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3-Benzylsulfamoyl-benzoic acid

3-Benzylsulfamoyl-benzoic acid is available 1 time from Trca labs

B289760 | 3-Benzylsulfamoyl-benzoic acid size: 100 mg | 127.65 USD

Catalog number B289760
Supplier trca
Price 127.65 USD
Size 100 mg
Product images
Chemical available in other sizes Please inquire size and price
Stock availability Please Inquire
Cas number 7326-77-4
Chemical's molecular weight 291.32
Chemical's main applications 3-Benzylsulfamoyl-benzoic acid
Chemical's formula C14H13NO4S
Physical properties No Data Available
Melting temperature No Data Available
Boiling temperature No Data Available
Chemical's soluble in No Data Available
Stability conditions No Data Available
Storage No Data Available
Gene target3-Benzylsulfamoyl-benzoic acid
Short name 3-Benzylsulfamoyl-benzoic acid
Alternative name 3-Benzylsulfamoyl-benzoic acid
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3-Benzylsulfamoyl-benzoic acid | Technique alternative | 010
EU:+32-(0)1-658-90-45 US:+1-(408)780-0908 [email protected]
  • 3-Benzylsulfamoyl-benzoic
  • acid
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