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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
04025550319Recombinant Human Junction plakoglobin (JUP)Info MyBioSource MBS963753 0,05 mg (E-Coli)1536.25Ask
04025544350Recombinant Mouse Junction plakoglobin (Jup)Info MyBioSource MBS951923 0,05 mg (E-Coli)1536.25Ask
04025505684Anti-Gamma-catenin AntibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS821333 0,03 mL250.75Ask
04025382853PKG polyclonal antibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS565249 0,05 mg351.73Ask
04025256707Recombinant Rat Junction plakoglobin (Jup)Info MyBioSource MBS1290328 0,05 mg (E-Coli)1536.25Ask
04025246173JUP Polyclonal AntibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS128050 0,05 mL344.92Ask
03025533080PKG2 (Ab-126) AntibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS855430 0,1 mg326.76Ask
03025530292Catenin-gamma AntibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS852365 0,1 mg326.76Ask
03025524894PKG Blocking PeptideInfo MyBioSource MBS843752 0,05 mg250.75Ask
03025521519AMPKgamma AntibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS840309 0,1 mg526.45Ask
03025518328PKG antibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS835650 0,1 mg652.40Ask
03025516577Catenin gamma antibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS833545 0,1 mg513.97Ask
03025406829Protein Kinase G2(PKG-2)Info MyBioSource MBS629422 0,04 mg558.22Ask
03025367412Plakoglobin antibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS530869 0,05 mg551.42Ask
03025360139Anti-gamma-CateninInfo MyBioSource MBS476215 0,1 mL476.53Ask
03025342144Anti-JUP AntibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS419472 0,1 mg538.94Ask
03025305589PKG inhibitor peptide W45Info MyBioSource MBS256557 0,5 mg376.69Ask
03025305249PKG inhibitor peptide DT-2Info MyBioSource MBS256213 0,5 mg419.80Ask
03025305170PKG inhibitor peptide DT-3Info MyBioSource MBS256132 0,5 mg419.80Ask
03025282183Anti-gamma Catenin AntibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS177507 0,1 mg407.32Ask
03025281526Anti-gamma Catenin antibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS176830 0,1 mg364.21Ask
03025280102Anti-gamma Catenin antibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS175327 0,1 mg364.21Ask
03025233597JUP cDNA CloneInfo MyBioSource MBS1268831 Inquire0.00Ask
03024861577Rabbit Catenin-gamma AntibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS003851 0,05 mL394.84Ask
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