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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
02023809188XL OptiProtein MarkerInfo ABM G266-500 500ul156.04Ask
02023809187OptiProtein LadderInfo ABM G252-500 500ul142.57Ask
01013809193OptiProtein Precision MarkerInfo ABM G622-500 500ul/100 loads124.61Ask
010138091922kb OptiDNA MarkerInfo ABM G249-500 500ul/100 loads102.16Ask
01013809191OptiProtein Express MarkerInfo ABM G494-500 500ul/100 loads96.54Ask
01013809190SafeGreen 100bp Opti-DNA MarkerInfo ABM G473-500 500ul/100 loads115.63Ask
01013809189SafeGreen 1kb Opti-DNA MarkerInfo ABM G474-500 500ul/100 loads115.63Ask
01013809188OptiProtein XL MarkerInfo ABM G266-500 500ul/100 loads156.04Ask
01013809187OptiProtein MarkerInfo ABM G252-500 500ul/100 loads142.57Ask
01013809186100bp Plus OptiDNA MarkerInfo ABM G193-500 500ul/100 loads92.05Ask
010138091851kb Plus OptiDNA MarkerInfo ABM G248-500 500ul/100 loads92.05Ask
01013809184100bp OptiDNA MarkerInfo ABM G016-500 500ul/100 loads92.05Ask
010138091831kb OptiDNA MarkerInfo ABM G106-500 500ul/100 loads92.05Ask
01013809182ELISA ABTS Substrate for HRPInfo ABM G450-1000 1L386.17Ask
01013809181ELISA Ultrasensitive TMB Substrate for HRPInfo ABM G449-1000 1L314.33Ask
01013809180ELISA TMB Substrate for HRPInfo ABM G448-1000 1L435.57Ask
01013809179BCIP-NBT Dye for IHCInfo ABM G447-0250 250 ml188.60Ask
01013809178Fast Red Violet Dye for IHCInfo ABM G446-0250 250 ml245.85Ask
01013809177ELISA ABTS Substrate for HRPInfo ABM G445-0250 250 ml143.69Ask
01013809176ELISA Ultrasensitive TMB Substrate for HRPInfo ABM G444-0250 250 ml120.12Ask
01013809175ELISA TMB Substrate for HRPInfo ABM G443-0250 250 ml154.92Ask
01013809174Protease Inhibition Cocktail with EDTAInfo ABM G135E-0001 1 ml132.47Ask
01013809173Protease Inhibitor CocktailInfo ABM G135-0001 1 ml124.61Ask
01013809172ECL Western Blotting Detection ReagentsInfo ABM G075-0200 2 x 100 ml124.61Ask
01013809171PMSF (100 mM in isopropanol)Info ABM G034-0003 3 x 1 ml83.07Ask
010138091701X Protein Lysis BufferInfo ABM G032-0005 5 ml83.07Ask
010138091695X Protein Loading BufferInfo ABM G031-0003 3 ml89.81Ask
01013809168DTTInfo ABM G025-0003 3 x 1 ml83.07Ask
01013809167Horseradish PeroxidaseInfo ABM G015-0100 100 mg132.47Ask
01013809166DAPI (4'6-Diamidino-2-Phenylindole Dihydrochloride)Info ABM B551-0002 0,2 ml113.38Ask
01013809165Kodak X-Ray Film 8 x 10 inchInfo ABM B503-0100 100 sheets204.31Ask
01013809164Kodak X-Ray Film 5 x 7 inchInfo ABM B502-0100 100 sheets113.38Ask
01013809163Nitrocellulose Membrane Precut (6cm x 8.5cm)Info ABM B501-1000 Pack of 30127.98Ask
01013809162Nitrocellulose Membrane Roll (3m x 30cm)Info ABM B500-1000 1 Roll271.67Ask
01013809161DH82 Total RNA ControlInfo ABM L916-005 5 ug237.99Ask
01013809160PK15 Total RNA ControlInfo ABM L908-005 5 ug237.99Ask
01013809159H9C2 Total RNA ControlInfo ABM L905-005 5 ug237.99Ask
01013809158RMPI-7951 Total RNA ControlInfo ABM L673-005 5 ug237.99Ask
01013809157A375 Total RNA ControlInfo ABM L672-005 5 ug237.99Ask
01013809156CCLP1 Total RNA ControlInfo ABM L671-005 5 ug237.99Ask
01013809155SG231 Total RNA ControlInfo ABM L670-005 5 ug237.99Ask
01013809154Huh-69 Total RNA ControlInfo ABM L669-005 5 ug237.99Ask
01013809153Hucc-t1 Total RNA ControlInfo ABM L668-005 5 ug237.99Ask
01013809152HepaRG Total RNA ControlInfo ABM L667-005 5 ug237.99Ask
01013809151TM4 Total RNA ControlInfo ABM L666-005 5 ug237.99Ask
01013809150293A Total RNA ControlInfo ABM L665-005 5 ug237.99Ask
01013809149293FT Total RNA ControlInfo ABM L663-005 5 ug237.99Ask
01013809148FTC133 Total RNA ControlInfo ABM L661-005 5 ug237.99Ask
01013809147KTC Total RNA ControlInfo ABM L660-005 5 ug237.99Ask
01013809145CCL-54 (Detroit 532) Total RNA ControlInfo ABM L658-005 5 ug237.99Ask
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