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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
04015948125SfllrnpndkyepfInfo MedChemExpress HY-P1000 10mM/1mL1683.31Ask
03015948125SfllrnpndkyepfInfo MedChemExpress HY-P1000 10mg960.93Ask
02022614279Anti-TNF alpha AntibodyInfo boster RP1000 100µg/vial486.12Ask
02015948125SfllrnpndkyepfInfo MedChemExpress HY-P1000 5mg614.99Ask
01021872146Capillary Piston CP1000ST,Racked, SterileInfo Genesee 37-516S 2 Racks of 91 Pistons/Unit186.53Ask
01021872145Capillary Piston CP1000,Racked, Non-SterileInfo Genesee 37-516 2 Racks of 91 Pistons/Unit169.58Ask
01021872093Pipetman P1000L, Pl.Tip Ejecto,100-1000µLInfo Genesee 37-206P1K 1 Pipettor/Unit564.12Ask
01021872086Two PIPETMAN L Starter Kits,P20, P200, P1000 IncludedInfo Genesee 37-205SK2 2 Starter Kits/Unit3115.66Ask
01021872085PIPETMAN L Starter Kit,P20, P200, P1000 IncludedInfo Genesee 37-205SK 1 Starter Kit/Unit1283.12Ask
01021872076Pipetman P1000L, SS Tip Ejecto,100-1000µLInfo Genesee 37-205P1K 1 Pipettor/Unit564.12Ask
01021872062Pipetman G P1000G, Plastic Eje,100 - 1000ulInfo Genesee 37-204P1K 1 Pipettor/Unit534.73Ask
01021872056PIPETMAN G Starter Kit,P20, P200, P1000 IncludedInfo Genesee 37-203SK 1 Starter Kit/Unit1309.12Ask
01021872046Pipetman G P1000G, Metal Eject,100 - 1000ulInfo Genesee 37-203P1K 1 Pipettor/Unit534.73Ask
01021872023Gilson Pipetman Neo P1000 (Tra,100 - 1000ulInfo Genesee 37-200P1KT 1 Pipettor/Unit455.59Ask
01021872022Gilson Pipetman Neo P1000,100 - 1000ulInfo Genesee 37-200P1K 1 Pipettor/Unit534.73Ask
01021872006Gilson Pipetman P1000 (Trade I,200 - 1000ulInfo Genesee 37-100P1KT 1 Pipettor/Unit449.94Ask
01021872005Gilson Pipetman P1000,200 - 1000ulInfo Genesee 37-100P1K 1 Pipettor/Unit527.94Ask
01021867971MBP1000 REACH Pipet Tips,Non-Sterile, RackedInfo Genesee 10-459 8 Trays of 100 Tips/Unit144.70Ask
01021855577anti-BDNF Antibody, 0,1 mgInfo acr PP1000P2 0,1 mg613.86Ask
01021855576anti-BDNF Antibody, 50 ВµgInfo acr PP1000P1 50 Вµg434.11Ask
01021855575anti-BDNF Antibody, 25 ВµgInfo acr PP1000B1 25 Вµg434.11Ask
01021855574anti-BDNF Antibody, 50 ВµgInfo acr PP1000B2 50 Вµg613.86Ask
010168569432-Phenylbutyric Acid 98%Info Pfaltz & Bauer P10000-500 G 500 G599.17Ask
010168569422-Phenylbutyric Acid 98%Info Pfaltz & Bauer P10000-2X100 G 2X100 G370.80Ask
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