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09015582601BIIB021, Free BaseInfo LClabs B-7100 1X1 g1460.05Ask
09015582596Bortezomib, Free Base >99%Info LClabs B-1408 1X2 g933.55Ask
09015582594Afatinib, Free BaseInfo LClabs A-8644 1X2 g902.58Ask
0901558259317-AAG, >99%Info LClabs A-6880 1X10 g2090.53Ask
08015945559IloprostInfo MedChemExpress HY-A0096 10mM/1mL501.06Ask
08015945451JQ-1 (carboxylic acid)Info MedChemExpress HY-78695 10mg371.65Ask
08015945447NelociguatInfo MedChemExpress HY-78237 500mg1097.25Ask
08015945390Abiraterone (acetate)Info MedChemExpress HY-75054 2X100mg358.38Ask
08015945361AbirateroneInfo MedChemExpress HY-70013 5g697.95Ask
08015945356EnzalutamideInfo MedChemExpress HY-70002 5g1909.13Ask
08015945290Ruxolitinib (phosphate)Info MedChemExpress HY-50858 50mg298.65Ask
08015945288RuxolitinibInfo MedChemExpress HY-50856 2X10mM/1mL325.19Ask
08015945243ApixabanInfo MedChemExpress HY-50667 2X10mM/1mL298.65Ask
08015944271Caspofungin (Acetate)Info MedChemExpress HY-17006 500mg1242.15Ask
08015943698INCB 024360Info MedChemExpress HY-15689 1g1677.95Ask
08015943310ReparixinInfo MedChemExpress HY-15251 2X2mg382.71Ask
08015943243Monomethyl auristatin EInfo MedChemExpress HY-15162 1g3431.12Ask
08015942951Latrepirdine (dihydrochloride)Info MedChemExpress HY-14537 2X10mM/1mL334.04Ask
08015942346DolutegravirInfo MedChemExpress HY-13238 10mM/1mL285.37Ask
08015942262(+)-JQ-1Info MedChemExpress HY-13030 5g6211.86Ask
08015941871PimodivirInfo MedChemExpress HY-12353A 200mg2149.15Ask
08015941304Y-27632 (dihydrochloride)Info MedChemExpress HY-10583 1g1828.38Ask
08015941011Dabigatran etexilate (mesylate)Info MedChemExpress HY-10274A 1g601.72Ask
08015940679OlaparibInfo MedChemExpress HY-10162 2X10mM/1mL298.65Ask
08015582802Y-27632, Dihydrochloride SaltInfo LClabs Y-5301 1X500 mg2090.53Ask
08015582799Vandetanib, Free BaseInfo LClabs V-9402 1X2 g1110.52Ask
08015582794Veliparib, Dihydrochloride SaltInfo LClabs V-4799 1X1 g1077.34Ask
08015582793Veliparib, Free BaseInfo LClabs V-4703 1X1 g1077.34Ask
08015582792Vismodegib, Free BaseInfo LClabs V-4050 1X2 g957.88Ask
08015582791Venetoclax, Free BaseInfo LClabs V-3579 1X1 g1010.98Ask
08015582790Vemurafenib, Free BaseInfo LClabs V-2800 1X2 g767.63Ask
08015582788Thiazovivin, Free BaseInfo LClabs T-9753 1X500 mg1258.74Ask
08015582784TrametinibInfo LClabs T-8123 1X1 g759.89Ask
08015582783TemsirolimusInfo LClabs T-8040 1X1 g2145.83Ask
08015582778Tofacitinib, Citrate SaltInfo LClabs T-1399 1X5 g1266.48Ask
08015582777Tofacitinib, Free BaseInfo LClabs T-1377 1X5 g1266.48Ask
08015582775Staurosporine, Free BaseInfo LClabs S-9300 1X300 mg1712.24Ask
08015582761Ribociclib, Free BaseInfo LClabs R-8200 1X500 mg743.30Ask
08015582760Regorafenib, Free BaseInfo LClabs R-8024 1X2 g1482.17Ask
08015582758Ruxolitinib, Phosphate SaltInfo LClabs R-6688 1X1 g975.58Ask
08015582757Ruxolitinib, Free BaseInfo LClabs R-6600 1X500 mg636.01Ask
08015582750Quizartinib, Dihydrochloride SaltInfo LClabs Q-4799 1X500 mg1404.75Ask
08015582749Quizartinib, Free BaseInfo LClabs Q-4747 1X250 mg873.82Ask
08015582748PD 325901, Free BaseInfo LClabs P-9688 1X1 g1758.70Ask
08015582746PI-103, Free BaseInfo LClabs P-9099 1X500 mg1592.78Ask
08015582743Palbociclib, Hydrochloride SaltInfo LClabs P-7788 1X2 g920.28Ask
08015582742Palbociclib, Isethionate SaltInfo LClabs P-7766 1X2 g920.28Ask
08015582741Palbociclib, Free BaseInfo LClabs P-7744 1X2 g920.28Ask
08015582740Palbociclib, Dihydrochloride SaltInfo LClabs P-7722 1X2 g920.28Ask
08015582739PKC412Info LClabs P-7600 1X500 mg1674.64Ask
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