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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
04042193197Strep-Tag II AntibodyInfo Biovision 3988-100 100 µg514.62Ask
03032193197anti-Streptavidin Tag II AntibodyInfo Biovision 3988-100 Streptavidin Tag II Antibody404.52Ask
02042191827Proinsln Antibody (Clone HPI-B5)Info Biovision 3106-100 100 µg514.62Ask
02032201931EZCell Cell Stimulation and Protein Transport Inhibitor Cocktail (500X)Info Biovision K931-100 2X100 µl406.91Ask
02032201929EZCell Cell Stimulation Cocktail (500X)Info Biovision K930-100 2X100 µl382.98Ask
02032201913StemBoost SMAD Signaling Inhibitor Cocktail Set (1000X), Sterile-FilteredInfo Biovision K877-1 ML 2X1 ml406.91Ask
02032201879EZBlock Protease Inhibitor Cocktail VIII, DMSO-FreeInfo Biovision K395-1 2X1 vial347.07Ask
02032201877EZBlock Protease Inhibitor Cocktail II, Animal-FreeInfo Biovision K394-1 2X1 vial323.14Ask
02032201875EZBlock Protease Inhibitor Cocktail XVInfo Biovision K393-1 2X1 vial406.91Ask
02032201873EZBlock Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail XIInfo Biovision K298-1 2X1 vial323.14Ask
02032201871EZBlock Protease Inhibitor Cocktail X, EDTA-FreeInfo Biovision K297-1 2X1 vial323.14Ask
02032201869EZBlock Protease Inhibitor Cocktail IXInfo Biovision K294-1 2X1 ml347.07Ask
02032201867EZBlock Protease Inhibitor Cocktail VIIIInfo Biovision K293-1 2X1 ml347.07Ask
02032201865EZBlock Protease Inhibitor Cocktail VIIInfo Biovision K292-1 2X1 ml347.07Ask
02032201863EZBlock Protease Inhibitor Cocktail VI, General UseInfo Biovision K291-1 2X1 vial311.17Ask
02032201861EZBlock Protease Inhibitor Cocktail V, EDTA-FreeInfo Biovision K290-1 3X1 vial341.09Ask
02032201853EZBlock Protease Inhibitor Cocktail IVInfo Biovision K279-1 2X1 ml323.14Ask
02032201849EZBlock Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail IIIInfo Biovision K276-1 2X1 ml335.10Ask
02032201847EZBlock Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail IIInfo Biovision K275-1 2X1 ml335.10Ask
02032201845EZBlock Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail I (50X)Info Biovision K273-1 2X1 ml382.98Ask
02032201842EZBlock Protease Inhibitor Cocktail, EDTA-FreeInfo Biovision K272-1 2X1 ml323.14Ask
02032201839EZBlock Protease Inhibitor Cocktail XIVInfo Biovision K223-1 2X1 vial359.04Ask
02032201837EZBlock Protease Inhibitor Cocktail XIII, EDTA & Animal-FreeInfo Biovision K222-1 2X1 vial335.10Ask
02032201835EZBlock Protease Inhibitor Cocktail XII, EDTA-free, Animal-freeInfo Biovision K221-1 2X1 vial323.14Ask
02032201771EZSolution Necrosulfonamide, Sterile-FilteredInfo Biovision B1220-10 2X10 mg406.91Ask
02032201705BRIJ 35 MegaPure Detergent, 10% Solution, Sterile-FilteredInfo Biovision B1184-25 2X25 ml382.98Ask
02032201334Triton X-114 (10%) SolutionInfo Biovision B1015-100 2X100 ml347.07Ask
02032201140EZSolution RaptinalInfo Biovision 9652-5 2X5 mg382.98Ask
02032201138EZSolution GW 9662Info Biovision 9651-5 2X5 mg406.91Ask
02032200723EZSolution SP600125Info Biovision 9541-5 2X5 mg406.91Ask
02032200621EZSolution Wnt Antagonist, C59Info Biovision 9493-1 2X1 mg371.01Ask
02032199848EZSolution Lapatinib DitosylateInfo Biovision 2807-10 2X10 mg382.98Ask
02032199741EZSolution DAF-2 diacetateInfo Biovision 2753-100 2X100 µg347.07Ask
02032199738EZSolution DAF-2Info Biovision 2752-100 2X100 µg335.10Ask
02032199689Pluronic F-127, MegPure Detergent, 10% Solution, Sterile-FilteredInfo Biovision 2731-25 2X25 ml359.04Ask
02032199687Pluronic F-127Info Biovision 2730-50G 2X50 g359.04Ask
02032199681EZSolution 7-Aminoactinomycin DInfo Biovision 2727-250 2X250 µg335.10Ask
02032199575EZSolution ForskolinInfo Biovision 2662-5 2X5 mg382.98Ask
02032199539EZSolution StemRegenin 1, Free baseInfo Biovision 2643-1 2X1 mg382.98Ask
02032199536EZSolution RepSoxInfo Biovision 2641-5 2X5 mg382.98Ask
02032199535EZSolution GSK429286AInfo Biovision 2640-1 2X1 mg406.91Ask
02032199534Ezsolution CHIR-98014Info Biovision 2639-1 2X1 mg406.91Ask
02032199533EZSolution PS48Info Biovision 2638-5 2X5 mg359.04Ask
02032199292EZSolution GW2580Info Biovision 2549-5 2X5 mg382.98Ask
02032199271EZSolution Stat3 Inhibitor I, S3I-201Info Biovision 2541-5 2X5 mg406.91Ask
02032199257EZSolution Nec-1sInfo Biovision 2535-1 2X1 mg347.07Ask
02032199250EZSolution DalcetrapibInfo Biovision 2532-1 2X1 mg382.98Ask
02032199249EZSolution AnacetrapibInfo Biovision 2531-1 2X1 mg382.98Ask
02032199143EZSolution Chloramphenicol, Sterile-FilteredInfo Biovision 2500-10 2X10 ml335.10Ask
02032199142EZSolution Ampicillin sodium, Sterile-FilteredInfo Biovision 2499-10 2X10 ml335.10Ask
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