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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
04025449142Rabbit anti-human glycine-N-acyltransferase-like 1 polyclonal AntibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS713962 0,05 mL346.44Ask
04025447952Rabbit anti-human glycine-N-acyltransferase polyclonal AntibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS712772 0,05 mL346.44Ask
04025287887GLYATL2, 1-294aa, Human, His tag, E ColiInfo MyBioSource MBS205652 0,05 mg447.86Ask
04025286690GLYAT, 1-296aa, Human, His tag, E ColiInfo MyBioSource MBS204455 0,05 mg528.77Ask
04025273410Recombinant Human Glycine-N-Acyltransferase-Like 2Info MyBioSource MBS146407 0,002 mg233.62Ask
04025272071Recombinant Human Glycine-N-AcyltransferaseInfo MyBioSource MBS145064 0,002 mg233.62Ask
04025263084Recombinant Pongo abelii Glycine N-acyltransferase (GLYAT)Info MyBioSource MBS1296366 0,05 mg (E-Coli)939.03Ask
04025254802Recombinant Human Glycine N-acyltransferase-like protein 1 (GLYATL1)Info MyBioSource MBS1288533 0,01 mg (E-Coli)196.01Ask
04025252308Recombinant Mouse Glycine N-acyltransferase (Glyat)Info MyBioSource MBS1286174 0,05 mg (E-Coli)939.03Ask
03025520776C6ORF140 antibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS839552 0,05 mg630.20Ask
03025498039GLYATL1 Rabbit PolyclonalInfo MyBioSource MBS769739 0,1 mg460.40Ask
03025498038GLYAT Rabbit PolyclonalInfo MyBioSource MBS769738 0,1 mg421.65Ask
03025381516GAT-2, Antiserum, RabbitInfo MyBioSource MBS555598 0,1 mL717.95Ask
03025364103Anti-GABA Transporter (GAT) 3Info MyBioSource MBS502040 0,1 mL491.17Ask
03025364102Anti-GABA Transporter (GAT) 2Info MyBioSource MBS502039 0,1 mL491.17Ask
03025364101Anti-GABA Transporter (GAT) 1Info MyBioSource MBS502038 0,1 mL491.17Ask
03025280522Anti-GABA Transporter 1/GAT 1 antibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS175748 0,1 mg365.81Ask
03025244341GLYATL2 cDNA CloneInfo MyBioSource MBS1278798 Inquire0.00Ask
03025236268GLYATL2 cDNA CloneInfo MyBioSource MBS1271311 Inquire0.00Ask
03025232316GLYATL1 cDNA CloneInfo MyBioSource MBS1267636 Inquire0.00Ask
03025232124GLYAT cDNA CloneInfo MyBioSource MBS1267457 Inquire0.00Ask
03021756175GLYAT siRNAInfo abbex abx918069 15 nmol676.92Ask
03021756174GLYAT siRNAInfo abbex abx918068 15 nmol676.92Ask
03021756173GLYATL3 siRNAInfo abbex abx918067 15 nmol676.92Ask
03021756172GLYATL2 siRNAInfo abbex abx918066 15 nmol676.92Ask
03021756171GLYATL1 siRNAInfo abbex abx918065 15 nmol676.92Ask
03021740304GLYAT siRNAInfo abbex abx902198 15 nmol676.92Ask
03021685027GLYAT AntibodyInfo abbex abx124508 50 μl638.18Ask
03021676049Glycine-N-Acyltransferase-Like 1 AntibodyInfo abbex abx112805 50 μl462.68Ask
03021676048Glycine-N-Acyltransferase AntibodyInfo abbex abx112804 50 μl462.68Ask
03021660805Glycine-N-Acyltransferase-Like 2 (Recombinant)Info abbex abx073841 2 µg288.32Ask
03021660676Glycine-N-Acyltransferase (Recombinant)Info abbex abx073713 2 µg288.32Ask
03021637394GLYAT AntibodyInfo abbex abx027184 100 μl346.44Ask
03021621861GLYATL1 AntibodyInfo abbex abx005778 50 μl482.05Ask
03015319902Rat Glycine N-acyltransferase (GLYAT) ELISA Kit[Glycine N-acyltransferase]Info MyBioSource MBS284307 5x96-Strip-Wells0.00Ask
03015317838Human Glycine N-acyltransferase (GLYAT) ELISA Kit[Glycine N-acyltransferase]Info MyBioSource MBS282226 5x96-Strip-Wells0.00Ask
03015287887GLYATL2, 1-294aa, Human, His tag, E Coli [GLYATL2]Info MyBioSource MBS205652 NA0.00Ask
03015286690GLYAT, 1-296aa, Human, His tag, E Coli[GLYAT]Info MyBioSource MBS204455 NA0.00Ask
03015272071Recombinant Human Glycine-N-Acyltransferase[Glycine-N-Acyltransferase]Info MyBioSource MBS145064 1 mg0.00Ask
03015252308Recombinant Mouse Glycine N-acyltransferase (Glyat)[Glycine N-acyltransferase (Glyat)]Info MyBioSource MBS1286174 0.2 mg (E-Coli)0.00Ask
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