Modified Wilkins Chalgren Broth

Modified Wilkins Chalgren Broth is available 2 times from Himedia labs

  • Description
    Modified Wilkins Chalgren Broth is a sterile clear Modified Wilkins Chalgren broth in glass bottle.used for detection of strict or facultative anaerobic microorganisms in blood.
  • Shelf life
    Use before expiry date on the label.
  • Storage
    Store between 2-8°C
  • Colour
    Medium amber coloured clear solution
  • Reaction
    6.90- 7.30
  • Sterility test
    Passes release criteria
  • Cultural response
    Cultural characteristics observed after incubation at 35-37°C for 40-48 hours under anerobic conditions.
  • Uses
    Laboratory use
  • Personal Protection
    Wear appropriate NIOSH/MSHA-approved respirator, chemical-resistant gloves, safety goggles, other protective clothing. Mechanical exhaust required.
  • Toxicological Information
    Non toxic
  • Ordering
    To order Modified Wilkins Chalgren Broth, please use the Cat. Nr. and submit your purchase order by email or by fax. A discount is available for larger or bulk quantities, please contact us for more information
  • Tips
    Our specialists recommend you to follow carefully the pre-registered instructions for Modified Wilkins Chalgren Broth
  • Properties
    º C. The broth is a modified culture medium for culturing isolated or enriched bacteria, yeasts and micro organisms.The buffered pH and low salt content of these media broths will ensure a perfect growth of the pathogens to be detected. The broth or culture medium is supplied in 500gr and 5 x 500gr quntities by Himedia. The broth's MSDS certificate is supplied for appoval of our broth's batch quality. The screening and selective enrichment of these pathogens and bacteriacan also be obtained by other broths and selective culture media supplements.
  • Gene target
  • Short name
    Modified Wilkins Chalgren Broth
  • Alternative name
    Modified Wilkins Chalgren liquid media base

LQ014-10X(10X20ML) | Modified Wilkins Chalgren Brothsize: 10X(10X20ML) | 264.94 USD

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LQ014A-10X(10X70ML) | Modified Wilkins Chalgren Brothsize: 10X(10X70ML) | 327.05 USD

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