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C10orf54 cloning plasmid

C10orf54 cloning plasmid is available 1 time from Cusabio labs

CSB-CL884484HU-10ug | C10orf54 cloning plasmid size: 10ug | 273.57 USD

Catalog number CSB-CL884484HU-10ug
Supplier Cusabio
Price 273.57 USD
Size 10ug
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Description A cloning plasmid for the C10orf54 gene.
Specifications Gene name: C10orf54; Gene ID: 64115; Accession number: BC020568; Vector: Vector will be determined during the manufacturing process, either pENTR223.1 or pUC
Additional_information Formulation: 10 μg plasmid + 200μl Glycerol; Length: 936; Sequence: atgggcgtccccacggccctggaggccggcagctggcgctggggatccctgctcttcgctctcttcctggctgcgtccctaggtccggtggcagccttcaaggtcgccacgccgtattccctgtatgtctgtcccgaggggcagaacgtcaccctcacctgcaggctcttgggccctgtggacaaagggcacgatgtgaccttctacaagacgtggtaccgcagctcgaggggcgaggtgcagacctgctcagagcgccggcccatccgcaacctcacgttccaggaccttcacctgcaccatggaggccaccaggctgccaacaccagccacgacctggctcagcgccacgggctggagtcggcctccgaccaccatggcaacttctccatcaccatgcgcaacctgaccctgctggatagcggcctctactgctgcctggtggtggagatcaggcaccaccactcggagcacagggtccatggtgccatggagctgcaggtgcagacaggcaaagatgcaccatccaactgtgtggtgtacccatcctcctcccaggagagtgaaaacatcacggctgcagccctggctacgggtgcctgcatcgtaggaatcctctgcctccccctcatcctgctcctggtctacaagcaaaggcaggcagcctccaaccgccgtgcccaggagctggtgcggatggacagcaacattcaagggattgaaaaccccggctttgaagcctcaccacctgcccaggggatacccgaggccaaagtcaggcaccccctgtcctatgtggcccagcggcagccttctgagtctgggcggcatctgctttcggagcccagcacccccctgtctcctccaggccccggagacgtcttcttcccatccctggaccctgtccctgactctccaaactttgaggtcatctag
Storage_and_shipping Transported on ice packs. For long term storage keep frozen at -20°C. Avoid repeat freezing and thawing.
Notes For research use only.
Kit Plasmid mini made and maxi DNA purification kits can be silica gel or anion exchange, endotoxin free and are used to produce pure plasmids that are small DNA molecules within a cell separated from chromosomal DNA and can replicate independently. They are most commonly found in bacteria as small circular, double-stranded DNA molecules; however, plasmids are sometimes present in archaea and eukaryotic organisms. In nature, plasmids often carry genes that may benefit the survival of the organism, for example antibiotic resistance. While the chromosomes are big and contain all the essential information for living, plasmids usually are very small and contain only additional information. Artificial plasmids are widely used as vectors in molecular cloning, serving to drive the replication of recombinant DNA sequences within host organisms.
Gene targetC10orf54 cloning
Short name C10orf54 cloning plasmid
Technique plasmid
Alternative name C10orf54 cloning plasmid
Alternative technique plasmids
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C10orf54 cloning plasmid | Technique alternative | 010181417
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