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01010002375Anti-beta-Amyloid (1-42) (1F4) Monoclonal, ALEXA Fluor 594Info Bioss Monoclonal Antibodies GENTObsm-0107M-A594 100 microliters497.02Ask
01010003046Anti-CstF-64 (Polyclonal), ALEXA Fluor 594Info Bioss Polyclonal Antibodies GENTObs-6995R-A594 100 microliters497.02Ask
01010003063Angiotensinogen, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-; Clone: 1A10, WB, Azide FreeInfo accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA2915Z 0.1 mg5.08Ask
01010003132HSGT1, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-; Clone: 1E5Info accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA5065Z 0.1 mg5.08Ask
01010003169Polyclonal antibody to or anti-FGF21 antibodyInfo genways GWB-BBP548 1 vial470.59Ask
01010003193CD5, Lyt-1 (most T-Cells), Clone: YTS 121.1 Rat Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Mouse, RPEInfo accurate-monoclonals OBT0047R vial5.08Ask
01010003209Laminin, Clone: 4C7, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-HumanInfo accurate-monoclonals AXL761M 1000ul2142.57Ask
01010003225CD98, 4F2, 2F3, BLOCKS Ca++ fluxes, Clone: 44D7, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human, RPEInfo accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA1105PET vial179.90Ask
01010003264Cytokeratin 17, Clone: E3, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-HumanInfo accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA1872T 0.1000ul193.12Ask
01010003283Anti-AKD1 (Polyclonal), ALEXA Fluor 594Info Bioss Polyclonal Antibodies GENTObs-9532R-A594 100 microliters497.02Ask
01010003285Anti-ADRB3 (Polyclonal), ALEXA Fluor 488Info Bioss Polyclonal Antibodies GENTObs-10921R-A488 100 microliters497.02Ask
01010003349CSNK1G1 Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (M02), clone 2E10Info Zyagen STE-053944-M02 0.1mg503.12Ask
01010003385Anti-DRES17 (Polyclonal), ALEXA Fluor 594Info Bioss Polyclonal Antibodies GENTObs-6299R-A594 100 microliters497.02Ask
01010003430Estrogen Receptor (ER), Clone: 6F11, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human; frozen/paraffin, IHInfo accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA1799 1000ul1640.47Ask
01010003440CD43, Leukosialin, Clone: 44B8, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Sheep, Bovine; aggregation assaysInfo accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA1096 2 ml482.79Ask
01010003546CHIPS (C-terminus), Clone: JCC1, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Info accurate-monoclonals YM7084 0.1mg1784.80Ask
01010003687Blood Group Antigen Rh Related, Clone: BRIC 69, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human; IPInfo accurate-monoclonals YBG13554607 2 ml5.08Ask
01010003766Mouse MHC Class I, Clone: KD-H3, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Info accurate-monoclonals DEV101-8-2/02 200ug5.08Ask
01010003808Hemopexin, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-; Clone: 3A9-1A9, Azide FreeInfo accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA5541Z 0.1 mg5.08Ask
01010003836CD27, T-Cell (mature), B-Cell subset, 55kD, Clone: 27/2, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-HumanInfo accurate-monoclonals YM1114 1000ul931.02Ask
01010003914CD25, IL-2Ra, TAC, 55kD, Clone: Tu69, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human; frozenInfo accurate-monoclonals MEDCLA267 1000ul5.08Ask
01010003984Serotonin 5-HT, Rat Mouse Monoclonal antibody-; Clone: YC5/45Info accurate-monoclonals YBG82500495 100 ul595.61Ask
01010004039pro-Brain Natriuretic Peptide, aa 1-21, Clone: 32-6-7, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human; ELISAInfo accurate-monoclonals YIAE1123.2 0.1mg1830.54Ask
01010004158AchE (Acetylcholinesterase) (3A5) Monoclonal AntibodyInfo Bioss Primary Unconjugated Antibodies bsm-50337M 0.1ml367.94Ask
01010004167Peroxidase, Horseradish (HRP), Clone: LO-HRP-14, Rat Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Info accurate-monoclonals YULLOHRP14-10 10 ml4213.99Ask
01010004298HOXC4, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-; Clone: 2D6Info accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA4922Z 0.1 mg5.08Ask
01010004325Anti-Neurokinin A (Polyclonal), ALEXA Fluor 594Info Bioss Polyclonal Antibodies GENTObs-0069R-A594 100 microliters497.02Ask
01010004371Anti-C8ORF34 (Polyclonal), ALEXA Fluor 594Info Bioss Polyclonal Antibodies GENTObs-15287R-A594 100 microliters497.02Ask
01010004384OSBLP8, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-; Clone: 4H6, WB, Azide FreeInfo accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA5630Z 0.1 mg5.08Ask
01010004423CD4, T-Cell, Helper, Clone: W3/25, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Rat, frozen/paraffinInfo accurate-monoclonals ACL003AP 0.25mg221.58Ask
01010004439ASAH2 Rabbit Polyclonal AntibodyInfo Zyagen SIG-4743 0.1 mg449.25Ask
01010004470CD173, Clone: BRIC231, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Info accurate-monoclonals YM4078 200ug1266.43Ask
01010004523Polyclonal antibody to or anti-Catenin -gamma antibodyInfo genways GWB-BBP118 1 vial470.59Ask
01010004549Anti-beta Amyloid 1-16 (Polyclonal), ALEXA Fluor 594Info Bioss Polyclonal Antibodies GENTObs-2199R-A594 100 microliters497.02Ask
01010004599Anti-Lymphotactin/Xcl1 (Polyclonal), ALEXA Fluor 594Info Bioss Polyclonal Antibodies GENTObs-11287R-A594 100 microliters497.02Ask
01010004647CEA, Clone: C36503 (NCRC23), Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human; frozen/paraffin, IH/ELISAInfo accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA1744 200ug469.58Ask
01010004665Cobra Venom Factor (CVF), Clone: 013-01, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Info accurate-monoclonals HYB013-01 0.2mg5.08Ask
01010004675Anti-GADD45 gamma (Polyclonal), ALEXA Fluor 594Info Bioss Polyclonal Antibodies GENTObs-7069R-A594 100 microliters497.02Ask
01010004696Anti-CD23/Fc EpsilonR II (Polyclonal), ALEXA Fluor 594Info Bioss Polyclonal Antibodies GENTObs-2490R-A594 100 microliters497.02Ask
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