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N-Phenylurea is available 1 time from Himedia labs

RM8803-5X100G | N-Phenylurea size: 5X100G | 319.47 USD

Catalog number RM8803-5X100G
Supplier Himedia
Price 319.47 USD
Size 5X100G
Description N-Phenylurea is a white to tan crystals or powder, chemical compound with the molecular formula C₇H₈N₂O. Contains any of several related products (Diuron, Fenuron, Linuron, Monuron, Neburon, Siduron) formally derived from urea.
Shelf life 4 years
Storage Conditions Store below 30°C
Alternative Names Phenylcarbamide
Molecular Formula C6H5NHCONH2
Molecular Weight 136.15
Appearance White to tan crystals or powder
Solubility 33.3 mg soluble in 1 mL of alcohol
Assay Assay (HPLC) : min. 97.00%
Uses Laboratory chemicals, Manufacture of substances
Personal Protection Wear respiratory protection. Avoid breathing vapors, mist or gas. Ensure adequate ventilation. Evacuate personnel to safe areas.
Ordering To order N-Phenylurea, please use the Cat. Nr.RM8803-5X100G and submit your purchase order by email or by fax. A discount is available for larger or bulk quantities, please contact us for more information
Tips Our specialists recommend you to follow carefully the pre-registered instructions for N-Phenylurea
Gene targetN-Phenylurea
Short name N-Phenylurea
Alternative name N-Phenylurea
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N-Phenylurea | Technique alternative | 01014809724
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