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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01015737112Refolding Buffers - 1,000 mlInfo AthenaES AES-0613 1 liter518.29Ask
01015737111Refolding Buffers - 500 mlInfo AthenaES AES-0612 500 ml372.74Ask
0101573711050 mM a-cyclodextrinInfo AthenaES AES-0611 100 ml469.77Ask
01015737109100 mM methylcyclodextrinInfo AthenaES AES-0610 100 ml1262.58Ask
01015737108100 mM b-cyclodextrinInfo AthenaES AES-0609 100 ml330.14Ask
01015737107100 mM Z 3-14Info AthenaES AES-0608 100 ml446.10Ask
01015737106100 mM TTABInfo AthenaES AES-0607 2X100 ml299.37Ask
01015737105100 mM POE(10)LInfo AthenaES AES-0606 3X100 ml324.22Ask
01015737104100 mM CTABInfo AthenaES AES-0605 3X100 ml324.22Ask
01015737103100 mM Tween 80Info AthenaES AES-0604 3X100 ml324.22Ask
01015737102100 mM Triton X-100Info AthenaES AES-0603 3X100 ml324.22Ask
01015737101Cyclodextrin KitInfo AthenaES AES-0602 1Kit449.65Ask
01015737100Detergent Screening KitInfo AthenaES AES-0601 1Kit366.82Ask
01015737099QuickFold Protein Refolding KitInfo AthenaES AES-0600 1Kit473.32Ask
01015737098Dream Media Optimization KitInfo AthenaES AES-0184 1Kit354.99Ask
01015737097Dream Media Nutrient Mix, 5 packetsInfo AthenaES AES-0180 5X5Pack330.14Ask
01015737096MOK Prime-olate LiquidInfo AthenaES AES-0179 1Kit360.91Ask
01015737095APF LB Broth LennoxInfo AthenaES AES-0175 10X500 ml360.91Ask
01015737094APF LB Broth LuriaInfo AthenaES AES-0174 10X500 ml360.91Ask
01015737093APF LB Broth MillerInfo AthenaES AES-0173 10X500 ml360.91Ask
01015737092Power Prime-olateInfo AthenaES AES-0172 10X500 ml360.91Ask
01015737091Superior Prime-olateInfo AthenaES AES-0171 10X500 ml360.91Ask
01015737090Turbo Prime-olateInfo AthenaES AES-0170 10X500 ml360.91Ask
01015737089Power Prime BrothInfo AthenaES AES-0122 10X500 ml336.06Ask
01015737088Superior Prime BrothInfo AthenaES AES-0121 10X500 ml336.06Ask
01015737087Turbo Prime BrothInfo AthenaES AES-0120 10X500 ml336.06Ask
01015737086Glucose M9YInfo AthenaES AES-0119 10X500 ml324.22Ask
01015737085Hyper BrothInfo AthenaES AES-0118 10X500 ml324.22Ask
01015737084Power BrothInfo AthenaES AES-0117 10X500 ml324.22Ask
01015737083Superior BrothInfo AthenaES AES-0116 10X500 ml324.22Ask
01015737082Turbo BrothInfo AthenaES AES-0115 10X500 ml324.22Ask
01015737081LB (Miller)Info AthenaES AES-0114 10X500 ml324.22Ask
01015737080LB (Lennox)Info AthenaES AES-0113 10X500 ml324.22Ask
01015737079Power Prime Broth, Single Packs - box of 10Info AthenaES AES-0112-S 2X1L318.31Ask
01015737078Power Prime BrothInfo AthenaES AES-0112 2X500 g318.31Ask
01015737077Superior Prime Broth, Single Packs - box of 10Info AthenaES AES-0111-S 2X1L315.94Ask
01015737076Superior Prime BrothInfo AthenaES AES-0111 2X500 g315.94Ask
01015737075Turbo Prime Broth, Single Packs - box of 10Info AthenaES AES-0110-S 2X1L311.21Ask
01015737074Turbo Prime BrothInfo AthenaES AES-0110 2X500 g311.21Ask
01015737073Glucose Nutrient MixInfo AthenaES AES-0109 10X150 g372.74Ask
01015737072Glucose M9Y, Single Packs - box of 10Info AthenaES AES-0108-S 4X1L333.69Ask
01015737071Glucose M9YInfo AthenaES AES-0108 4X500 g333.69Ask
01015737070Hyper Broth, Single Packs - box of 10Info AthenaES AES-0107-S 3X1L334.87Ask
01015737069Hyper BrothInfo AthenaES AES-0107 3X500 g334.87Ask
01015737068Power Broth, Single Packs - box of 10Info AthenaES AES-0106-S 2X1L299.37Ask
01015737067Power BrothInfo AthenaES AES-0106 2X500 g299.37Ask
01015737066Superior Broth, Single Packs - box of 10Info AthenaES AES-0105-S 2X1L324.22Ask
01015737065Superior BrothInfo AthenaES AES-0105 2X500 g324.22Ask
01015737064Turbo Broth, Single Packs - box of 10Info AthenaES AES-0104-S 2X1L315.94Ask
01015737063Turbo BrothInfo AthenaES AES-0104 2X500 g315.94Ask
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