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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01021872248Charging Stand Adapter,For Pipetman MInfo Genesee 37-913 1 Adapter/Unit145.80Ask
01021872247Jimmy Microtube Opener,For Pipetman P and NeoInfo Genesee 37-912 1 Opener/Unit111.89Ask
01021872246Pipetman Coloris Clips, White,For Gilson P, Neo, FInfo Genesee 37-909 10 Clips/Unit79.11Ask
01021872245Pipetman Coloris Clips, Blue,For Gilson P, Neo, FInfo Genesee 37-908 10 Clips/Unit79.11Ask
01021872244Pipetman Coloris Clips, Green,For Gilson P, Neo, FInfo Genesee 37-907 10 Clips/Unit79.11Ask
01021872243Pipetman Coloris Clips, Yellow,For Gilson P, Neo, FInfo Genesee 37-906 10 Clips/Unit79.11Ask
01021872242Pipetman Coloris Clips, Red,For Gilson P, Neo, FInfo Genesee 37-905 10 Clips/Unit79.11Ask
01021872240Pipetman Coloris Clips, Assort,Assorted ColorsInfo Genesee 37-904 10 Clips/Unit79.11Ask
01021872236Pipetman M P12x200M,12-Channel, 20-200 µLInfo Genesee 37-702P200 1 Pipettor/Unit1957.51Ask
01021872235Power Carrousel Stand,For PIPETMAN MInfo Genesee 37-700PC 1 Stand/Unit688.29Ask
01021872234Pipetman M P10M,0.5 - 10ulInfo Genesee 37-700P10 1 Pipettor/Unit866.86Ask
01021872129Gilson Pipetman F500,500ulInfo Genesee 37-400P500 1 Pipettor/Unit361.66Ask
01021872128Gilson Pipetman F50,50ulInfo Genesee 37-400P50 1 Pipettor/Unit361.66Ask
01021872127Gilson Pipetman F5,5ulInfo Genesee 37-400P5 1 Pipettor/Unit361.66Ask
01021872126Gilson Pipetman F400,400ulInfo Genesee 37-400P400 1 Pipettor/Unit361.66Ask
01021872125Gilson Pipetman F300,300ulInfo Genesee 37-400P300 1 Pipettor/Unit361.66Ask
01021872124Gilson Pipetman F250,250ulInfo Genesee 37-400P250 1 Pipettor/Unit361.66Ask
01021872123Gilson Pipetman F25,25ulInfo Genesee 37-400P25 1 Pipettor/Unit361.66Ask
01021872122Gilson Pipetman F200,200ulInfo Genesee 37-400P200 1 Pipettor/Unit361.66Ask
01021872121Gilson Pipetman F20,20ulInfo Genesee 37-400P20 1 Pipettor/Unit361.66Ask
01021872120Gilson Pipetman F2,2ulInfo Genesee 37-400P2 1 Pipettor/Unit361.66Ask
01021872119Gilson Pipetman F1000,1000ulInfo Genesee 37-400P1K 1 Pipettor/Unit361.66Ask
01021872118Gilson Pipetman F100,100ulInfo Genesee 37-400P100 1 Pipettor/Unit361.66Ask
01021872117Gilson Pipetman F10,10ulInfo Genesee 37-400P10 1 Pipettor/Unit361.66Ask
01021872116PIPETMAN L P12x300L (Trade-In),12 Channel, 20 - 300ulInfo Genesee 37-208P300T 1 Pipettor/Unit1424.05Ask
01021872115PIPETMAN L P12x300L,12 Channel, 20 - 300ulInfo Genesee 37-208P300 1 Pipettor/Unit1538.20Ask
