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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01014421212Goat anti-Mouse IgG (H&L)Info Aurion 100.022 1,5 ml346.80Ask
01014421525Chemwell Automated RPR Tests for SyphilisInfo Awarness Technology AWAR-TK-R480 480 Tests / Kit760.01Ask
01014421546Chemwell-T Automated Chemistry AnalyzerInfo Awarness Technology AWAR-TK-CWТ 17795.07Ask
01013748652PurKine GST-Tag Protein Purification Kit (Glutathione)Info Abbkine KTP20100-1-5 5x1000ul339.42Ask
01011905964CD19 antibodyInfo fitzgerald 10R-CD19bHU 100 µg332.04Ask
01010440533Anti- Immunogenic protein MPT64 _x000D_ AntibodyInfo MBS Polyclonals GEN1265001 100ug326.77Ask
01014423941Amikacin Ezy Mic StripsInfo Himedia EM001-1X120 St 1X120 St167.60Ask
02014422342Embedding CassettesInfo Himedia CG323-1X1000NO 1X1000 NO166.55Ask
01014424130L-Ascorbic acid, Hi-AR/ACSInfo Himedia CMS1014-20X50G 20 x 50 g166.55Ask
01014424979Cryptosporidium Parvum Synthetic DNAInfo Himedia HE0002S 1 Kit505.97Ask
01014425013Hexa G-plus 2Info Himedia HX002-50X1PK 50 * 1 Pack151.79Ask
01014486575BML-278Info Arbor Assays P003-5MG 5MG144.41Ask
01014430366G-II-minusInfo Himedia OD006-50PK 50PK159.17Ask
01014407764REVERSE TRANSCRIPTION REAGENTInfo Hitachi Exosome ELISA filters hita-chi88017 0,03ml316.23Ask
01014486033Donkey Anti-Sheep IgG (Heavy and Light chain)Info Arbor Assays A010-25MG 25MG502.07Ask
01014486633Antibiotic Zonescale-CInfo Himedia PW297-50X3NO 50X3NO170.76Ask
01014507374FOXD4L3-HA Adenovirus (Human)Info abm Adinovirus 344235A 250ulAskAsk
01014507356G418Info abm Adinovirus G262 1.0 g99.09Ask
01012512243Cell line gene knock-in and knock-outInfo 101biosystem S301 service22979.38Ask
01014565419Digital Counter Pen with 6 digit LCDInfo Himedia LA663A-1X1NO 1X1NO252.98Ask
01014566217Assay kit for Mouse Androgen binding protein (ELISA)Info BlueGen ELISAs E03A0021 -48 1x48-wells test plate637.73Ask
01014565524Sabouraud Dextrose Maltose Agar, GranulatedInfo Himedia GM1313-4X500G 4X500G209.77Ask
01014591469Metaloop -SS-4 Fixed nichrome loopInfo Himedia LA014-12X8NO 12X8NO173.93Ask
01014591528HiMono Auto Gram StainerInfo Himedia LA1011-1NO 1NO12561.71Ask
01014591699Bluple Nitrile Examination Gloves, Medium size, ETO SterilizedInfo Himedia LA916-20X20NO 20X20NO215.04Ask
01014591599HiSteriCan for powder w/o antibioticsInfo Himedia LA982C-25PK 25PK458.53Ask
01014591715Nutrient AgarInfo Himedia M001A-8X500G 8X500G222.42Ask
01014648127Assay kit for Guinea pig Anti-Apolipoprotein Antibodies (ELISA)Info BlueGen ELISAs E05A0447 -48 1x48-wells test plate851.71Ask
01014594534Brilliant Green HiCynth Agar Base, ModifiedInfo Himedia MCD016-5X500G 5X500G187.63Ask
01017101263PAGE-2OD, 5’ TET-3’ TAMRA,Info Biomatik bio003 100nmolAskAsk
01014718155Donkey NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase chain 4 (MT-ND4) ELISA KitInfo abebio AE32376DK 1X plate of 48 wells435.34Ask
02014718165Elephant Progesterone (PROG) ELISA KitInfo abebio AE25804EL 1X plate of 96 wells341.53Ask
01014721639Rhesus Macaque bone-specific alkphase B (ALP-B) ELISA KitInfo abebio AE62936RH 1X plate of 48 wells435.34Ask
01014721738Simian Immunoglobulin G4 (IgG4) ELISA KitInfo abebio AE60788SI 1X plate of 48 wells403.72Ask
01014724904Anaero Bag System 24Info Himedia LE009-15X1PK 15X1PK189.74Ask
01014725049Cooked Meat MediumInfo Himedia LQ080V-10X(50X5ML) 10X(50X5ML)199.04Ask
01014743442AA Matrix Modifer Solution for Graphic Furnace Nickel NitrateInfo Reagecon MMS701 100mlAskAsk
01024725116GeneAb Mouse Monoclonal CD44 [IHC044 ]Info GenomeMe Geno-0036 0,1mL203.44Ask
04024725118GeneAb Mouse Monoclonal CD74 [IHC074 ]Info GenomeMe Geno-0038 25mLAskAsk
04024724832GeneAb Mouse Monoclonal Arginase-1 [IHC400]Info GenomeMe Geno-002 25mL1296.49Ask
01014726194p-Nitrophenyl b-D-galactopyranosideInfo Himedia RM1547-10X250MG 10X250MG228.76Ask
01014726213Morin, Hi-ARInfo Himedia RM1130-15X1G 15X1G173.95Ask
01014726572Nutrient HiVegTM BrothInfo Himedia MV088-14x100G 14x100G172.87Ask
010147262043-HydroxypyridineInfo Himedia RM1693-20X25G 20X25G199.16Ask
01014726316Samarium (III) oxideInfo Himedia RM1467-2X10G 2X10G174.88Ask
01014854516Human IL-1alpha ELISA KitInfo Multisciences 70-EK101A4 1AskAsk
010147283132-Naphthalenesulphonic acid sodium saltInfo Himedia RM3619-7X100G 7X100G269.85Ask
01014728492Homogenizer with serrated pestle (S.P.) 1 mLInfo Himedia GW171-10X1NO 10X1NO243.50Ask
01014728456Plane haemometer (square type)Info Himedia GW191-4X1NO 4X1NO141.25Ask
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