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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01014400987Er (rabbit E) Complement Assay ReagentInfo CompTech B301 10ml @ 5x108/ml294.22Ask
02014400880Human C4 Complement Purified ProteinInfo CompTech A105-250-1 250 µg/vial366.12Ask
01014400993Human C1q Complement Depleted SerumInfo CompTech A300-1 1.0 ml/vial241.13Ask
01014401212Human SELL assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-E04653h 1x96-test wells plate/box643.75Ask
01012221625Hepatoma Derived Growth Factor (HDGF) ELISA KitInfo DL elisas DL-HDGF-Mu-96 1 plate of 96 wells611.67Ask
01014301231Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG-CY3Info Elabscience SAEP010-200 200 μL105.08Ask
01012221136 DNMT1 ProteinInfo Epigen   E15000-1 0.01 mg576.28Ask
01010020005Chlortetracycline HCl, EPInfo EvoPure Toku-E C029-25g 25 g172.90Ask
01014403842100-place microscope slide box (for 75 x 25 mm slides)Info FD NeuroTech 527-PO201 each75.21Ask
01012512147MICRO Wash Elisa plate washer for 2 platesInfo GDNS 1100 1 instrument1896.96Ask
02013733289GeBaGel 8-16%, 15 wellsInfo GEBA 15G-0816-10 15 wells143.79Ask
01010045758PICRIC ACID ALCOHOLIC SOL.Info GENTAUR IHC Stains 110902250 250 ml141.58Ask
01014299544Raka Ray Agar BaseInfo HKM HCM120-500 500 g0.00Ask
01014301182miR Multi Assay kit System II Nucleic mix IInfo Heimbiotek HMI-S201 50 reactions231.17Ask
01010418936Chenodeoxycholic Acid-BSAInfo IVD Lambert CSB-DM007B1 1mg341.78Ask
01014400294ELISA kit for nitric oxide,NOInfo Icebergbiotech ECH0062 1x96-well plate per kit486.68Ask
01014400330ELISA kit for monocyte chemotactic protein 4,MCP-4Info Icebergbiotech EGP0028 1x96-well plate per kit454.61Ask
01014401050ELISA kit for Collagen Type Ⅳ,Col ⅣInfo Icebergbiotech Emo04 1x96-well plate per kit486.68Ask
01014400401ELISA kit for Heat Shock Protein 70,HSP-70Info Icebergbiotech Ep0053 1x96-well plate per kit486.68Ask
01014400607ELISA kit for intercellular adhesion molecule 3,ICAM-3Info Icebergbiotech Er0107 1x96-well plate per kit454.61Ask
01014400723ELISA kit for Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I,IGF-IInfo Icebergbiotech ES0004 1x96-well plate per kit486.68Ask
01014364600ELISA kit for anti-myelin associated glycoprotein antibody,MAG AbInfo Icebergbiotech EH0208 1x96-well plate per kit454.61Ask
01014364611ELISA kit for Complement fragment 5a,C5aInfo Icebergbiotech EM0151 1x96-well plate per kit454.61Ask
01014366508ELISA kit for matrix metalloproteinase 1,MMP-1Info Icebergbiotech ER0481 1x96-well plate per kit454.61Ask
01010240663Neptune containing Block ELISA Blocking BufferInfo Immunochemistry kits 63 500 mL255.51Ask
01013807888SDS-RemoverInfo Inventbiotech WA-012 0.01 l117.25Ask
01010022727Bovine IgG ELISA kit, No Crossreactivity with Mouse, Rat, Rabbit, or Human IgGInfo Kamiya KT-623 96 well plate606.14Ask
01014397054AquaPor 3:1Info NATDIA NAT1040 100G460.14Ask
01014301415Spoligotyping MembraneInfo Ocimum Biosolutions IM9702 1 EA1691.23Ask
01011616424Recombinant Thermostable DNA Polymerase, 5 U/ml. w/o 5x PCR-bufferInfo PCR diagnosis R1-4 25000U Tests1241.04Ask
01014297651Non-Sterile Rabbit Plasma Sodium EdtaInfo PF Biologicals 239-31141-1 500 ml272.10Ask
01013733265LIPOCLEANSING PEEL PBInfo Proteos-biotech PBC003.7 1Kg168.13Ask
01013807917Cell Culture Plate, PS, 12 well, 85.4x127.6mm, Flat Bottom, SterileInfo SPL 32012 1/50 sleeve/case206.08Ask
01014400013Restriction endonuclease Sal I, 10000 u.a.Info Sibenzymes E116-10000 10000 u.a.232.28Ask
01012512383HSP27 ELISA KitInfo StressMark kits SKT-109-480 5 x 96 well2683.40Ask
01012512296Synthetic Hexanoyl-Lysine adduct BSA ConjugateInfo StressMark proteins SPR-205A 50 µg336.25Ask
01010624859α1 - MicroglobulinInfo Szybio Lambert SC67A060 R1:45ml×1 R2:15ml×1701.27Ask
01014298188High-Efficiency Hybridization Reagent, 200mlInfo TelTestBLabs CS-108F-200 200ml0.00Ask
01014299583Apolipoprotein B, serum/plasma, immunoplate with agarose gel x15 testsInfo Tody laboratories C27RD1003 15 tests55.31Ask
02014296912Giemsa solutionInfo Tody laboratories C15MS1008-500 500 / kit64.18Ask
02014296930Sterile polypropylene transparent urine container, individually rapped, 30 mlInfo Tody laboratories C22LD1006 1 / box33.18Ask
01014296944Anti-B IgM , 1 vial of 10ml, 200 testsInfo Tody laboratories 610010 10ml40.93Ask
01014297017Campylobacter growth supplementInfo Tody laboratories C16MM1047 5 flacons x 10 g66.37Ask
01013748776ELISA kit for detection of T4, x96Info Tody laboratories C33ER1005 kit141.18Ask
01014297127E. coli 0157 kit, 100 tests, from culture,Info Tody laboratories C12LX1003-100 100 tests190.25Ask
01014297053C4 ComplementInfo Tody laboratories C33SP1027-10 10 tests76.32Ask
01014297099Rapid FOB test for faeces, 15 testsInfo Tody laboratories C44RT1004-15 15 tests59.73Ask
01013732488Cefazolin sodium, USPInfo Toku-e C006-500mg 500 mg344.00Ask
01014588299Qualified Male FBS Premium Grade - Foetal Bovine Serum (125ml)Info TrinityTek TT-01020101 125ml197.99Ask
01013613302Foot and mouth disease Type O Antibody ELISA kitInfo Unibio DET001 96-wells plate/kit763.21Ask
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