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Fetal Bovine Serum Iron supplemented Sterile filtered

Fetal Bovine Serum Iron supplemented Sterile filtered is available 2 times from Himedia labs

RM10915-1X500ML | Fetal Bovine Serum Iron supplemented Sterile filtered size: 1X500ML | 431.58 USD


RM10948-1X500ML | Fetal Bovine Serum Iron supplemented, Heat inactivated Sterile filtered size: 1X500ML | 452.19 USD

Packing 500ML
Storage Store at -10°C to -40°C away from bright light.
Antibody testing NA
Uses Laboratory chemicals, Manufacture of substances
Personal Protection Use personnel protective equipment. Wear disposable gloves, dust mask and eye protection. Avoid dust formation.
Toxicological Information NA
Description Azide Free Serum for cell culture FBS fetal bovine serum. Filtered serum for sterility. The polyclonal serum contains no red or white blood cells or clotting factors; it is the blood plasma not including the fibrinogens. Serum includes all proteins and antibodies not used in blood clotting (coagulation) and all the electrolytes, antibodies, antigens, hormones, and any exogenous substances like drugs and microorganisms. Plasmas on request.This 1 has passed a sterilization (or sterilization) by filtration or inactivation that has eliminated (removed) or killed (deactivated) all forms of DNA, RNA and enzymes. Also life and other biological agents (such as viruses which some do not consider to be alive but are biological pathogens nonetheless), excluding prions which cannot be killed, including transmissible agents (such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, prions, spore forms, unicellular eukaryotic organisms such as Plasmodium, etc.) present in a specified reagent or on a surface, a volume of fluid, or in a compound such as biological culture medias filtered. Sterilization was achieved with one or more of the following heat, chemicals, irradiation, high pressure, and filtration. Sterilization is distinct from disinfection, sanitization, and pasteurization in that sterilization kills, deactivates, or eliminates all forms of life and other biological agents.
Group Sera
About Serum should be stored at +5°C
Technique sterile, serum
Species Bovine
Alternative technique sterilized
Tissue serum
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Fetal Bovine Serum Iron supplemented Sterile filtered
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