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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01013613302Foot and mouth disease Type O Antibody ELISA kitInfo Unibio DET001 96-wells plate/kit791.22Ask
01013613416Mouse Tylosin monoclonal antibodyInfo Unibio AT087 1000 µg1960.86Ask
01013613459LeadInfo Unibio AG010 1000 µg946.03Ask
01013613687Sulfaquinoxaline Rapid Test KitInfo Unibio C123 50 tests per box311.90Ask
020142980382X Phanta Turbo Master Mix, 5 mlInfo Vazyme P518-02 5 mililitres288.97Ask
01014298279DirectPCR Lysis Reagent (cell)Info Viagen 302-C-0100 100mL227.05Ask
01014298208Rapid Crypto-Giardia ViditestInfo Vidia tests ODZ-255 1 strip x 20 tests in kit111.23Ask
01011973700ReadiUse NADPH Regenerating KitInfo aat 15265 1 kit351.64Ask
01011450192Human P16INK4A ProteinInfo abebio AP50151HU-100ug 0.1mg210.99Ask
01012371600Accumax Smart Fix Volume MicropipetteInfo accumax SFA-500 1 pipette147.18Ask
01012357188Heparin Beads, Heparin AgaroseInfo adarbiot 6024-10 10 ml394.46Ask
01011988845T-box 21 (TBX21) polyclonal antibodyInfo allele ABP-PAB-11150 100 ug364.65Ask
03011887846anti-CA125 mAb, clone 2, Monoclonal Antibodies - Cancer Marker antibodyInfo arista ABCA1-0402 1-99 mg/ml362.93Ask
01012078592OVCAR-3 Cell LysateInfo aviva AHL015 one vial134.87Ask
01013748967Rabbit Polyclonal Ig Anti-CalretininInfo bio logo CA120 1 ml393.32Ask
01023747167Canine MMP-8™ ELISA kitInfo bioaim scientific 3060114 96 tests688.02Ask
01012486959Recombinant Staphylococcus aureus Enterotoxin type E(entE)Info bioma RPC20591 20 μg806.13Ask
01012612092PAGE-5OD, 3’ OR 5’ PHOSPHATE, 200nmolInfo bioma PH-2 synthesis price per base58.48Ask
01013746722anti-Aflatoxin G1/G2, monoclonal, clone BCAB1313Info biotez 11 113 010 1 mg lyophilized385.29Ask
01023746764MMP 14 (MT1-MMP) prodomain, catalytic domain, His-tagged (Recombinant Protein)Info biotez 30 100 112 10 µg/ 50µl389.88Ask
01012221309Biotin Conjugated Rabbit Anti-goat IgG antibodyInfo boster BA1006-1 1000 µl181.18Ask
02012222335MINI BLOTTER 10X10 cmInfo consort EVS1100-BLOT 1500g802.63Ask
01013748464InvertaseInfo creative enzymes DIS-1024 1kg310.07Ask
010126106316 microtubes per card Invitrogel A Subgroup GELInfo diagnostic africa 70490 one bottle2.29Ask
01012371904Tri-RNA ReagentInfo favorgenb FATRR 001 100 ML213.29Ask
01012486682purified Normal Goose IgY bird, avian antibodyInfo gallus IgY GIgY-100 100000 ug720.36Ask
01012221278Histofine Simple Stain AP (R)Info histofine 414251F 170 tests292.41Ask
01011987658Human Myoglobin ELISA KITInfo icl E-80MY 1 x 96 well plate354.33Ask
01011270307Domoic acidInfo immunodiagnostic new AY1016.1/2 100ug280.94Ask
01014588304Absolute Counting Tubes StepCouint Kit3, 50 testsInfo Immunostep STPKIT3-50T 50 tests670.40Ask
01014588306Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Anti-LMO-1Info Immunostep LMO1ACMO 0,2mg/ml (0,1mg)321.23Ask
01014588317FITC-Conjugated Rat IgG1 Isotype ControlInfo Immunostep RICIGG1-02MG 200 µg371.11Ask
01014588329IntraCell Staining SolutionInfo Immunostep INTRA-V500T 500 test682.86Ask
01012222896Hepatitis B Virus'S Surface Antigens Confrmation - Reagent PackInfo invitrotest TK017 1 pack of 10074.54Ask
01012611950RTisochip Isothermal Nucleic Acid Amplification Microfluidic Chip AnalyzerInfo kapitalbio 170010 1 unit41166.53Ask
01011368030magnetic beads super-paramagnetic SH 3.0Info magsi MD44006 100 milliliters1322.32Ask
010120548830.2 ml PCR Tubes Flat Cap Clear Pre SterileInfo neptune 3423.S.X 10 bags of 100/pk330.25Ask
01011905373Tongue LysateInfo proscience 21-329 0.1 mg510.28Ask
01014297289EnzyChrom Glutahione Peroxidase Assay KitInfo quantichrom 65-EGPX-100 100 tests342.86Ask
01013734977Hydroquinone Solution (0.1%), AcidulatedInfo scytek HSA500 500 ml141.04Ask
02014396912Chimeric anti-Ebola Virus GP Monoclonal Antibody (c6D8)Info virus detection 494-0201-021 100 μg551.56Ask
01014588343Annexin V Apoptosis Detection Kit with PI-DY-634Info Immunostep ANXVKDY-100T 100 TEST297.00Ask
01014588374KAPPA/CD19 Human Antibody [polyclonal, HIB22]-FITC/PEInfo Immunostep BD-KAPPAF319PE4-50T 50 TEST364.65Ask
01014588428Anti Human KAPPA/LAMBDA Antibody-FITC/PEInfo Immunostep KAPPAF3LAMBDAPE2-50T 50 TEST496.52Ask
01014588437Rabbit Anti Caspase-3 active Human Polyclonal Antibody-PureInfo Immunostep BD-CAS3PU 100 µL144.48Ask
01014589635Mouse IgG1 Human Isotype Control Monoclonal Antibody [B11/6]-CF-Blue™Info Immunostep BD-ICIGG1CFB-100 0,1 mg238.51Ask
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