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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
05015947195Heptamethine cyanine dye-1Info MedChemExpress HY-D0921 50mg2036.48Ask
04025511044Rabbit Anti-Goat IgG (H&L) Cy3Info MyBioSource MBS826776 0,1 mL233.23Ask
04025511041Goat Anti-Mouse IgG (H&L) Cy3Info MyBioSource MBS826772 0,1 mL233.23Ask
04025511039Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG (H&L) Cy3Info MyBioSource MBS826769 0,1 mL233.23Ask
04025511034Goat Anti-Rat IgG (H&L) Cy3Info MyBioSource MBS826757 0,1 mL233.23Ask
04015947195Heptamethine cyanine dye-1Info MedChemExpress HY-D0921 25mg1414.16Ask
04014300700DSPE-PEG-CY5.5,5KInfo Biochempeg FL096079-5K 500mg2120.22Ask
03025527977EZLabel Protein Cy5 Labeling KitInfo MyBioSource MBS846846 Inquire0.00Ask
03025527976EZLabel Antibody Cy5 Labeling KitInfo MyBioSource MBS846845 Inquire0.00Ask
03025527975EZLabel Protein Cy3 Labeling KitInfo MyBioSource MBS846844 Inquire0.00Ask
03025527974EZLabel Antibody Cy3 Labeling KitInfo MyBioSource MBS846843 Inquire0.00Ask
03025526590Goat Anti-Mouse IgG (H&L) Cy3Info MyBioSource MBS845459 0,25 mL395.92Ask
03025526584Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG (H&L) Cy3Info MyBioSource MBS845453 0,25 mL395.92Ask
03025526580Goat Anti-Rat IgG (H&L) Cy3Info MyBioSource MBS845449 0,25 mL395.92Ask
03025526577Rabbit Anti-Goat IgG (H&L) Cy3Info MyBioSource MBS845446 0,25 mL395.92Ask
03025435585Rat IgG2a-CY3Info MyBioSource MBS679268 0,1 mg427.78Ask
03025435524Hamster IgG-APC/CY5.5Info MyBioSource MBS679183 0,1 mg427.78Ask
03025435523Hamster IgG-PE/CY7Info MyBioSource MBS679182 0,1 mg420.95Ask
03025435522Hamster IgG-PE/CY5.5Info MyBioSource MBS679181 0,1 mg420.95Ask
03025435521Hamster IgG-CY5Info MyBioSource MBS679180 0,1 mg377.72Ask
03025435492Rat IgG-APC/CY5.5Info MyBioSource MBS679150 0,1 mg352.69Ask
03025435491Rat IgG-PE/CY7Info MyBioSource MBS679149 0,1 mg345.86Ask
03025435490Rat IgG-PE/CY5.5Info MyBioSource MBS679148 0,1 mg345.86Ask
03025435489Rat IgG-CY5Info MyBioSource MBS679147 0,1 mg370.89Ask
03025435479Mouse IgG-APC/CY5.5Info MyBioSource MBS679137 0,1 mg352.69Ask
03025435478Mouse IgG-PE/CY7Info MyBioSource MBS679136 0,1 mg345.86Ask
03025435477Mouse IgG-PE/CY5.5Info MyBioSource MBS679135 0,1 mg345.86Ask
03025435462Rat IgM-PE/Cy7Info MyBioSource MBS679120 0,1 mg345.86Ask
03025435454Rat IgG2b-APC/CY7Info MyBioSource MBS679112 0,1 mg340.17Ask
03025435453Rat IgG2b-APC/CY5.5Info MyBioSource MBS679111 0,1 mg352.69Ask
03025435452Rat IgG2b-PE/CY7Info MyBioSource MBS679110 0,1 mg340.17Ask
03025435451Rat IgG2b-PE/CY5.5Info MyBioSource MBS679109 0,1 mg345.86Ask
03025435450Rat IgG2b-CY5Info MyBioSource MBS679108 0,1 mg395.92Ask
03025435442Rat IgG2a-APC/CY7Info MyBioSource MBS679100 0,1 mg340.17Ask
03025435441Rat IgG2a-APC/CY5.5Info MyBioSource MBS679099 0,1 mg352.69Ask
03025435440Rat IgG2a-PE/CY7Info MyBioSource MBS679098 0,1 mg340.17Ask
03025435439Rat IgG2a-PE/CY5.5Info MyBioSource MBS679097 0,1 mg345.86Ask
03025435438Rat IgG2a-CY5Info MyBioSource MBS679096 0,1 mg390.23Ask
03025435429Rat IgG1-APC/CY7Info MyBioSource MBS679087 0,1 mg358.38Ask
03025435428Rat IgG1-APC/CY5.5Info MyBioSource MBS679086 0,1 mg352.69Ask
03025435427Rat IgG1-PE/CY7Info MyBioSource MBS679085 0,1 mg340.17Ask
03025435426Rat IgG1-PE/CY5.5Info MyBioSource MBS679084 0,1 mg345.86Ask
03025435324Streptavidin-CY3.5Info MyBioSource MBS675158 0,1 mg276.46Ask
03025435319Streptavidin-CY3Info MyBioSource MBS675153 0,1 mg276.46Ask
03025435304Neutralite Avidin-CY3Info MyBioSource MBS675138 0,1 mg301.49Ask
03025435269Goat Anti-Mouse IgG3, Human ads-PE/CY7Info MyBioSource MBS675103 0,25 mg420.95Ask
03025435247Goat Anti-Mouse IgG2a, Human ads-PE/CY7Info MyBioSource MBS675081 0,25 mg420.95Ask
03025435174Streptavidin-APC/CY7Info MyBioSource MBS674996 0,1 mg370.89Ask
03025435173Streptavidin-APC/CY7Info MyBioSource MBS674995 0,5 mg672.38Ask
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