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LEE stain

LEE stain is available 2 times from Gentaur ihc stains labs

111317305 | LEE stain size: 100 tests | 79.03 USD

Catalog number 111317305
Price 79.03 USD
Size 100 tests

111317325 | LEE stain size: 200 ml | 94.83 USD

Histology IHC use Stainaing of formalin fixed, paraffin embedded tissues or frozen sections. Deparaffinize the sections and hydrate them with pure distilled water. Hematoxilin counter staining for blue nuclei. After xylene cleaning you can use GentoMount as mounting medium.
Coloring tissues for counterstaining and differentiation of tissue sections, blue, yellow, red, purple, green, ...
Dye to use Use with a dye as a stain combined with methylene blye with fixatives, solutions and fluids for cytochemistry and histochemistry.
IVD use for in vitro diagnostic
Gene targetLEE stain
Short name LEE stain
Alternative name LEE staining
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LEE stain | Technique alternative | 01011245390
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