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4ml Cryo-Tubes

4ml Cryo-Tubes is available 1 time from Himedia labs

CG284-1X1000NO | 4ml Cryo-Tubes size: 1X1000 NO | 178.70 USD

Carasteristique Convenient marking and identification, Autoclavable, Supplied in convenient , puncture and tear resistance bag. Self standing. Graduated with writing surface.
Description 4ml Cryo-Tubes are used for storage and transportation of biomaterials in low temperature, they are made with polypropylene; Autoclavable, Temperature (-80°C), they have round bottom with color screw cap. These tubes have molded Graduation.
Stability and Reactivity Product loses its potency/performance above 45°C. avoid Heat and light.
Dimensions 52 X 12.50 mm
Material Polypropylene
Storage Store below 30°C
Capacity 4 mL
Application Storage vials provide the highest quality and most reliable sample storage options for research, cell culture work, biobanking and any other precious sample.
Additional description Cryo preservation is done in tubes or vials. The tube or vial can be stores in liquid nitrogen at -196°C or in a -85°C freezer. Autoclavable.
Gene target4ml
Short name 4ml -Tubes
Technique Tubes
Alternative name 4ml Cryo-Tubes
Alternative technique falcon
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4ml Cryo-Tubes from Himedia -
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