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Microcystin LR

Microcystin LR is available 2 times from Biovision labs

1840-100 | Microcystin-LR size: 100 ug | 167.11 USD


1840-500 | Microcystin-LR size: 500 ug | 448.25 USD

Alternative_name Cyanoginosin-LR
Description A hepatotoxic cyclic heptapeptide toxin produced by cyanobacteria. A selective inhibitor of protein phosphatase 1 (PP1) (IC₅₀ = 1.7 nM) and protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) (IC₅₀ = 0.04 nM). Less sensitive to PP2B and does not inhibit PP2C up to 4 µM.
CAS Number 101043-37-2
Structure Available? Yes
Salt Form No
Molecular Formula C₄₉H₇₄N₁₀O₁₂
Molecular Weight 995.17
Cell-Permeable? No
Purity ≥95% by HPLC
Solubilities DMSO or EtOH or MeOH
Handling Protect from air and moisture
Tag Line A protein phosphatase 1 (PP1) inhibitor
Storage Condition -20°C
Shipping Condition gel pack
Shelf Life 24 months
MDL Number MFCD01774058
PubChem CID 445434
InChi InChI=1S/C49H74N10O12/c1-26(2)23-37-46(66)58-40(48(69)70)30(6)42(62)55-35(17-14-22-52-49(50)51)45(65)54-34(19-18-27(3)24-28(4)38(71-10)25-33-15-12-11-13-16-33)29(5)41(61)56-36(47(67)68)20-21-39(60)59(9)32(8)44(64)53-31(7)43(63)57-37/h11-13,15-16,18-19,24,26,28-31,34-38,40H,8,14,17,20-23,25H2,1-7,9-10H3,(H,53,64)(H,54,65)(H,55,62)(H,56,61)(H,57,63)(H,58,66)(H,67,68)(H,69,70)(H4,50,51,52)/b19-18+,27-24+/t28-,29-,30-,31+,34-,35-,36+,37-,38-,40+/m0/s1
MSDS Available Yes
Gene targetMicrocystin-LR
Short name Microcystin-LR
Alternative name Microcystin-LR
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