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cis-2,6-Dimethylpiperazine is available 1 time from Trca labs

D477675 | cis-2,6-Dimethylpiperazine size: 5 g | 271.22 USD

Catalog number D477675
Supplier trca
Price 271.22 USD
Size 5 g
Product images
Chemical available in other sizes Please inquire size and price
Stock availability Available in 2-3 weeks
Cas number 21655-48-1
Chemical's molecular weight 114.19
Chemical's main applications cis-2,6-Dimethylpiperazine is a very versatile reagent used in the preparation of biologically active compounds such as antibacterial agents.
Chemical's category Heterocycles, Intermediates,
Other name (2S,6R)-rel-2,6-Dimethylpiperazine; cis-3,5-Dimethylpiperazine;
Chemical's formula C6H14N2
Physical properties No Data Available
Melting temperature No Data Available
Boiling temperature No Data Available
Chemical's soluble in No Data Available
Stability conditions No Data Available
Storage No Data Available
Gene targetcis-2,6-Dimethylpiperazine
Short name cis-2,6-Dimethylpiperazine
Alternative name cis-2,6-Dimethylpiperazine
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cis-2,6-Dimethylpiperazine | Technique alternative | 0101234
EU:+32-(0)1-658-90-45 US:+1-(408)780-0908 [email protected]
  • cis-2,6-Dimethylpiperazine
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