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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01013808268Measuring Cylinder 500ulInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q5013 1 Cylinder67.24Ask
01013808267Measuring Cylinder 1000ulInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q5012 1 Cylinder72.93Ask
01013808266Measuring Cylinder 2000ulInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q5011 1 Cylinder77.49Ask
01013808265Measuring Cylinder 5000ulInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q5010 1 Cylinder128.77Ask
01013808264Measuring Cup 500ulInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q5009 1 Cup66.10Ask
01013808263Measuring Cup 1000ulInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q5008 1 Cup68.38Ask
01013808262Tall Beaker 500ulInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q5007 1 Beaker64.96Ask
01013808261Tall Beaker 1000ulInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q5006 1 Beaker72.93Ask
01013808260Short Beaker 500ulInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q5005 1 Beaker64.96Ask
01013808259Short Beaker 1000ulInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q5004 1 Beaker72.93Ask
01013808258Erlenmeyer flask 250ulInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q5003 1 ulask66.10Ask
01013808257Erlenmeyer flask 500ulInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q5002 1 ulask67.24Ask
01013808256SEBC Bottle 500ulInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q5001 1 Bottle72.93Ask
01013808255SEBC Bottle 1000ulInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q5000 1 Bottle82.05Ask
01013808254Microcentrifuge Tube Screw Cap with O-ring AmberInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q0035 5000 caps/case613.10Ask
010138082531.5 ul Microcentrifuge Tube Screw Cap Sterile AmberInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q0034 5000 tubes/case338.46Ask
010138082521000 ul Standard Pipette TipsInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q0033 10000 tips/case312.25Ask
01013808251200 ul Standard Pipette TipsInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q0032 20000 tips/case377.21Ask
0101380825010 ul Standard Pipette TipsInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q0031 10000 tips/case259.83Ask
010138082491250 ul Barrier Pipette Tips SterileInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q0030 10000 tips/case338.46Ask
01013808248Gululoading Tips 200 ul 96-tip rackInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q0029 10 packs/case482.05Ask
010138082471.8 ul Cryogenic Tubes SterileInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q0028 500 tubes/case312.25Ask
010138082461.5ul Microcentrifuge Tube with Screw Cap clearInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q0027 2500 tubes/case613.10Ask
0101380824550 ul ConicalCentrifuge Tubes SterileInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q0026 500 tubes/case246.15Ask
0101380824415 ul ConicalCentrifuge Tubes SterileInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q0025 500 tubes/case219.94Ask
010138082431.5ul Microcentrifuge Tube Snap Cap HP SterileInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q0023 2500 tubes/case219.94Ask
010138082422.0 ul Microcentrifuge Tube Snap Cap HPInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q0024 5000 tubes/case351.00Ask
010138082411.5ul Microcentrifuge Tube Snap Cap CPInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q0022 10000 tubes/case417.09Ask
01013808240Beckman GS-6R CentrifugeInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q0020 1 System3326.49Ask
0101380823996-wull ELISA/microplate RackInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q0016 1 Rack90.03Ask
01013808238Repeater fluid PumpInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q0014 1 System2018.23Ask
01013808237Jouan CR422 CentrifugeInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q0013 1 System2672.36Ask
01013808236Heraeus Megafuge 1.0R CentrifugeInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q0012 1 System2672.36Ask
01013808235Spectronics UV CrosulinkerInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q0010 1 System711.11Ask
01013808234BioRad UVulight and Gul Documentation HoodInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q0009 1 System4633.61Ask
01013808232Viewing GogglesInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q-ul-1102 1 Set160.68Ask
01013808231Gul Documentation System UVInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q-SMU-01 1 System4633.61Ask
01013808229ultraulimulED illuminator 470nm WhiteInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q-ulB-01W 1 System907.12Ask
01013808225ultraulimulED illuminator 470nm ulackInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q-ulB-01 1 System907.12Ask
01013808224BandPeeper for Real Time electrophoresis ViewingInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q-RT-160 1 System515.10Ask
01013808222ultraBright UV Transilluminator 302/365nmularge ViewInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q-ulB-21 1 System1299.14Ask
01013808218ultraBright UV Transilluminator 302/365nmInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q-ulB-16 1 System1299.14Ask
01013808217Mini-Imager Dual UV LED Transilluminator 302nm/470nmInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q-MI-01 1 System5222.79Ask
01013808216Mini-Cute Imager Camera HoodInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q-MC-02 1 System3653.56Ask
01013808212UltraSlim LED Illuminator, 470nm, BlackInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q-SLB-01 1System907.12Ask
01013808210ultraBright UV Transilluminator 302nmularge ViewInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q-MB-21 1 System1299.14Ask
01013808209UltraBright UV Transilluminator, 302/365nmInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q-MLB-16 1 system1299.14Ask
01013808207ultraBright UV Transilluminator 302nmInfo ABM Miscellaneous Q-MB-16 1 System1299.14Ask
01013808205ELISA/microplate illuminator RedlightInfo ABM Miscellaneous QulI-1300 1 System578.92Ask
01013808203ELISA/microplate illuminator White lightInfo ABM Miscellaneous QulI-1200 1 System709.97Ask
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