Filter papers Std-Grd 121 / 100C - 4,7 cm

Filter papers Std-Grd 121 / 100C - 4,7 cm is available 1 time from Himedia labs

  • Filter diameter/Size
    4,7 cm
  • Retention or pore size
    1,0 µm (1,0 um)
  • Filtration rate
  • Speed
    Medium speed
  • Saturation capacity
    Very high loading capacity
  • Filters type
    Glass microfiber filters
  • Proprieties
    Standard glass microfiber filters
  • Filter description
    These filters contain no binders or other additives causing interference to sensitive enzymatic or chemical reactions. The microfiber filters are particulary advantageous to laboratory filtration by enabling fast filtration of large volumes and difficult solutions without premature clogging.
  • Filter general application
    Gravity Flow Filtration and sample preparation
  • Filter specific application
    Filter papers Std-Grd 121 / 100C are very thick offering finer particle retention compared to HiMedia 111 with high wet-strenght and loading capacity. These filters are used in memebrane pre-filtration and in liquid scintillation counting. HiMedia 121 are well recommended to liquid suspensions clarification loaded with fine particules.
  • Filter short name
    Std-Grd 121
  • Filter french name
    Papiers filtres Std-Grd 121 / 100C
  • Filter alternative name
    Disc Standard-Grade 121
  • Filter other name
    Std-Grd 121 / 100C
  • Filter specific name
    121 Equivalent to Grade GF/B
  • Filter supplier designation
    Himedia 121
  • Filter complete name
    Glass microfiber filters Standard grade 121 / 100C Equivalent to Grade GF/B
  • Packing filter
    Circle packing
  • Filter domain application
    Standard-Grade 121 filters are used in pharmaceutical research, pharmaceutical control, drug control and analysis, biological laboratories, blood analysis, serum analysis, water control, air control, toxicology laboratories, forensic controls.
  • Nature of samples to filter
    With Standard-Grade 121 you can filter liquid fluids, solutions, solvents, liquid suspensions and emulsions.
  • Laboratory applications using these filters
    Glass microfiber filters are suitable for filtration, precipitation, purification, extraction, clarification, separation, sample prepation, sample concentration, pre-chromatographic analysis, pre-spectrometric analysis
  • Ordering
    You can purchase directly and for more detail information about Filter papers Std-Grd 121 / 100C, please contact us by sending an email to, you can also have a chat conversation with the livechat application. Otherwise it is possible to order less than 10 filters if pricing is upper than 100 Eur.
  • More solutions for you filtration applications
    Theses grade filters have similar applications as Whatman paper filters currently holding by Fisher scientific part of Thermo Fisher Scientific or Fisherbrand of thermo fisher scientific or sigma aldrich paper filters now under merck designation or starlab scientific filters; having the same properties and specifications; if these filters exist.
  • Gene target
  • Short name
    Filter papers Std-Grd 121 / 100C - 4,7 cm
  • Alternative name
    Filter papers Std-Grd 121 / 100C - 4,7 cm

1210-0470-100Cx10 | Filter papers Std-Grd 121 / 100C - 4,7 cmsize: 10x1Packing | 980.7 USD

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Filter papers Std-Grd 121 / 100C - 4,7 cm -
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