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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01011363941Green RINO Lysis Kit 250Info Bullet Blenders GREENR5 250557.55Ask
01011352073Pink RINO Lysis Kit 50 testsInfo Bullet Blenders PINKR1 50170.94Ask
01011331895Red Lysis Kit 50Info Bullet Blenders REDE1 50183.48Ask
01011325925Rainbow RINO RNA Lysis KitInfo Bullet Blenders RAINBOWR1-RNA 1606.55Ask
01011322581Bead Sample Pack - 5E SetInfo Bullet Blenders BSP-5E 1310.37Ask
01011321947Navy RNA Lysis Kit 50Info Bullet Blenders NAVYE1-RNA 50218.32Ask
01011301831Pink RNA Lysis Kit 50Info Bullet Blenders PINKE1-RNA 50194.63Ask
01011288501Navy RINO RNA Lysis Kit 250 testsInfo Bullet Blenders NAVYR5-RNA 250772.17Ask
01011284773Glass Beads 0.1mm RNase FreeInfo Bullet Blenders GB01-RNA 199.86Ask
01011278821Pink RINO RNA Lysis Kit 50Info Bullet Blenders PINKR1-RNA 50198.81Ask
01011274845Stainless Steel Beads 1.6mm RNase FreeInfo Bullet Blenders SSB16-RNA 1140.28Ask
01011268521Infinity Rocker Pro-CEInfo Bullet Blenders IR101-CE 11417.16Ask
01011266421Bullet Blender 5 Gold CE ruptorInfo Bullet Blenders BB5E-AU-CE 19942.73Ask
01011259373Zirconium Silicate Beads 2.0mmInfo Bullet Blenders ZSB20 1134.70Ask
01011247384Green RINO Lysis Kit 50Info Bullet Blenders GREENR1 50173.72Ask
01011246803StirbarInfo Bullet Blenders STRBR5X2 172.12Ask
01011233606Green Lysis Kit 250Info Bullet Blenders GREENE5 250539.15Ask
01011219161Measuring Spoon 100 RNase FreeInfo Bullet Blenders MSP01-RNA 10127.45Ask
01011218055Stainless Steel UFO Beads 5.6mm RNase FreeInfo Bullet Blenders SSUFO56-RNA 1221.44Ask
01011204626Arctic RackInfo Bullet Blenders AR36 1220.11Ask
01011197815Shields for Stomper - RINO 500Info Bullet Blenders SHIELD-1R5-500 500153.75Ask
01011195136High Pressure RegulatorInfo Bullet Blenders HPREG 1851.92Ask
01011192487Bead Sample Pack - Microcentrifuge SetInfo Bullet Blenders BSP-MC2 1283.83Ask
01011146505Extended Warranty BBX optionnalInfo Bullet Blenders EW-BBX 1736.77Ask
01011143072Zirconium Oxide Beads 0.15mm RNase FreeInfo Bullet Blenders ZrOB015-RNA 1113.80Ask
01011141649Helix 250 Orbital ShakerInfo Bullet Blenders H250 13069.71Ask
01011140657Stainless Steel Beads 1.6mm for homogenisingInfo Bullet Blenders SSB16 1279.64Ask
01011135977Bullet Blender Gold CE HomogenizerInfo Bullet Blenders BB24-AU-CE 19544.54Ask
01011132361Glass Beads 1.0mm for homogenisationInfo Bullet Blenders GB10 1108.22Ask
01011129720Zirconium Oxide Beads 1.0mm for homogenizingInfo Bullet Blenders ZrOB10 1180.69Ask
01011124050Bullet Blender 50 Gold CE instrumentInfo Bullet Blenders BB50-AU-CE 19810.00Ask
01011110204Stainless Steel Beads 0.5mmInfo Bullet Blenders SSB05 1202.99Ask
01011108865Rainbow Lysis KitInfo Bullet Blenders RAINBOWE1 1490.09Ask
01011103635Measuring Spoon 100Info Bullet Blenders MSP01 25115.89Ask
01011102936Stainless Steel UFO Beads 3.5mm RNase FreeInfo Bullet Blenders SSUFO35-RNA 1218.79Ask
01011098483Zirconium Oxide Beads 2.0mmInfo Bullet Blenders ZrOB25 1180.69Ask
01011091327Glass Beads 0.5mm RNase FreeInfo Bullet Blenders GB05-RNA 199.86Ask
01011084989Navy RINO Lysis Kit 250Info Bullet Blenders NAVYR5 250649.53Ask
01011081920Infinity Rocker Stack 2 CE approvedInfo Bullet Blenders IR211-CE 11827.30Ask
01011064612Rainbow RINO Lysis KitInfo Bullet Blenders RAINBOWR1 1504.81Ask
01011034491Microcentrifuge Tube 1.5mL (Axygen)Info Bullet Blenders TUBE1.5AX-S 500236.04Ask
01011031721Column Packing KitInfo Bullet Blenders PACK-KIT 11158.53Ask
01011030061Measuring Spoon (Small Pack)Info Bullet Blenders SPN2 20132.64Ask
01011027623Navy RINO RNA Lysis Kit 50 testsInfo Bullet Blenders NAVYR1-RNA 50222.50Ask
01011017692Stainless Steel Beads 3.2mm RNase FreeInfo Bullet Blenders SSB32-RNA 1202.99Ask
0101101316320 mm Test Tube Half RackInfo Bullet Blenders HR0005-9 1110.21Ask
01011010448Extended Warranty GOLD from GENTAURInfo Bullet Blenders EW-GOLD 11433.62Ask
01011010214EZ-Strap Platform Assembly (Includes 4 EZ-Straps)Info Bullet Blenders CV0005-25 1423.19Ask
0101100636913 mm Test Tube Half RackInfo Bullet Blenders HR0005-7 1110.21Ask
01010999075Fused Silica Capillary TubingsInfo Bullet Blenders CAP-75 1245.33Ask
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