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SPERT Antibody, HRP Conjugated

  • Long name
    SPERT Polyclonal Antibody, HRP Conjugated
  • Category
    Conjugated Primary Antibodies
  • Conjugation
  • Host Organism
    Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)
  • Target Antigen
  • Specificity
    This is a highly specific antibody against SPERT.
  • Modification
  • Modification site
  • Clonality
  • Clone
    Polyclonal antibody
  • Concentration
    1ug per 1ul
  • Immunogen_range
  • Source
    KLH conjugated synthetic peptide derived from human SPERT.
  • Gene ID number
  • Swiss Prot
  • Tested applications
  • Recommended dilutions
  • Crossreactivity
  • Crossreactive species details
    Due to limited amount of testing and knowledge, not every possible cross-reactivity is known.
  • Antigen background
    A variety of morphological and molecular changes are required for spermatozoa formation. These steps are temporally guided by the transcription and translation of several testis-specific genes. SPERT (spermatid associated), also known as CBY2 (chibby homolog 2), spermatid flower-like structure protein or NURIT, is a 448 amino acid novel leucine-zipper protein belonging to the chibby family of proteins.Expressed uniquely in the spermatid flower-like structure, SPERT interacts with Nek1, a member of the NIMA-family kinase family that is associated centrosomal stability and ciliogenesis. Containing a leucine-zipper motif and two coiled-coil regions, SPERT is transcribed through the elongation stage of the spermatids. SPERT is absent from mature spermatozoa and is thought to be involved in transporting proteins that are to be discarded via the residual bodies.
  • Purification method
    This antibody was purified via Protein A.
  • Storage conditions
    Keep the antibody in an aqueous buffered solution containing 1% BSA, 50% glycerol and 0.09% Gentamicin. Store refrigerated at 2 to 8 degrees Celcius for up to 1 year.
  • Excitation Emission
  • Synonyms
    Spermatid-associated protein; SPERT; Protein chibby homolog 2; SPERT; CBY2
  • Properties
    If you buy Antibodies supplied by Bioss Primary Conjugated Antibodies they should be stored frozen at - 24°C for long term storage and for short term at + 5°C. HRP conjugates are often primary rabbit polyclonal antibodies couples to the enzyme horseradish peroxidase (HRP), found in the roots of horseradish. Also monoclonal HRP conjugates are often used for Western Blot.
  • Additional conjugation
    HRP Conjugated
  • French translation
  • Gene target
  • Short name
    SPERT Antibody, Conjugated
  • Technique
    Antibody, antibodies against human proteins, antibodies for, antibody Conjugates
  • Label
  • Alternative name
    SPERT (Antibody to), horseradish peroxidase coupled
  • Alternative technique
1. Gene info
MeSH Data
  • Name
  • Concept
    Scope note:Identification of proteins or peptides that have been electrophoretically separated by blot transferring from the electrophoresis gel to strips of nitrocellulose paper, followed by labeling with antibody probes.
  • Tree numbers
    • E05.196.401.143
    • E05.301.300.096
    • E05.478.566.320.200
    • E05.601.262
    • E05.601.470.320.200
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    classification, economics, history, instrumentation, methods, standards, trends, utilization, veterinary, statistics & numerical data, ethics
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