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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01013747718NMP80%/Piperidine20% PremixInfo AGTC Bioproducts AGPIPNMP 1 EA0.00Ask
01013747717N-METHYLPYROLLIDONEInfo AGTC Bioproducts AGMBC7006 -25lt 25 L328.39Ask
01013747716N-METHYLPYROLLIDONEInfo AGTC Bioproducts AGMBC7006 -10lt 10 L168.23Ask
01013747715N-METHYLPYROLLIDONEInfo AGTC Bioproducts AGMBC7006 -4lt 4 L93.59Ask
01013747714N-METHYLPYROLLIDONEInfo AGTC Bioproducts AGMBC7006 -2.5lt 2,5 L71.17Ask
01013747713DMF80%/PIPERIDINE20% PremixInfo AGTC Bioproducts AGPIPDMF -25lt 25 L0.00Ask
01013747712DMF80%/PIPERIDINE20% PremixInfo AGTC Bioproducts AGPIPDMF -4lt 4 L103.96Ask
01013747711DMF80%/PIPERIDINE20% PremixInfo AGTC Bioproducts AGPIPDMF -2.5lt 2,5 L80.97Ask
01013747710DIMETHYLFORMAMIDEInfo AGTC Bioproducts AGDMF -25lt 25 L137.68Ask
01013747709DIMETHYLFORMAMIDEInfo AGTC Bioproducts AGDMF -10lt 10 L100.54Ask
01013747708DIMETHYLFORMAMIDEInfo AGTC Bioproducts AGDMF -4lt 4 L62.65Ask
01013747707DIMETHYLFORMAMIDEInfo AGTC Bioproducts AGDMF -2.5lt 2,5 L52.37Ask
01013747706Tris-Glycine Electroblotting Buffer (10X)Info AGTC Bioproducts E-1880-4L 4 L98.13Ask
01013747705TAE Buffer (50X)Info AGTC Bioproducts E-1872-1L 1 L92.28Ask
01013747704Tris-Glycine-SDS PAGE Tank Buffer (10X)Info AGTC Bioproducts E-1870-4L 4 L89.67Ask
01013747703Tris-Glycine-SDS PAGE Tank Buffer (10X)Info AGTC Bioproducts E-1870-1L 1 L74.74Ask
01013747702TBE Buffer (10X)Info AGTC Bioproducts E-1860-4L 4 L82.22Ask
01013747701TBE Buffer (10X)Info AGTC Bioproducts E-1860-1L 1 L52.40Ask
01013747700ClearSafe II (low odour clearing solution)Info AGTC Bioproducts H1202 -4lt 4 L81.96Ask
01013747699ClearSafe (clearing solution)Info AGTC Bioproducts H1200 -4lt 4 L0.00Ask
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