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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01014486780StabiFlexiLoop Plus Economical PackInfo Himedia PW051S-20X1X100NO 20X1X100NO254.40Ask
01014486633Antibiotic Zonescale-CInfo Himedia PW297-50X3NO 50X3NO179.19Ask
01014486733Sterile ClinicolInfo Himedia PW015-2X1X500NO 2X1X500NO234.49Ask
01014486969Magnetic Stirring Bars 6 x 30 mmInfo Himedia PW159-8X5NO 8X5NO243.34Ask
01014487025Sterile Cotton SwabInfo Himedia PW1280-5X1X100NO 5X1X100NO182.51Ask
010144870288 mL Test TubeInfo Himedia PW148-3X1X500NO 3X1X500NO189.14Ask
01014487034Wash BottleInfo Himedia PW177A-8X10NO 8X10NO185.82Ask
02024430273Filter papers Std-Grd 111 / 100S - 46x57 cmxcmInfo Himedia 0940-4657-100Sx10 10x1Packing4973.03Ask
01014487049Free Chlorine Testing Kit (o-Toluidine method)Info Himedia WT006A-15X1NO 15x 1NO183.61Ask
01024451958GFP Antibody, 10 UlInfo 101 Biosystem 101Bio-P601-10 10 µL168.13Ask
01024451815Exosomal DNA Extraction Kit "New"Info 101 Biosystem 101Bio-P230-50 50Reactions742.19Ask
010244518423d Cell Culture Gel,Soft [Col-Tgel]Info 101 Biosystem 101Bio-P720S-2 2 mL168.13Ask
01014507359Hygromycin BInfo abm Adinovirus G265 1.0 g155.96Ask
01014562510Multi-Drug 5 Drugs Rapid Test 2-Step CupInfo AllTests DOA-157-B2x5 25 Test/Kit x 5429.17Ask
01014533296HiTouch FlexiPlate - SBInfo Himedia FL011-5X50PT 5X50PT209.05Ask
01014533330Campylobacter Supplement V (BFCSA)Info Himedia FD067-5X5VL 5X5VL181.40Ask
0101453343810% Lactic Acid Solution (10 ml per vial)Info Himedia FD095-5X5VL 5X5VL122.78Ask
01014451557Ultra-high Titer, 200 µL ( > 1 x 10^9 IFU/mL )Info 101Biosystem S501UL service3904.53Ask
01014565484Dialysis Membrane-50Av.Info Himedia LA387-20X1MT 20X1MT186.93Ask
01014565471HiIndicator pH Paper Range : pH 3.5 to 6.00Info Himedia LA312-30X1PK 30X1PK167.02Ask
01014565463Varivol II Micropipette-100 Capacity :Info Himedia LA615-2(1 NO) 2X1NO172.55Ask
01014565440S.S.Test Tube Basket,Made Out of dia 3mmInfo Himedia LA277S-2(1NO) 2X1NO167.02Ask
01014565411Stainless Steel Forceps, BluntSize: 10 inInfo Himedia LA708-5X2NO 5X2NO158.17Ask
01014565403Dialysis Membrane-110 Av.Info Himedia LA395-1X30MT 1X30MT221.22Ask
01014565520Violet Red Bile Glucose Agar, GranulatedInfo Himedia GMH581-4X500G 4X500G174.76Ask
01014565558SM Plate Count Agar, GranulatedInfo Himedia GM1623-4X500G 4X500G248.87Ask
01014565758complete freund's adjuvantInfo Chondrex CNDX-7009 2 mg/mL x 5 mL112.82Ask
01014565799immunization grade chick type XI collagen, lyophilizedInfo Chondrex CNDX-1081 5 mg292.01Ask
01014566109Anaerobox - S Transparent unbreakable polycarbonate boxInfo Himedia LA806-1NO 19.8cm x 13.7cm x 9cm255.51Ask
01014566163Stainless Steel Scalpel Holder No. 3Info Himedia LA829-20X2NO NA196.89Ask
01014566141Latex Examination Gloves, Large size Gamma sterilizedInfo Himedia LA914-20X20NO 20X20NO253.30Ask
01014566115Latex Examination Gloves, Large Size LigInfo Himedia LA892-20X50NO 20X50NO184.72Ask
01014566169Stainless Steel StandInfo Himedia LA722-10X2 Nos 10X2 Nos172.55Ask
01014566187Barrier TipsInfo Himedia LA751-20X96NO Approx 5.3 mm189.14Ask
01014591465Fresh Deodorising Pearls RoseInfo Himedia LA008B-20X50NO 20X50NO181.40Ask
01014591477Nichrome Loop-D-4 diameter : 4 mmInfo Himedia LA019-35X10NO 35X10NO184.72Ask
01014591506HiSteriCan for Emulsions in AmpoulesInfo Himedia LA1049C-10PK w/ 0.45 µ .243.34Ask
01014591514Bowie & Dick Test PackInfo Himedia LA1029-1X20PK 1X20PK193.57Ask
01014591519Absorbent CottonInfo Himedia LA1018-5x5NO 5x5NO175.87Ask
01014591538S.S.Test Tube Racks,Made Out of dia 3 mm wireInfo Himedia LA216S-4x1NO 4x1NO201.31Ask
01012512141NSC59984, p53-MDM2 inhibitorInfo stressma SIH-542-5MG 5 mg138.26Ask
01014405415Soja Kit Real Time PCRInfo 4Lab IC-02-1023 25 tests330.72Ask
01014591567Disposable Apron (Medium)Info Himedia LA995-3X10NO 3X10NO161.49Ask
01014591578Freeze Tag, White LabelInfo Himedia LA938W-3X1000NO 25 x 13mm153.75Ask
01014591605HiSteriCan for EmulsionsInfo Himedia LA987C-25PK 25PK502.17Ask
01014591611Micropipette Tips Capacity : 1000 µlInfo Himedia LA975-10X1000NO 10X1000NO169.23Ask
01014591614µPet Autoclavable Micropipette Capacity: 5 - 50 µLInfo Himedia LA957-1NO 1NO188.04Ask
01014591641Freeze Tag,Multicolour dots Temp:-40degreeInfo Himedia LA937MM-1X1000NO 1X1000NO215.69Ask
01014591669Dry Heat Chemical Process indicators Size: Circular dot (12.7 mm) Temp.: £ 180°CInfo Himedia LA933-1X1000NO 1X1000NO348.42Ask
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