499 white Nylon clothInfo Gentaur Genprice 79-110895 1 vial83.36Ask
06013622919X-118-499, 300Info Gentaur Genprice 79-060950 1 vial129.55Ask
06013622917X-117-499, 300Info Gentaur Genprice 79-060948 1 vial139.69Ask
06013622829Malachite Green Phosphate Assay Kit 2500Info Gentaur Genprice 65-POMG-25H 1 vial360.48Ask
06013622822EnzyChrom™ Triglyceride Assay Kit 200Info Gentaur Genprice 65-ETGA-200 1 vial417.93Ask
06013622818EnzyChrom tm Ketone Body Assay KitInfo Gentaur Genprice 65-EKBD-100 1 vial595.92Ask
06013622812EnzyChrom™ Lactate Assay Kit 100Info Gentaur Genprice 65-ECLC-100 1 vial397.65Ask
06013622809EnzyChrom™ NAD/NADH Assay KitInfo Gentaur Genprice 65-E2ND-100 1 vial416.81Ask
06013622803QuantiChrom™ Uric Acid Assay Kit 250Info Gentaur Genprice 65-DIUA-250 1 vial411.17Ask
06013622800QuantiChrom™ Phosphate Assay Kit 500Info Gentaur Genprice 65-DIPI-500 1 vial351.47Ask
06013622799QuantiChrom™ Magnesium Assay Kit 250Info Gentaur Genprice 65-DIMG-250 1 vial384.14Ask
06013622798QuantiChrom™ Heme Assay Kit 250Info Gentaur Genprice 65-DIHM-250 1 vial416.81Ask
06013622797QuantiChrom™ Hemoglobin Assay Kit 250Info Gentaur Genprice 65-DIHB-250 1 vial384.14Ask
06013622796QuantiChrom™ Creatinine Assay Kit 500Info Gentaur Genprice 65-DICT-500 1 vial396.53Ask
06013622793QuantiChrom™ Calcium Assay Kit 500Info Gentaur Genprice 65-DICA-500 1 vial487.77Ask
06013622457MaestroSafe dyeInfo Gentaur Genprice 518-MR-031201 1 vial208.40Ask
06013622444EF1a-Luciferase (firefly) 2A-GFPInfo Gentaur Genprice 500-LVP437 1 vial397.65Ask
06013622440New 8-OHdG Check ELISA kitInfo Gentaur Genprice 50-KOG-200SE 1 vial759.26Ask
06013622351Tyrosine Hydroxylase AntibodyInfo Gentaur Genprice 484-22941 1 vial690.54Ask
06013622305Semi-quantitative collagen assay kitInfo Gentaur Genprice 445-9046 1 vial105.89Ask
06013622291Immunization grade bovine type IIInfo Gentaur Genprice 445-20022 1 vial394.28Ask
06013622274300 µl Barrier Tip Filtered Sterile 10Info Gentaur Genprice 43-bt300 1 vial112.65Ask
06013622243Fc receptor blocking agent 15mlInfo Gentaur Genprice 408-NB309-15 1 vial589.16Ask
06013622226Anti-Human Glycan-3 25 µgInfo Gentaur Genprice 401-B0025R 1 vial510.30Ask
06013622211Clone HI30. Isotype Mouse IgG1 kInfo Gentaur Genprice 39-CD45-250 1 vial848.25Ask
06013622207Direct PCR Lysis Reagent (mouse tail)Info Gentaur Genprice 388-102-T 1 vial340.20Ask
06013622194GelRedTM Nucleic Acid Gel Stain, 10,000XInfo Gentaur Genprice 37-41003 1 vial209.53Ask
06013622164MethylFlash Methylated DNA QuantificatioInfo Gentaur Genprice 356-P-1034-96 1 vial741.24Ask
06013622156EpiQuik™ Nuclear Extraction Kit I, 100Info Gentaur Genprice 356-OP-0002-1 1 vial228.68Ask
060136221358-Port ManifoldsInfo Gentaur Genprice 347-9621 1 vial116.03Ask
06013622112HemogloBind, 15mlInfo Gentaur Genprice 337-H0145-15 1 vial673.65Ask
06013622104AquaClean, 250 mlInfo Gentaur Genprice 323-WAK-AQ-250-50L 1 vial147.57Ask
06013622060tDenHyb-2, 1mlInfo Gentaur Genprice 310-D102 1 vial496.79Ask
06013622059cDenHyb-2, 1mlInfo Gentaur Genprice 310-D002 1 vial467.50Ask
06013622055Nitric Oxide Synthase Detection Kit – NOInfo Gentaur Genprice 306-NOS200-1 1 vial281.63Ask
06013622048Ultra Pure ADP, 1mlInfo Gentaur Genprice 306-ADP100-2 1 vial437.08Ask
06013622018LDH Quantification Kit, 500 assaysInfo Gentaur Genprice 26-K726-500 1 vial670.27Ask
06013621972Glutathione Assay Kit (GSH, GSSG and TotInfo Gentaur Genprice 26-K264-100 1 vial585.78Ask
06013621943Green FLICA caspase 1 assay kitInfo Gentaur Genprice 246-97 1 vial404.41Ask
06013621933Antibody Coating bufferInfo Gentaur Genprice 246-646 1 vial444.97Ask
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