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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01015899391Urinspect 11 (Urinalysis reagent test)Info Artron A03-02-113 100 strips / tube857.23Ask
01015899390Alpha - FetoproteinInfo Artron A05-03-222 25/box597.29Ask
01015899389Alpha - FetoproteinInfo Artron A05-03-213 50/box763.21Ask
01015899388Fecal Occult Blood & Fecal Transferrin ComboInfo Artron A05-07-422 30/box690.21Ask
01015899387Fecal TransferrinInfo Artron A05-06-422 30/box683.57Ask
01015899386Fecal TransferrinInfo Artron A05-06-413 60/box882.67Ask
01015899385Fecal Occult BloodInfo Artron A05-02-422 30/box683.57Ask
01015899384Fecal Occult BloodInfo Artron A05-02-413 60/box882.67Ask
01015899383Carcinoembryonic AntigenInfo Artron A05-01-213 50/box774.27Ask
01015899382Carcinoembryonic AntigenInfo Artron A05-01-222 25/box597.29Ask
01015899381SPOKH Sperm O.K. Home-use (OTC)Info Artron A01-05-422 50 box733.34Ask
01015899380Zika IgG/IgM Antibody (Whole Blood)Info Artron A03-34-322 20 box0.00Ask
01015899379Chagas AntibodyInfo Artron A03-33-222 20 box0.00Ask
01015899378Chagas AntibodyInfo Artron A03-33-213 20 box0.00Ask
01015899377Chikungunya IgG/IgMInfo Artron A03-32-222 20 box0.00Ask
01015899376Chikungunya IgG/IgMInfo Artron A03-32-213 20 box0.00Ask
01015899375Salmonella Typhi / Para Typhi Antigen (Fecal Extract)Info Artron A03-30-422 20 box0.00Ask
01015899374Salmonella Typhi / Para Typhi Antigen (Fecal Extract)Info Artron A03-30-413 20 box0.00Ask
01015899373Salmonella Typhi / Para Typhi Antigen (Whole Blood)Info Artron A03-30-322 20 box0.00Ask
01015899372Salmonella Typhi / Para Typhi AntigenInfo Artron A03-30-213 20 box0.00Ask
01015899371Salmonella Typhi Antigen (Whole Blood)Info Artron A03-29-522 20 box0.00Ask
01015899370Salmonella Typhi Antigen (Whole Blood)Info Artron A03-29-513 20 box0.00Ask
01015899369Salmonella Typhi Antigen (Whole Blood)Info Artron A03-29-322 20 box0.00Ask
01015899368Salmonella Typhi AntigenInfo Artron A03-29-213 20 box0.00Ask
01015899367Procalcitonin Semi-QuantitativeInfo Artron A03-23-322 20 box818.51Ask
01015899366Procalcitonin Semi-QuantitativeInfo Artron A03-23-313 20 box1260.95Ask
01015899365Group A StreptococcusInfo Artron A03-19-422 20 box597.29Ask
01015899364Group A StreptococcusInfo Artron A03-19-413 20 box873.82Ask
01015899363Rotavirus / Adenovirus (3 lines)Info Artron A03-17-422 20 box1022.04Ask
01015899362Rotavirus / Adenovirus (3 lines)Info Artron A03-17-413 20 box1679.06Ask
01015899361RotavirusInfo Artron A03-15-422 20 box736.66Ask
01015899360RotavirusInfo Artron A03-15-413 20 box1121.59Ask
01015899359AdenovirusInfo Artron A03-14-422 20 box736.66Ask
01015899358AdenovirusInfo Artron A03-14-413 20 box1121.59Ask
01015899357Dengue Virus IgG/IgM Antibody & NS1 Antigen (Whole Blood)Info Artron A03-24-322 20 box0.00Ask
01015899356Dengue NS1 Antigen Whole BloodInfo Artron A03-22-322 20 box0.00Ask
01015899355Dengue NS1 Antigen Whole BloodInfo Artron A03-22-313 20 box0.00Ask
01015899354Dengue NS1 AntigenInfo Artron A03-22-222 20 box0.00Ask
01015899353Dengue NS1 AntigenInfo Artron A03-22-213 20 box0.00Ask
01015899352DEN Dengue Virus IgG/IgM AntibodyInfo Artron A03-08-322 20 box0.00Ask
01015899351DEN Dengue Virus IgG/IgM AntibodyInfo Artron A03-08-313 20 box0.00Ask
01015899350DEN Dengue Virus IgG/IgM AntibodyInfo Artron A03-08-222 20 box0.00Ask
01015899349DEN Dengue Virus IgG/IgM AntibodyInfo Artron A03-08-213 20 box0.00Ask
01015899348Malaria (Pf/Pv) Antibody (Whole Blood)Info Artron A03-38-322 20 box0.00Ask
01015899347Malaria (Pf/Pv) AntibodyInfo Artron A03-38-222 20 box0.00Ask
01015899346Malaria (Pf/Pan) AntigenInfo Artron A03-18-322 20 box0.00Ask
01015899345Malaria (Pf/Pv) AntigenInfo Artron A03-12-322 20 box0.00Ask
01015899344Malaria (Pf.) AntigenInfo Artron A03-01-322 20 box0.00Ask
01015899343Helicobacter Pylori AntigenInfo Artron A02-11-422 20 box749.94Ask
01015899342Helicobacter Pylori AntigenInfo Artron A02-11-413 20 box1148.13Ask
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