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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01013613416Mouse Tylosin monoclonal antibodyInfo Unibio AT087 1000 µg1897.42Ask
01013613459LeadInfo Unibio AG010 1000 µg915.42Ask
01013613687Sulfaquinoxaline Rapid Test KitInfo Unibio C123 50 tests per box301.81Ask
020142980382X Phanta Turbo Master Mix, 5 mlInfo Vazyme P518-02 5 mililitres279.62Ask
01014298279DirectPCR Lysis Reagent (cell)Info Viagen 302-C-0100 100mL219.70Ask
01014298208Rapid Crypto-Giardia ViditestInfo Vidia tests ODZ-255 1 strip x 20 tests in kit107.63Ask
01011973700ReadiUse NADPH Regenerating KitInfo aat 15265 1 kit340.26Ask
01011450192Human P16INK4A ProteinInfo abebio AP50151HU-100ug 0.1mg204.17Ask
01012371600Accumax Smart Fix Volume MicropipetteInfo accumax SFA-500 1 pipette142.42Ask
01012357188Heparin Beads, Heparin AgaroseInfo adarbiot 6024-10 10 ml381.70Ask
01011988845T-box 21 (TBX21) polyclonal antibodyInfo allele ABP-PAB-11150 100 ug352.85Ask
03011887846anti-CA125 mAb, clone 2, Monoclonal Antibodies - Cancer Marker antibodyInfo arista ABCA1-0402 1-99 mg/ml351.19Ask
01012078592OVCAR-3 Cell LysateInfo aviva AHL015 one vial130.51Ask
01013748967Rabbit Polyclonal Ig Anti-CalretininInfo bio logo CA120 1 ml380.59Ask
01023747167Canine MMP-8™ ELISA kitInfo bioaim scientific 3060114 96 tests665.76Ask
01012486959Recombinant Staphylococcus aureus Enterotoxin type E(entE)Info bioma RPC20591 20 μg780.05Ask
01012612092PAGE-5OD, 3’ OR 5’ PHOSPHATE, 200nmolInfo bioma PH-2 synthesis price per base56.59Ask
01013746722anti-Aflatoxin G1/G2, monoclonal, clone BCAB1313Info biotez 11 113 010 1 mg lyophilized372.83Ask
01023746764MMP 14 (MT1-MMP) prodomain, catalytic domain, His-tagged (Recombinant Protein)Info biotez 30 100 112 10 µg/ 50µl377.26Ask
01012221309Biotin Conjugated Rabbit Anti-goat IgG antibodyInfo boster BA1006-1 1000 µl175.32Ask
02012222335MINI BLOTTER 10X10 cmInfo consort EVS1100-BLOT 1500g776.66Ask
01013748464InvertaseInfo creative enzymes DIS-1024 1kg300.04Ask
010126106316 microtubes per card Invitrogel A Subgroup GELInfo diagnostic africa 70490 one bottle2.22Ask
01012371904Tri-RNA ReagentInfo favorgenb FATRR 001 100 ML206.39Ask
01012486682purified Normal Goose IgY bird, avian antibodyInfo gallus IgY GIgY-100 100000 ug697.05Ask
01012221278Histofine Simple Stain AP (R)Info histofine 414251F 170 tests282.95Ask
01011270307Domoic acidInfo immunodiagnostic new AY1016.1/2 100ug271.85Ask
01014588304Absolute Counting Tubes StepCouint Kit3, 50 testsInfo Immunostep STPKIT3-50T 50 tests648.71Ask
01014588306Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Anti-LMO-1Info Immunostep LMO1ACMO 0,2mg/ml (0,1mg)310.83Ask
01014588317FITC-Conjugated Rat IgG1 Isotype ControlInfo Immunostep RICIGG1-02MG 200 µg359.10Ask
01014588329IntraCell Staining SolutionInfo Immunostep INTRA-V500T 500 test660.77Ask
01012222896Hepatitis B Virus'S Surface Antigens Confrmation - Reagent PackInfo invitrotest TK017 1 pack of 10072.12Ask
01012611950RTisochip Isothermal Nucleic Acid Amplification Microfluidic Chip AnalyzerInfo kapitalbio 170010 1 unit39834.64Ask
01011368030magnetic beads super-paramagnetic SH 3.0Info magsi MD44006 100 milliliters1279.54Ask
010120548830.2 ml PCR Tubes Flat Cap Clear Pre SterileInfo neptune 3423.S.X 10 bags of 100/pk319.56Ask
01011905373Tongue LysateInfo proscience 21-329 0.1 mg493.77Ask
01014297289EnzyChrom Glutahione Peroxidase Assay KitInfo quantichrom 65-EGPX-100 100 tests331.77Ask
01013734977Hydroquinone Solution (0.1%), AcidulatedInfo scytek HSA500 500 ml136.48Ask
01014588343Annexin V Apoptosis Detection Kit with PI-DY-634Info Immunostep ANXVKDY-100T 100 TEST287.39Ask
01014588374KAPPA/CD19 Human Antibody [polyclonal, HIB22]-FITC/PEInfo Immunostep BD-KAPPAF319PE4-50T 50 TEST352.85Ask
01014588428Anti Human KAPPA/LAMBDA Antibody-FITC/PEInfo Immunostep KAPPAF3LAMBDAPE2-50T 50 TEST480.46Ask
01014588437Rabbit Anti Caspase-3 active Human Polyclonal Antibody-PureInfo Immunostep BD-CAS3PU 100 µL139.81Ask
01014589635Mouse IgG1 Human Isotype Control Monoclonal Antibody [B11/6]-CF-Blue™Info Immunostep BD-ICIGG1CFB-100 0,1 mg230.80Ask
01014589684Anti Mouse IgG2b Human Isotype Control-OC-515Info Immunostep ICIGG2BOC-100 0,1 mg286.28Ask
01014589695Rat IgG1 Mouse Isotype Control Monoclonal Antibody [RTK2071]-FITCInfo Immunostep BD-RICIGG1-02MG 0,2 mg297.37Ask
02024588318Anti Rabbit IgG Polyclonal Isotype Control-PUREInfo Immunostep RBPLPU-01MG 0,1 mg126.49Ask
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