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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
04025511041Goat Anti-Mouse IgG (H&L) Cy3Info MyBioSource MBS826772 0,1 mL235.63Ask
04025511034Goat Anti-Rat IgG (H&L) Cy3Info MyBioSource MBS826757 0,1 mL235.63Ask
04014300700DSPE-PEG-CY5.5,5KInfo Biochempeg FL096079-5K 500mg2142.02Ask
03025526590Goat Anti-Mouse IgG (H&L) Cy3Info MyBioSource MBS845459 0,25 mL399.99Ask
03025526584Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG (H&L) Cy3Info MyBioSource MBS845453 0,25 mL399.99Ask
03025526580Goat Anti-Rat IgG (H&L) Cy3Info MyBioSource MBS845449 0,25 mL399.99Ask
03025526577Rabbit Anti-Goat IgG (H&L) Cy3Info MyBioSource MBS845446 0,25 mL399.99Ask
03025435585Rat IgG2a-CY3Info MyBioSource MBS679268 0,1 mg432.17Ask
03025435524Hamster IgG-APC/CY5.5Info MyBioSource MBS679183 0,1 mg432.17Ask
03025435523Hamster IgG-PE/CY7Info MyBioSource MBS679182 0,1 mg425.28Ask
03025435522Hamster IgG-PE/CY5.5Info MyBioSource MBS679181 0,1 mg425.28Ask
03025435521Hamster IgG-CY5Info MyBioSource MBS679180 0,1 mg381.60Ask
03025435492Rat IgG-APC/CY5.5Info MyBioSource MBS679150 0,1 mg356.31Ask
03025435491Rat IgG-PE/CY7Info MyBioSource MBS679149 0,1 mg349.42Ask
03025435490Rat IgG-PE/CY5.5Info MyBioSource MBS679148 0,1 mg349.42Ask
03025435489Rat IgG-CY5Info MyBioSource MBS679147 0,1 mg374.70Ask
03025435479Mouse IgG-APC/CY5.5Info MyBioSource MBS679137 0,1 mg356.31Ask
03025435478Mouse IgG-PE/CY7Info MyBioSource MBS679136 0,1 mg349.42Ask
03025435477Mouse IgG-PE/CY5.5Info MyBioSource MBS679135 0,1 mg349.42Ask
03025435462Rat IgM-PE/Cy7Info MyBioSource MBS679120 0,1 mg349.42Ask
03025435454Rat IgG2b-APC/CY7Info MyBioSource MBS679112 0,1 mg343.67Ask
03025435453Rat IgG2b-APC/CY5.5Info MyBioSource MBS679111 0,1 mg356.31Ask
03025435452Rat IgG2b-PE/CY7Info MyBioSource MBS679110 0,1 mg343.67Ask
03025435451Rat IgG2b-PE/CY5.5Info MyBioSource MBS679109 0,1 mg349.42Ask
03025435450Rat IgG2b-CY5Info MyBioSource MBS679108 0,1 mg399.99Ask
03025435442Rat IgG2a-APC/CY7Info MyBioSource MBS679100 0,1 mg343.67Ask
03025435441Rat IgG2a-APC/CY5.5Info MyBioSource MBS679099 0,1 mg356.31Ask
03025435440Rat IgG2a-PE/CY7Info MyBioSource MBS679098 0,1 mg343.67Ask
03025435439Rat IgG2a-PE/CY5.5Info MyBioSource MBS679097 0,1 mg349.42Ask
03025435438Rat IgG2a-CY5Info MyBioSource MBS679096 0,1 mg394.24Ask
03025435429Rat IgG1-APC/CY7Info MyBioSource MBS679087 0,1 mg362.06Ask
03025435428Rat IgG1-APC/CY5.5Info MyBioSource MBS679086 0,1 mg356.31Ask
03025435427Rat IgG1-PE/CY7Info MyBioSource MBS679085 0,1 mg343.67Ask
03025435426Rat IgG1-PE/CY5.5Info MyBioSource MBS679084 0,1 mg349.42Ask
03025435324Streptavidin-CY3.5Info MyBioSource MBS675158 0,1 mg279.30Ask
03025435319Streptavidin-CY3Info MyBioSource MBS675153 0,1 mg279.30Ask
03025435304Neutralite Avidin-CY3Info MyBioSource MBS675138 0,1 mg304.59Ask
03025435174Streptavidin-APC/CY7Info MyBioSource MBS674996 0,1 mg374.70Ask
03025435173Streptavidin-APC/CY7Info MyBioSource MBS674995 0,5 mg679.30Ask
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