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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
07025570303Anti-Interleukin 22 (IL22)-Rabbit polyclonal AntibodyInfo Cloud Clone Corp PAC032Hu01 10ug290.55Ask
07025568226Anti-Interleukin 17C (IL17C)-Rabbit polyclonal AntibodyInfo Cloud Clone Corp PAD347Mu01 10ug293.97Ask
07025565502Anti-Interleukin 21 (IL21)-Rabbit polyclonal AntibodyInfo Cloud Clone Corp PAB688Hu01 10ug284.85Ask
07025565064Anti-Interleukin 17C (IL17C)-Rabbit polyclonal AntibodyInfo Cloud Clone Corp PAD347Hu01 10ug290.55Ask
06015572816Eukaryotic Interleukin 22 (IL22)Info Cloud Clone Corp EPC032Hu61 1mg5640.03Ask
06015571988Active Interleukin 17C (IL17C)Info Cloud Clone Corp APD347Hu01 1mg4272.75Ask
05015572816Eukaryotic Interleukin 22 (IL22)Info Cloud Clone Corp EPC032Hu61 500ug3816.99Ask
05015571988Active Interleukin 17C (IL17C)Info Cloud Clone Corp APD347Hu01 500ug2905.47Ask
04025553343Recombinant Human Interleukin-22 protein (IL22) (Active)Info MyBioSource MBS969307 0,002 mg201.67Ask
04025526454IL-10, rat recombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS845323 0,01 mg358.91Ask
04025526415IL-22, murine recombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS845284 0,01 mg346.38Ask
04025526244IL-10, human recombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS845113 0,01 mg346.38Ask
04025526068IL-21, murine recombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS844935 0,01 mg353.21Ask
04025525997IL-21, human recombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS844864 0,01 mg358.91Ask
04025525473IL-22, human recombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS844336 0,01 mg346.38Ask
04025525300Human CellExp IL-21, human recombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS844160 0,005 mg390.81Ask
04025522577IL-21 AntibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS841422 0,03 mg246.11Ask
04025522098IL-10 AntibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS840916 0,03 mg246.11Ask
04025441041Human IL-22Info MyBioSource MBS696069 0,002 mg214.21Ask
04025441005Murine IL-22Info MyBioSource MBS696033 0,002 mg214.21Ask
04025440917Rat IL-10Info MyBioSource MBS695945 0,002 mg214.21Ask
04025440791Human IL-10Info MyBioSource MBS695817 0,002 mg214.21Ask
04025440705Human IL-21Info MyBioSource MBS695727 0,002 mg214.21Ask
04025440698Murine IL-21Info MyBioSource MBS695720 0,002 mg214.21Ask
04025440497Anti-human IL-22Info MyBioSource MBS695515 0,05 mg301.94Ask
04025440450Biotinylated Anti-mIL-21Info MyBioSource MBS695467 0,025 mg301.94Ask
04025440407Anti-murine IL-21Info MyBioSource MBS695423 0,05 mg301.94Ask
04025440371Anti-murine IL-22Info MyBioSource MBS695387 0,05 mg301.94Ask
04025440289Anti-human IL-10Info MyBioSource MBS695302 0,05 mg301.94Ask
04025440190Biotinylated Anti-hIL-21Info MyBioSource MBS695201 0,025 mg301.94Ask
04025440175Anti-human IL-21Info MyBioSource MBS695186 0,05 mg301.94Ask
04025440146Anti-rat IL-10Info MyBioSource MBS695157 0,05 mg301.94Ask
04025439811Human IL-21Info MyBioSource MBS692297 0,002 mg308.78Ask
04025439654Human IL-22Info MyBioSource MBS692134 0,002 mg308.78Ask
04025439631Rat IL-10Info MyBioSource MBS692111 0,002 mg308.78Ask
04025439391Mouse IL-10Info MyBioSource MBS691868 0,002 mg308.78Ask
04025439164Human IL-10Info MyBioSource MBS691639 0,002 mg308.78Ask
04025439108Mouse IL-22Info MyBioSource MBS691582 0,002 mg308.78Ask
04025439104Mouse IL-21Info MyBioSource MBS691578 0,002 mg308.78Ask
04025422864Interleukin 21, Recombinant, Human (IL-21)Info MyBioSource MBS650660 0,002 mg409.04Ask
04025380777Human Interleukin-21 RecombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS553158 0,002 mg239.27Ask
04025380383Rabbit anti IL-10 PolyclonalInfo MyBioSource MBS551036 0,1 mg409.04Ask
04025380222IL-22, ratInfo MyBioSource MBS546439 0,002 mg264.34Ask
04025380150IL-21, ratInfo MyBioSource MBS546367 0,002 mg264.34Ask
04025380110IL-22, mouseInfo MyBioSource MBS546326 0,002 mg264.34Ask
04025379890Recombinant Human Interleukin-22 (rHu IL-22)Info MyBioSource MBS546097 0,002 mg264.34Ask
04025364640Recombinant Rat IL-10Info MyBioSource MBS506317 0,005 mg233.58Ask
04025364604Recombinant Mouse IL-10Info MyBioSource MBS506281 0,002 mg233.58Ask
04025364596Recombinant Animal-free Mouse IL-22Info MyBioSource MBS506273 0,002 mg239.27Ask
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