Citrate Agar

Citrate Agar is available 3 times from Himedia labs

M728-15X100G | Citrate Agar size: 15X100G | 215.41 USD

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M728-4X500G | Citrate Agar size: 4X500G | 164.45 USD

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SM728D-5X5X500ML | Citrate Agar size: 5X5X500ML | 239.73 USD

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  • Origin
  • Quantity required per litre
    27,2 g
  • Alternative Name
  • Product feature
    No Sterilization requires, just melt and pour into plates. Economical and saves preparation time
  • Shelf life
    Use before expiry date on the label.
  • Technical data
  • Composition (g/L)
    Ammonium sulphate 0.500 Sodium nitrate 0.500 Magnesium sulphate 0.500 Dipotassium phosphate 0.500 Calcium chloride 0.200 Ferric ammonium citrate 10.000 Agar 15.000 Final pH ( at 25°C) 6.7±0.1
  • Colour and Clarity of prepared medium
    Light amber coloured, clear to slightly opalescent gel forms in Petri plates
  • Colour
    Cream to greenish yellow
  • Classification
  • Shelf Life
    Use before expiry date on the label.
  • Gene target
  • Short name
    Citrate Agar
  • Alternative name
    Citrate media gelling agent
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