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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01016827531Pouring Ring, GL-45, Gray, PolypropyleneInfo Chemglass CLS-1482-15 10XP10297.56Ask
01016827556Closure, 25mm, PolypropyleneInfo Chemglass CLS-1503-09 10XP10286.46Ask
01016827529Pouring Ring, GL-45, Blue, PolypropyleneInfo Chemglass CLS-1482-13 10XP10280.91Ask
01016829330Chem Snap Cap, Clear, With Molded SeptumInfo Chemglass CV-3500-0008 10XP100300.89Ask
01016829567Convenience Pack, 1.0mL Clear Glass 8x40mm WISP Shell Vial, Starburst PlugInfo Chemglass CV-7030-0840 10XP100327.54Ask
01016824436Syringe, 3mL Polypropylene, Centric TipInfo Chemglass CG-3080-02 10XP100299.78Ask
01016829267Vial Only, Shell, Glass, 0.75m, Clear, 8x30mmInfo Chemglass CV-2100-0830 10XP100287.57Ask
01016829257Insert, Polypropylene, 0.35mLInfo Chemglass CV-1438-0630 10XP100304.22Ask
01016824117Stoppers Poly 19/22 & 19/38Info Chemglass CG-3021-02 10XP100299.78Ask
01016829268Vial Only, 1.0mL, Clear, Glass, WISP Shell, 8x40mmInfo Chemglass CV-2103-0840 10XP100280.91Ask
01016829269Vial Only, 1.0mL, Amber, Glass, WISP Shell, 8x40mmInfo Chemglass CV-2104-0840 10XP100319.77Ask
01016824118Stoppers Poly 24/25 & 24/40Info Chemglass CG-3021-03 10XP100314.21Ask
01016828667Black Screw Cap Only, Open Top, 9mm OpeningInfo Chemglass CLS-4208-11 10XP100333.09Ask
01016829272Vial Only, Shell, Glass, 4.0mL, Clear, 15x45mmInfo Chemglass CV-2113-1545 10XP100314.21Ask
01016829271Vial Only, Shell, Glass, 2.0mL, Clear, Round Bottom, 12x32mmInfo Chemglass CV-2110-1232 10XP100330.87Ask
01016829273Vial Only,Shell,Polypropylene, 4ml, Shell, 15x45mmInfo Chemglass CV-2117-1545 10XP100317.55Ask
01016829252Insert, Polypropylene, 0.25mL, BM, No SpringInfo Chemglass CV-1424-0631 10XP100287.57Ask
01016829295Crimp Seal, Silver, Clear PTFE/Red RubberInfo Chemglass CV-3110-0008 10XP100323.10Ask
01016829358Closure Only, 9mm, Clear, Top Seal, 10mil Molded SeptaInfo Chemglass CV-3760-0009 10XP100303.11Ask
01016824119stoppers poly 29/26 & 29/42Info Chemglass CG-3021-04 10XP100326.43Ask
01016829296Crimp Seal, 11mm, Silver, Clear PTFE/Red RubberInfo Chemglass CV-3110-0011 10XP100309.77Ask
01016829301Crimp Seal, 11mm, Silver, PTFE/Natural Red RubberInfo Chemglass CV-3120-0011 10XP100326.43Ask
01016829245Insert, Polypropylene, 0.1mL, LV, No SpringInfo Chemglass CV-1406-0530 10XP100286.46Ask
01016824116Stoppers Poly 14/20 & 14/35Info Chemglass CG-3021-01 10XP100282.02Ask
01016829293Crimp Seal, Silver, 10mil PTFEInfo Chemglass CV-3100-0008 10XP100295.34Ask
01016829357Closure, Screw Thread, 24-400, Open Hole, GreenInfo Chemglass CV-3750-0024 10XP100313.10Ask
01016829270Vial Only, Shell, Glass, 2.0mL, 12x32mm, ClearInfo Chemglass CV-2107-1232 10XP100297.56Ask
01016829355Closure, Screw Thread, 20-400, Black, Open HoleInfo Chemglass CV-3750-0020 10XP100299.78Ask
01016829248Insert, Glass, 0.25mL, Glass, Flat BottomInfo Chemglass CV-1414-0531 10XP100317.55Ask
01016824279O-Ring, Viton, #107Info Chemglass CG-305-107 10XP12329.76Ask
01016824137Septum Stopper, Sleeve Type, For 19/22-19/38 Outer Joints, RedInfo Chemglass CG-3022-96 10XP12304.22Ask
01016824263O-Ring Viton, #017Info Chemglass CG-305-017 10XP12327.54Ask
01016824256O-Ring, Viton, #009Info Chemglass CG-305-009 10XP12296.45Ask
01016826136Bottle, HDPE, Narrow Mouth, 8mL, 20mm Thread SizeInfo Chemglass CG-852-21 10XP12300.89Ask
01016826069Bottle, 4mL, Polypro, RoundInfo Chemglass CG-849-01 10XP12277.58Ask
01016824260O-Ring, Viton, #012Info Chemglass CG-305-012 10XP12321.99Ask
01016826070Bottle, 8mL, Polypro, RoundInfo Chemglass CG-849-02 10XP12294.23Ask
01016826561Cap, Black with Vinyl/Pulp Liner, 24-410Info Chemglass CG-898-09 10XP12279.80Ask
01016824274O-Ring, Viton, #104Info Chemglass CG-305-104 10XP12331.98Ask
01016824259O-Ring, Viton, #011Info Chemglass CG-305-011 10XP12302.00Ask
01016824262O-Ring, Viton, #014Info Chemglass CG-305-014 10XP12303.11Ask
01016824281O-Ring, Viton, #108Info Chemglass CG-305-108 10XP12333.09Ask
01016824254O-Ring, Viton, #007Info Chemglass CG-305-007 10XP12328.65Ask
01016824134Septum Stopper, Sleeve Type, For 19/22-19/38 Outer Joints, WhiteInfo Chemglass CG-3022-91 10XP12304.22Ask
01016826071Bottle, 15mL, Polypro, RoundInfo Chemglass CG-849-03 10XP12321.99Ask
01016826138Bottle, HDPE, Narrow Mouth, 15mL, 20mm Thread SizeInfo Chemglass CG-852-22 10XP12333.09Ask
01016826549Cap, Black with Polyseal Cone Liner, 22-400Info Chemglass CG-896-05 10XP12277.58Ask
01016826551Cap, Black with Polyseal Cone Liner, 28-400Info Chemglass CG-896-08 10XP12284.24Ask
01016824285O-Ring, Viton, #111Info Chemglass CG-305-111 10XP12331.98Ask
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