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01013808832HemocytometerInfo ABM B560-1000 1 Plate 79mm x 39mm x 13mm119.84Ask
01014068659hsa-let-7d-5p microRNA InhibitorInfo ABM microrna MIH01012 2 x 2,5 nmol261.48Ask
01014080942A4GALT 3'UTR Luciferase Stable Cell LineInfo ABM microrna TU000009 1 ml2026.43Ask
01023629837Interleukin-1 beta (IL-1β) ELISA Kit, 96-wellInfo Anogen EL10028 96-well890.26Ask
02014299612Cy3.5-PEG-Biotin,10KInfo Biochempeg FL077041-10K 2 x 500mg1715.15Ask
01025667250CY5.5-PEG-NH2,20KInfo Biochempeg FL079005-20K InquiryAskAsk
03014300421ACA-PEG-ACA,5KInfo Biochempeg HO010010-5K 2 x 5g2233.75Ask
04014300621Cholesterol-PEG-NH2,3.4KInfo Biochempeg LP095005-3.4K 500mg1344.73Ask
010143010424-ArmPEG-COOH,2KInfo Biochempeg A44017-2K 1g455.71Ask
03014300762mPEG-Acrylamide, 2KInfo Biochempeg MF001010-2K 2 x 5g1678.11Ask
01010162158anti-CDH3 AntibodyInfo Bluegen antibodies A01C0198 200ug (50ug, 100ug available)723.73Ask
01014301213Rabbit Anti-Goat IgG-HRPInfo Elabscience SAEP004-200 200 μL147.86Ask
01014301189miR Multi Assay kit Probe System I qPCR Master mix kitInfo Heimbiotek HMIP-S102-100 100 reactions340.85Ask
01014400279ELISA kit for calcitonin gene related peptide,CGRPInfo Icebergbiotech EGP0003 1x96-well plate per kit639.68Ask
01014400350ELISA kit for Anti-PRVInfo Icebergbiotech Ep0002 1x96-well plate per kit684.82Ask
01014400728ELISA kit for Interleukin-2 receptor,IL-2RInfo Icebergbiotech ES0009 1x96-well plate per kit684.82Ask
01014365623ELISA kit for Metanephrine ,MNInfo Icebergbiotech ER0004 1x96-well plate per kit639.68Ask
01013807852Total Protein Extraction Kit (for Animal Cultured Cells and Tissues)Info Inventbiotech SN-002 1 kit/50 reactions508.94Ask
01011439677Rabbit IgG Isotype Control Polyclonal Antibody FITC ConjugateInfo NJS poly N1001FITC-100UG 0.1mg345.52Ask
01010001638Anti-Human ADAM-15Info Reliatech antibodies 101-M206 100ug522.95Ask
010136299194-Iodophenylacetonitrile, 97% (UN# 3335)Info SFC SFC-00023 1 EAAskAsk
01013807903Cell Culture Dish, 90x15mm, PS, sterile to SAL 10-6Info SPL 11090 10/500 sleeve/case330.70Ask
01014296945Anti-AB IgM, 1 viall of 10ml, 200 testsInfo Tody laboratories 620010 10ml57.59Ask
01014297050Antistreptolysin OInfo Tody laboratories C33SP1002-25 25 tests152.53Ask
01014588297Foetal Bovine Serum Heat Inactivated - Premium Grade Qualified (125ml)Info TrinityTek TT-01010301 125ml177.43Ask
01013613263Porcine Foot-and-mouth disease Antibody ELISA kitInfo Unibio DES002 96-wells plate/kit1914.37Ask
01013613275Mouse High specific of aflatoxin M1 monoclonal antibodyInfo Unibio AT004 1000 µg2661.44Ask
01014298529Baculovirus GFP marker vectorInfo Vector A1-25 25 μL465.36Ask
01014298201Rapid Adenovirus ViditestInfo Vidia tests ODZ-285 1 cassette x 20 tests in kit122.96Ask
01012357181Blue Beads, Blue AgaroseInfo adarbiot 6028-25 25 ml1097.26Ask
01011987922pCHAC-hc-MYC Retrovirus Vector ValidatedInfo allele ABP-SC-VCREMYC 10µg1501.61Ask
01011887763anti-Alpha mAb, subunit, Monoclonal antibodies - Fertility antibodyInfo arista ABASU-0401 >1000 mg/ml87.94Ask
01012054951Protein A - HRP ConjugatedInfo aviva OABB00873 one vial711.27Ask
01043746899Human BDNF EasyTest™ ELISA kitInfo bioaim scientific 1010003 96 tests933.84Ask
01012612070PAGE-5OD, 61-90 bases, 400nmolInfo bioma DNA-40 synthesis price per base79.38Ask
01023746753MMP 8 (Neutrophil Procollagenase) (Native Protein)Info biotez 30 100 702 10 µg/ 200µl529.18Ask
01012614186Calcineurin alpha Antibody ( CNA1)Info boster MA1008 0,1 mg498.05Ask
02012221680buffer solution in 50 ml. 4.00 pHInfo consort B004 100g38.75Ask
01011291794Recombinant Swine IFN alpha 1Info genways bulk GWB-0F0112 25 ug890.26Ask
01012221275Histofine Simple Stain MAX PO (G)Info histofine 414162F 500 tests473.15Ask
01014588312Mouse Monoclonal antibody Anti-CCND2Info Immunostep CCND2ACMO 0,2mg/ml (0,1mg)435.99Ask
01012222902Hepatitis C Virus'S Total Antibody Detection - Elisa'S Testing KitInfo invitrotest TK022 96 wells/plate124.51Ask
02021197200Semi-disposable Autopsy Brainblade 325 mm; 5/csInfo sakura 4784 2 x 51769.32Ask
01013733900Actin, Muscle Specific; Clone HHF35 (Ready-To-Use)Info scytek A00001-0002 2 ml183.66Ask
0101186377017-α-hydroxylase (17-α-OH)ELISA KitInfo sincere E13821552 one plate of 96 wells per kit1042.79Ask
01011986799anti-Human IgM (µ) -FITC (F(ab')2 Fragment) w/ counterstain - 3 mlInfo virusys AG041 1 item202.33Ask
01014298195Biocidal ZF, 1 LInfo wakchimie WAK-ZF-1 1 L161.87Ask
01014591453Solution PI (Propidium Iodide)/RNAseInfo Immunostep PI/RNASE 200 TEST146.30Ask
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