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Mouse monoclonal Anti FLAG Octapeptide FLAG Tag Monoclonal Antibody

Mouse monoclonal Anti FLAG Octapeptide FLAG Tag Monoclonal Antibody is available 2 times from Cloud clone corp labs

TAX159Ge22-20ug | Mouse monoclonal-Anti-FLAG Octapeptide (FLAG) Tag Monoclonal Antibody-20ug size: 20ug | 322.11 USD


TAX159Ge22-50ug | Mouse monoclonal-Anti-FLAG Octapeptide (FLAG) Tag Monoclonal Antibody-50ug Antibody size: 50ug | 423.83 USD

Organism Species Pan-species (General)
Source Monoclonal antibody preparation
Purification Protein A + Protein G affinity chromatography
Buffer Formulation 0.01M PBS, pH7.4, containing 0.05% Proclin-300, 50% glycerol.
Item Name FLAG Octapeptide
Immunogen CPX159Ge21-OVA Conjugated FLAG Octapeptide (FLAG)
Image number -
Species reactivity Pan-species
Sequence of immunogen -
Aplication WB; IHC; ICC; IP.
Clonality Mouse monoclonal
Concentration 1mg/ml
Alternative Names FLAG epitope; FLAG-Tag
Applicable Secondary Antibody SAA544Mu08, SAA544Mu09, SAA544Mu07, SAA544Mu19, SAA544Mu18, SAA544Mu17
Delivery condition 4℃ with ice bags
Storage instructions Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles. Store at 4 ℃ for frequent use. Aliquot and store at -20℃ for 12 months.
Description This antibody needs to be stored at + 4°C in a fridge short term in a concentrated dilution. Freeze thaw will destroy a percentage in every cycle and should be avoided.
Properties If you buy Antibodies supplied by Cloud Clone Corp they should be stored frozen at - 24°C for long term storage and for short term at + 5°C.An anti-flag tag (FLAG fusion protein) is use to detect a FLAG-tag, or FLAG octapeptide, or FLAG epitope that is a polypeptide protein tag that can be added to a protein using recombinant DNA. This FLAG-tags have the sequence DYKDDDDK motiv.  These tags are very useful to do protein purification by affinity chromatography. Also separation of recombinant, overexpressed proteins from cell lysates is done by FLAG go HIS tags. FLAGS are also used in the isolation of protein complexes with multiple subunits, because its mild purification procedure tends not to disrupt such complexes. It has been used to enrich proteins of height purity and quality to see the 3D crystal structure with x-ray. Suitable for in vivo use in cells. For electrophorese protein detection rabbit polyclonals anti Flag conjugation are the most suited antibodies.
Conjugation Flag
About Monoclonals of this antigen are available in different clones. Each murine monoclonal anibody has his own affinity specific for the clone. Mouse monoclonal antibodies are purified protein A or G and can be conjugated to FITC for flow cytometry or FACS and can be of different isotypes.
Test Mouse or mice from the Mus musculus species are used for production of mouse monoclonal antibodies or mabs and as research model for humans in your lab. Mouse are mature after 40 days for females and 55 days for males. The female mice are pregnant only 20 days and can give birth to 10 litters of 6-8 mice a year. Transgenic, knock-out, congenic and inbread strains are known for C57BL/6, A/J, BALB/c, SCID while the CD-1 is outbred as strain.
Latin name Mus musculus
French translation anticorps
Technique Mouse monoclonal, Antibody, Mouse, anti
Host mouse monoclonal
Label Flag
Species Mouse
Alternative technique antibodies
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Mouse monoclonal Anti FLAG Octapeptide FLAG Tag Monoclonal A
  • monoclonal
  • Octapeptide
  • Tag
  • Monoclonal
  • 20ug
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