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(5-Fluoro-2-(N-methylsulfamoyl)phenyl)boronic acid

(5-Fluoro-2-(N-methylsulfamoyl)phenyl)boronic acid is available 1 time from Sfc labs

SFC-56436 | (5-Fluoro-2-(N-methylsulfamoyl)phenyl)boronic acid size: 1 EA | Please ask

Catalog number SFC-56436
Supplier SFC
Price Please ask
Size 1 EA
CAS number 1218790-75-0
Delivery information We deliver every Tuesday after Friday if you order before Friday 16:00 pm
Shipping information Contact our support team every day by phone on 0032 16 58 90 45 or by email at [email protected]
Gene target5-Fluoro-2 N-methylsulfamoyl)phenyl)boronic acid
Short name (5-Fluoro-2-(N-methylsulfamoyl)phenyl)boronic acid
Alternative name (5-Fluoro-2-(N-methylsulfamoyl)phenyl)boronic acid
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(5-Fluoro-2-(N-methylsulfamoyl)phenyl)boronic acid | Techniq
EU:+32-(0)1-658-90-45 US:+1-(408)780-0908 [email protected]
  • 5-Fluoro-2
  • N-methylsulfamoyl)phenyl)boronic
  • acid
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