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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
06013621799Lentiviral qPCR Titration Kit 100 rxnInfo Gentaur Genprice 171-LV900 1 vial235.56Ask
05013621799Lentiviral qPCR Titration Kit 100 rxnInfo Gentaur Genprice 171-LV900 1 kit or item325.03Ask
04033622599Lenti-hTERT virus 10mlInfo Gentaur Genprice 171-G200 1 kit or item1674.97Ask
04033621799Gentaur Lentiviral qPCR Titration Kit 100 rxn testInfo Gentaur Genprice 171-LV900 1 volume238.96Ask
03025278741pLenti-RFP-Puro Lentiviral Control VectorInfo MyBioSource MBS168710 0,1 mL757.64Ask
03025278545pLenti-GFP Lentiviral Control VectorInfo MyBioSource MBS168202 0,1 mL757.64Ask
03023625688GFP (CAG)-Puro lentiviral particlesInfo Gentaur Genprice 500-LVP579 1 vial399.77Ask
03023624928Gentaur Lentiviral particles, shRNA (h P53)-(GFP testInfo Gentaur Genprice 500-LVP343-GB 1 volume586.64Ask
03023623776Lenti-CMV-GFP-2A-Puro VectorInfo Gentaur Genprice 171-LV073 1 kit or item1271.80Ask
03023623672Lenti-SV40 Virus 10 mlInfo Gentaur Genprice 171-G203 1 kit or item1617.21Ask
03023622713Gentaur Lenti CMV RFP 2A puro blank vector testInfo Gentaur Genprice 171-LV591 1 volume215.18Ask
03023622665Gentaur Lenti-III-Tricistronic Vector 10ug testInfo Gentaur Genprice 171-LV038 1 volume554.93Ask
03023622661Gentaur Lenti-III-Ha expression vector siRnA testInfo Gentaur Genprice 171-LV022 1 volume663.65Ask
03023622599Gentaur Lenti-hTERT virus 10ml testInfo Gentaur Genprice 171-G200 1 volume696.49Ask
03023621799Genprice Lentiviral qPCR Titration Kit 100 rxnInfo Gentaur Genprice 171-LV900 1244.62Ask
02015278741pLenti-RFP-Puro Lentiviral Control Vector[pLenti-RFP-Puro Lentiviral]Info MyBioSource MBS168710 NA0.00Ask
02015278545pLenti-GFP Lentiviral Control Vector[pLenti-GFP Lentiviral]Info MyBioSource MBS168202 NA0.00Ask
02013629429GFP (EF1a-Puro) lentiviral particles 200Info Gentaur Genprice 500-LVP426-PBS 1 vial818.80Ask
02013629428GFP Puro lentiviral particles (200ul)Info Gentaur Genprice 500-LVP340 1 vial396.38Ask
02013629427h CXCR4 inducible lentiviral particlesInfo Gentaur Genprice 500-LVP103-RFP-Bsd 1 vial519.82Ask
02013629426h CXCR4 inducible lentiviral particlesInfo Gentaur Genprice 500-LVP103-Bsd 1 vial979.61Ask
02013629071FolH1 lenti-viral vector Human CMVInfo Gentaur Genprice 171-LV797928 1 vial1064.55Ask
02013629070ATM Lentiviral Vector Human EF1aInfo Gentaur Genprice 171-LV707660 1 vial337.49Ask
02013629069Lenti-CMV-hTERT-GFP-2A-PuroInfo Gentaur Genprice 171-LV623 1 vial1234.43Ask
02013629068Lenti-Bmi1 VirusInfo Gentaur Genprice 171-LV610 1 vial937.71Ask
02013629067ITGB3 Lentiviral Vector HumanInfo Gentaur Genprice 171-LV192860 1 vial519.82Ask
02013629066Lenti-III-2A-GFP VectorInfo Gentaur Genprice 171-LV070 1 vial520.95Ask
02013629065Lenti-III-UbC-Luc2 Virus 10mlInfo Gentaur Genprice 171-LV051 1 vial536.81Ask
02013629064Lenti-III-EF1a VectorInfo Gentaur Genprice 171-LV043 1 vial729.33Ask
02013629057ATM Lentiviral Vector Human CumateInfo Gentaur Genprice 171-iCu2000044 1 vial389.58Ask
02013627637CAG-h Cas9 (Neo) lentiviral particlesInfo Gentaur Genprice 500-LVP689 1 kit or item654.59Ask
02013626416Lenti-CMV-GFP-2A-Puro-Blank LentivirusInfo Gentaur Genprice 171-LVP590 1 kit or item638.73Ask
02013626413Lenti-III-Blank LentivirusInfo Gentaur Genprice 171-LVP587 1 kit or item639.86Ask
02013626411Lenti-GIII-CMV-mDUSP1-GFP-2A-puroInfo Gentaur Genprice 171-LVP504029 1 kit or item1892.41Ask
02013626410Lenti-GIII-CMV-mADAM17Info Gentaur Genprice 171-LVP477333 1 kit or item2325.02Ask
02013626395ZEB1 Lentiviral Vector Human CMV DNAInfo Gentaur Genprice 171-LV362466 1 kit or item565.12Ask
02013626394Human-TRIM22 Lentiviral VectorInfo Gentaur Genprice 171-LV343999 1 kit or item569.65Ask
02013626378EFNB1 Lentiviral Vector CMVInfo Gentaur Genprice 171-LV145997 1 kit or item870.89Ask
02013626376CDCP1 Lentiviral Vector Human CMVInfo Gentaur Genprice 171-LV113861 1 kit or item566.25Ask
02013626375CDCP1 Lentiviral Vector Human CMVInfo Gentaur Genprice 171-LV113859 1 kit or item566.25Ask
02013626373Lenti-Bicistronic-Luv VectorInfo Gentaur Genprice 171-LV089 1 kit or item1262.74Ask
02013626363Lenti-Promotorless VectorInfo Gentaur Genprice 171-lv013 1 kit or item1795.01Ask
02013626104Gentaur Human GIPZ lentiviral shRNAmir target ge testInfo Gentaur Genprice 77-RHS4531 1 volume762.17Ask
02013625689Gentaur RFP (CAG)-Puro lentiviral particles testInfo Gentaur Genprice 500-LVP582 1 volume434.88Ask
02013625688Gentaur GFP (CAG)-Puro lentiviral particles testInfo Gentaur Genprice 500-LVP579 1 volume434.88Ask
02013625687Gentaur h SMAD4 inducible lentiviral particles testInfo Gentaur Genprice 500-LVP555 1 volume469.99Ask
02013625686Gentaur h CFTR inducible lentiviral particles testInfo Gentaur Genprice 500-LVP518 1 volume515.29Ask
02013625683Gentaur Golgoi-CFP, LocLight lentiviral particle testInfo Gentaur Genprice 500-LVP451-C 1 volume541.34Ask
02013625676Gentaur Lentiviral particles, shRNA (h P53)- testInfo Gentaur Genprice 500-LVP343-GP 1 volume561.72Ask
02013625673Gentaur GFP (NEO) lentiviral particles ; premade testInfo Gentaur Genprice 500-LVP300 1 volume496.04Ask
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