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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01011367657Strontium Ranelate 10mgInfo Ape A8526-10 10mg435.15Ask
01011367444ITF2357 ( Givinostat ) 5mgInfo Ape A4093-5 5mg227.50Ask
01011367269Brivanib Alaninate ( BMS-582664 ) 25mgInfo Ape A2633-25 25mg683.71Ask
01011367109CX-5461 10mgInfo Ape A8337-10 10mg400.54Ask
01011366875AM251 5mgInfo Ape B1427-5 5mg131.54Ask
01011366722Eltrombopag 25mgInfo Ape B2159-25 25mg306.16Ask
01011366713Resveratrol 500mgInfo Ape A4182-500 500mg353.35Ask
01011366706Amprenavir( agenerase ) 5mgInfo Ape A8201-5 5mg117.38Ask
01011366501Enoxolone 1gInfo Ape B5986-1000 1g133.11Ask
01011366406Pazopanib ( GW-786034 ) 100mgInfo Ape A3022-100 100mg494.93Ask
01011366255Phos-tag Acrylamide 10mgInfo Ape F4002-10 10mg841.02Ask
01011366201Etomidate 100mgInfo Ape A1958-100 100mg447.74Ask
01011366117Active Human Caspases Group IV 10*25 unitInfo Ape K2060-10*25 10*25 unit1383.75Ask
01011366014Acetarsone 5gInfo Ape A8355-5000 5g1158.79Ask
01011365842Leptin ( 116-130 ), amide, mouse 25mgInfo Ape A1024-25 25mg935.41Ask
01011365725Linsitinib 50mgInfo Ape A8334-50 50mg815.85Ask
01011365519Amyloid Precursor C-Terminal Peptide 10mgInfo Ape A1004-10 10mg487.07Ask
01011365501RO5126766( CH5126766 ) 5mgInfo Ape B5820-5 5mg274.69Ask
01011365341PIK-93 100mgInfo Ape A5449-100 100mg1627.58Ask
01011365227Oxybutynin chloride 50mgInfo Ape B1134-50 50mg1122.61Ask
01011364916ADX-47273 5mgInfo Ape B1632-5 5mg285.70Ask
01011364661RVX-208 5mgInfo Ape B1499-5 5mg161.43Ask
01011364554Riluzole 500mgInfo Ape A8513-500 500mg369.08Ask
01011364457GlyH-101 10mgInfo Ape B1087-10 10mg251.10Ask
01011364317Nu 6027 10mgInfo Ape A1986-10 10mg225.93Ask
01011364310FLAG Peptide 25mgInfo Ape A6002-25 25mg549.99Ask
01011364152MG-262 5mgInfo Ape A8179-5 5mg526.39Ask
01011363743Ticagrelor 100mgInfo Ape B2166-100 100mg793.83Ask
01011363529Fluorescein Active Caspase-2 Staining Kit 100 assaysInfo Ape K2048-100 100 assays644.38Ask
01011363314Tofacitinib ( CP-690550 ) Citrate 10mgInfo Ape A4135-10 10mg133.11Ask
01011363294Amitriptyline HCl 50mgInfo Ape B2231-50 50mg161.43Ask
01011363190JNJ-1661010 50mgInfo Ape A4361-50 50mg461.90Ask
01011363090Dynorphin ( 2-17 ), amide, porcine 5mgInfo Ape A1012-5 5mg196.04Ask
01011363058PX-478 2HCl 50mgInfo Ape B6004-50 50mg605.05Ask
01011363057Beta-Lipotropin ( 1-10 ), porcine 10mgInfo Ape A1014-10 10mg211.77Ask
01011363001Tenovin-3 10mgInfo Ape A8567-10 10mg1209.13Ask
01011362933Sulfadoxine 50mgInfo Ape B1841-50 50mg161.43Ask
01011362807LY2608204 50mgInfo Ape B2160-50 50mg1649.61Ask
01011362176LEE011 5mgInfo Ape A8641-5 5mg180.30Ask
01011361902PD123319 10mgInfo Ape B2206-10 10mg271.55Ask
01011361896GNE-617 100mgInfo Ape B1271-100 100mg2146.72Ask
01011361241PD 169316 50mgInfo Ape A8689-50 50mg660.11Ask
01011361130KX1-004 50mgInfo Ape B4728-50 50mg2296.16Ask
01011360519Ribosomal protein L3 peptide ( 202-222 ) amide 25mgInfo Ape A1088-25 25mg825.29Ask
01011360459Moexipril HCl 50mgInfo Ape B2212-50 50mg351.78Ask
01011360073ABT-263 ( Navitoclax ) 10mgInfo Ape A3007-10 10mg164.57Ask
01011359622SAG 5mgInfo Ape B5837-5 5mg329.75Ask
01011359619H-D-Pen-OH 25gInfo Ape A7661-25 25g290.42Ask
01011359572Parathyroid Hormone ( 1-34 ), bovine 1mgInfo Ape A1114-1 1mg211.77Ask
01011359340Tandospirone 10mgInfo Ape B1199-10 10mg196.04Ask
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