01021872114PIPETMAN L P12x20L (Trade-In),12 Channel, 2 - 20ulInfo Genesee 37-208P20T 1 Pipettor/Unit1424.05Ask
01021872113PIPETMAN L P12x200L (Trade-In),12 Channel, 20 - 200ulInfo Genesee 37-208P200T 1 Pipettor/Unit1424.05Ask
01021872112PIPETMAN L P12x200L,12 Channel, 20 - 200ulInfo Genesee 37-208P200 1 Pipettor/Unit1538.20Ask
01021872111PIPETMAN L P12x20L,12 Channel, 2 - 20ulInfo Genesee 37-208P20 1 Pipettor/Unit1538.20Ask
01021872110PIPETMAN L P12x10L,12 Channel, 0.5 - 10ulInfo Genesee 37-208P10 1 Pipettor/Unit1538.20Ask
01021872109PIPETMAN L P12x10L (Trade-In),12 Channel, 0.5 - 10ulInfo Genesee 37-208P10T 1 Pipettor/Unit1424.05Ask
01021872108PIPETMAN L P8x300L (Trade-In),8 Channel, 20 - 300ulInfo Genesee 37-207P300T 1 Pipettor/Unit1147.15Ask
01021872107PIPETMAN L P8x300L,8 Channel, 20 - 300ulInfo Genesee 37-207P300 1 Pipettor/Unit1237.57Ask
01021872106PIPETMAN L P8x20L (Trade-In),8 Channel, 2 - 20ulInfo Genesee 37-207P20T 1 Pipettor/Unit1147.15Ask
01021872105PIPETMAN L P8x200L (Trade-In),8 Channel, 20 - 200ulInfo Genesee 37-207P200T 1 Pipettor/Unit1147.15Ask
01021872104PIPETMAN L P8x200L,8 Channel, 20 - 200ulInfo Genesee 37-207P200 1 Pipettor/Unit1237.57Ask
01021872103PIPETMAN L P8x20L,8 Channel, 2 - 20ulInfo Genesee 37-207P20 1 Pipettor/Unit1237.57Ask
01021872102PIPETMAN L P8x10L (Trade-In),8 Channel, 0.5 - 10ulInfo Genesee 37-207P10T 1 Pipettor/Unit1147.15Ask
01021872101PIPETMAN L P8x10L,8 Channel, 0.5 - 10ulInfo Genesee 37-207P10 1 Pipettor/Unit1237.57Ask
01021872100Pipetman P2L, (Trade In),0.2-2µL, Pl. Tip EjectorInfo Genesee 37-206P2T 1 Pipettor/Unit479.20Ask
01021872099Pipetman P20L, (Trade In),2-20µL, Pl. Tip EjectorInfo Genesee 37-206P20T 1 Pipettor/Unit479.20Ask
01021872098Pipetman P200L, Pl.Tip Ejector,20-200µLInfo Genesee 37-206P200 1 Pipettor/Unit563.97Ask
01021872097Pipetman P200L, (Trade In),20-200µL, Pl. Tip EjectorInfo Genesee 37-206P200T 1 Pipettor/Unit479.20Ask
01021872096Pipetman P20L, Pl.Tip Ejector,2-20µLInfo Genesee 37-206P20 1 Pipettor/Unit563.97Ask
01021872095Pipetman P2L, Pl.Tip Ejector,0.2-2µLInfo Genesee 37-206P2 1 Pipettor/Unit563.97Ask
01021872094Pipetman P1000L, (Trade In),100-1000µL, Pl. Tip EjectorInfo Genesee 37-206P1KT 1 Pipettor/Unit479.20Ask
01021872093Pipetman P1000L, Pl.Tip Ejecto,100-1000µLInfo Genesee 37-206P1K 1 Pipettor/Unit563.97Ask
01021872092Pipetman P10L, (Trade In),0.5-10µL, Pl. Tip EjectorInfo Genesee 37-206P10T 1 Pipettor/Unit479.20Ask
01021872091Pipetman P100L, (Trade In),10-100µL, Pl. Tip EjectorInfo Genesee 37-206P100T 1 Pipettor/Unit479.20Ask
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