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    any of various testing devices or substances as (1)   a pointed metal tip for making electrical contact with a circuit element being checked (2)   a usually small object that is inserted into something so as to test conditions at a given point (3)   a device used to penetrate or send back information especially from outer space or a celestial body (4)   a device (as an ultrasound generator) or a substance (as radioactively labeled DNA) used to obtain specific information for diagnostic or experimental purposes
  • Gene target
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  • Short name
    CCND1/CEP11 FISH Probe
  • Technique
    probe, probes
  • Species
    Fish, Fishes
  • Alternative name
    cyclin D1/CEP11 fluorescence-emitting hybridization Probe
  • Alternative technique
  • Alternative to gene target
    cyclin D1, BCL1 and D11S287E and PRAD1 and U21B31, CCND1 and IDBG-61868 and ENSG00000110092 and 595, proline-rich region binding, nuclei, Ccnd1 and IDBG-212973 and ENSMUSG00000070348 and 12443, CCND1 and IDBG-645012 and ENSBTAG00000017514 and 524530
Gene info
Gene info
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  • Concept
    Scope note: A technique that localizes specific nucleic acid sequences within intact chromosomes, eukaryotic cells, or bacterial cells through the use of specific nucleic acid-labeled probes.
  • Tree numbers
    • E01.370.225.500.620.670.325
    • E01.370.225.750.600.670.325
    • E05.200.500.620.670.325
    • E05.200.750.600.670.325
    • E05.393.661.475
  • Qualifiers
    ethics, mortality, psychology, trends, veterinary, history, classification, economics, instrumentation, methods, nursing, standards, adverse effects, statistics & numerical data
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