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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
03021661318Ammonium PersulfateInfo abbex abx082373 25 g227.01Ask
03014387570Ammonium persulfateInfo Molekula 63-19148668 100 g66.63Ask
02021661318Ammonium PersulfateInfo abbex abx082373 100 g246.21Ask
02017011475Ammonium Persulfate, Electrophoresis GradeInfo iNtRON AMP001 2X100 g196.52Ask
02015379222Ammonium persulfate [APS][Ammonium persulfate [APS] ]Info MyBioSource MBS545373 NA0.00Ask
02015331934Ammonium persulfate (APS)[Ammonium persulfate (APS)]Info MyBioSource MBS355540 NA0.00Ask
02014387570Ammonium persulfateInfo Molekula 63-19148668 1 kg74.54Ask
01025379676Potassium persulfateInfo MyBioSource MBS545869 250 g206.68Ask
0101701216410% Ammonium persulfate solutionInfo iNtRON BA013 8X10ml202.16Ask
01017011475Ammonium Persulfate, Electrophoresis GradeInfo iNtRON AMP001 5X25 g213.46Ask
01016859877Sodium persulfate 98%Info Pfaltz & Bauer S06685-5 KG 5 KG615.52Ask
01016859876Sodium persulfate 98%Info Pfaltz & Bauer S06685-1 KG 1 KG344.47Ask
01016834631Ammonium persulfate 98%_x000D__x000D_Info Pfaltz & Bauer A30415-1000 G 1000 G394.16Ask
01016834630Ammonium persulfate 98%_x000D__x000D_Info Pfaltz & Bauer A30415-500 G 500 G348.98Ask
01016834629Ammonium persulfate 98%_x000D__x000D_Info Pfaltz & Bauer A30415-2X100 G 2X100 G348.98Ask
01016814297Ammonium PersulfateInfo MIDSCI IB70080 5X100g299.29Ask
01016811389Ammonium PersulfateInfo SBS Genetcech GA6-10X100 10X100g316.23Ask
01015582834Ammonium PersulfateInfo National Diagnostics EC504-4X100G 4X100G300.28Ask
01015582833Ammonium PersulfateInfo National Diagnostics EC504-10X25G 10X25G369.31Ask
01014397066Ammonium PersulfateInfo NATDIA NAT1064 100G84.71Ask
01014397065Ammonium PersulfateInfo NATDIA NAT1062 25G65.51Ask
01014395436Potassium persulfateInfo Molekula 63-64364130 1 kg129.88Ask
01014387570Ammonium persulfateInfo Molekula 63-19148668 5 kg168.28Ask
01013674157Sodium persulfateInfo SFC SFC-44262 1 EA0.00Ask
01013673946Potassium persulfateInfo SFC SFC-44051 1 EA0.00Ask
01012636785Sodium PersulfateInfo trca S665900 5 g129.88Ask
01012633641Potassium PersulfateInfo trca P698220 1 g129.88Ask
01012630898Ammonium PersulfateInfo trca A634065 10 g129.88Ask
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