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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
04015948125SfllrnpndkyepfInfo MedChemExpress HY-P1000 10mM/1mL1686.29Ask
03015948125SfllrnpndkyepfInfo MedChemExpress HY-P1000 10mg962.63Ask
02022614279Anti-TNF alpha AntibodyInfo boster RP1000 100µg/vial486.98Ask
02015948125SfllrnpndkyepfInfo MedChemExpress HY-P1000 5mg616.08Ask
02011977735Human beta-Amyloid 1-42 (full length) peptideInfo adi BAM422-P1000 1000 ug378.26Ask
02011977722Human beta-Amyloid 1-40 (full length) peptideInfo adi BAM400-P1000 1000 ug378.26Ask
01024364038Labnet, BioFree Pipette Tips, 300µL, 10 racks of 96Info Corning P1000-300-R 4800 CS237.83Ask
01024364037Labnet, BioFree Pipette Tips, 300µL, Bulk Pack of 1000Info Corning P1000-300 1000 CS216.31Ask
01024364036Labnet, BioFree Pipette Tips, 200µL, 10 racks of 96Info Corning P1000-200-R 4800 CS237.83Ask
01024364035Labnet, BioFree Pipette Tips, 200µL, Bulk Pack of 1000Info Corning P1000-200 1 CS373.73Ask
01024364034Labnet, BioFree Pipette Tips, 0.5-10µL, Extended Length, 10 racks of 96Info Corning P1000-10X-R 4800 CS782.56Ask
01024364033Labnet, BioFree Pipette Tips, 0.5-10µL, Extended Length, Bulk Pack of 1000Info Corning P1000-10X 1000 CS373.73Ask
01024364032Labnet, BioFree Pipette Tips, 0.5-10µL, 10 racks of 96Info Corning P1000-10-R 4800 CS237.83Ask
01024364031Labnet, BioFree Pipette Tips, 1000µL, 10 racks of 96Info Corning P1000-1000-R 5000 CS261.61Ask
01024364030Labnet, BioFree Pipette Tips, 1000µL, Bulk Pack of 1000Info Corning P1000-1000 5000 CS161.95Ask
01024364029Labnet, BioFree Pipette Tips, 0.5-10µL, Bulk Pack of 1000Info Corning P1000-10 1000 CS373.73Ask
01021881178Ion Selective Electrode standard Phosphate 1000 ppmInfo reageco P10001 1L212.75Ask
01021872146Capillary Piston CP1000ST,Racked, SterileInfo Genesee 37-516S 2 Racks of 91 Pistons/Unit186.86Ask
01021872145Capillary Piston CP1000,Racked, Non-SterileInfo Genesee 37-516 2 Racks of 91 Pistons/Unit169.88Ask
01021872094Pipetman P1000L, (Trade In),100-1000µL, Pl. Tip EjectorInfo Genesee 37-206P1KT 1 Pipettor/Unit480.18Ask
01021872093Pipetman P1000L, Pl.Tip Ejecto,100-1000µLInfo Genesee 37-206P1K 1 Pipettor/Unit565.12Ask
01021872086Two PIPETMAN L Starter Kits,P20, P200, P1000 IncludedInfo Genesee 37-205SK2 2 Starter Kits/Unit3121.17Ask
01021872085PIPETMAN L Starter Kit,P20, P200, P1000 IncludedInfo Genesee 37-205SK 1 Starter Kit/Unit1285.39Ask
01021872077Pipetman P1000L, (Trade In),100-1000µL, SS Tip EjectorInfo Genesee 37-205P1KT 1 Pipettor/Unit480.18Ask
01021872076Pipetman P1000L, SS Tip Ejecto,100-1000µLInfo Genesee 37-205P1K 1 Pipettor/Unit565.12Ask
01021872063Pipetman G P1000G, (Trade In),100 - 1000ul, Plastic EjectorInfo Genesee 37-204P1KT 1 Pipettor/Unit456.40Ask
01021872062Pipetman G P1000G, Plastic Eje,100 - 1000ulInfo Genesee 37-204P1K 1 Pipettor/Unit535.67Ask
01021872056PIPETMAN G Starter Kit,P20, P200, P1000 IncludedInfo Genesee 37-203SK 1 Starter Kit/Unit1311.44Ask
01021872047Pipetman G P1000G, (Trade In),100 - 1000ul, Metal EjectorInfo Genesee 37-203P1KT 1 Pipettor/Unit456.40Ask
01021872046Pipetman G P1000G, Metal Eject,100 - 1000ulInfo Genesee 37-203P1K 1 Pipettor/Unit535.67Ask
01021872023Gilson Pipetman Neo P1000 (Tra,100 - 1000ulInfo Genesee 37-200P1KT 1 Pipettor/Unit456.40Ask
01021872022Gilson Pipetman Neo P1000,100 - 1000ulInfo Genesee 37-200P1K 1 Pipettor/Unit535.67Ask
01021872006Gilson Pipetman P1000 (Trade I,200 - 1000ulInfo Genesee 37-100P1KT 1 Pipettor/Unit450.74Ask
01021872005Gilson Pipetman P1000,200 - 1000ulInfo Genesee 37-100P1K 1 Pipettor/Unit528.88Ask
01021867971MBP1000 REACH Pipet Tips,Non-Sterile, RackedInfo Genesee 10-459 8 Trays of 100 Tips/Unit144.96Ask
01021855577anti-BDNF Antibody, 0,1 mgInfo acr PP1000P2 0,1 mg614.95Ask
01021855576anti-BDNF Antibody, 50 ВµgInfo acr PP1000P1 50 Вµg434.88Ask
01021855575anti-BDNF Antibody, 25 ВµgInfo acr PP1000B1 25 Вµg434.88Ask
01021855574anti-BDNF Antibody, 50 ВµgInfo acr PP1000B2 50 Вµg614.95Ask
01021826632anti-Tumor necrosis factor (TNF-alpha) Antibody, 0,1 mgInfo acr BB-RP1000 0,1 mg599.09Ask
01017009558Streptavidin-AP Conjugate ConcentrateInfo Neuromics EP10008 3X4 Plates193.66Ask
01017009557Streptavidin-AP Conjugate ConcentrateInfo Neuromics EP10007 8X1 Plate198.19Ask
01017009555BCIP/NBT ChromogenInfo Neuromics EP10006 2X40 ml204.98Ask
01017009554BCIP/NBT ChromogenInfo Neuromics EP10005 4X10 ml.163.08Ask
01017009553Blocking BufferInfo Neuromics EP10004 3X40 ml.193.66Ask
01017009552Blocking BufferInfo Neuromics EP10003 8X10 ml198.19Ask
01017009551Reagent DiluentInfo Neuromics EP10002 3X40 ml.193.66Ask
01017009550Reagent DiluentInfo Neuromics EP10001 8X10 ml198.19Ask
01017009549Wash BufferInfo Neuromics EP10000 3X10X100 ml193.66Ask
010169869354-Aminobutyric acidInfo Apexbio P10007-10 10mg792.75Ask
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