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Salinomycin Sodium

Salinomycin Sodium is available 3 times from Biovision labs

B1584-25 | Salinomycin Sodium size: 2X25 mg | 389.98 USD


B1584-25 | Salinomycin Sodium size: 25 mg | 175.49 USD


B1584-100 | Salinomycin Sodium size: 100 mg | 510.42 USD

Alternate Name/Synonyms (R)-2-((2R,5S,6R)-6-((2S,3S,4S,6R)-6-((2S,5S,7R,9S,10S,12R,15R)-2-((2R,5R,6S)-5-ethyl-5-hydroxy-6-methyltetrahydro-2H-pyran-2-yl)-15-hydroxy-2,10,12-trimethyl-1,6,8-trioxadispiro[]pentadec-13-en-9-yl)-3-hydroxy-4-methyl-5-oxooctan-2-yl)-5-
Appearance White to of-white solid
Formulation N/A
CAS Number 55721-31-8
Peptide sequence N/A
Molecular Formula C₄₂H₆₉O₁₁. Na
Molecular Weight 772.98
Purity ≥850U/mg
Solubility/Reconstitution Instructions DMSO (~5 mg/ml)
Handling Protect from air and moisture
Tagline A cancer stem cell inhibitor
Storage Temp. -20°C
Shipping Conditions Gel Pack
Shelf Life 36 months
MDL Number MFCD00036900
PubChem CID 23703990
Category Biochemicals
Description Salinomycin is a polyether ionophore antibiotic that has recently been identified as an antitumor drug for several types of cancer stem cell (CSC) treatments. Salinomycin inhibits the migration and invasion of liver cancer stem cells (LCSCs) through the dephosphorylated FAK and ERK1/2 pathways.
Chemical complete name (R)-2-((2R,5S,6R)-6-((2S,3S,4S,6R)-6-((2S,5S,7R,9S,10S,12R,15R)-2-((2R,5R,6S)-5-ethyl-5-hydroxy-6-methyltetrahydro-2H-pyran-2-yl)-15-hydroxy-2,10,12-trimethyl-1,6,8-trioxadispiro[]pentadec-13-en-9-yl)-3-hydroxy-4-methyl-5-oxooctan-2-yl)-5-
CAS number 55721-31-8
Physical state White to of-white solid
Chemical formula C₄₂H₆₉O₁₁. Na
Molecular weight (in Da) 772.98
Assay purity ≥850U/mg
Biochemical solubility DMSO (~5 mg/ml)
Storage recommendation Store for 36 months at -20°C. Protect from air and moisture
Delivery Shipped under gel packs
Production site Manifactured in USA
Released Manufactured since May 2017. For ordering or bulk quantity please contact us
Gene targetSalinomycin Sodium
Short name Salinomycin Sodium
Alternative name Salinomycin Sodium
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