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Smad3 Ser208 Antibody ALEXA FLUOR

Smad3 Ser208 Antibody ALEXA FLUOR is available 5 times from Bioss primary conjugated antibodies. alexa fluor labs

bs-5617R-A350 | Smad3 (Ser208) Antibody, ALEXA FLUOR 350 size: 100ul | 407.22 USD


bs-5617R-A488 | Smad3 (Ser208) Antibody, ALEXA FLUOR 488 size: 100ul | 407.22 USD


bs-5617R-A555 | Smad3 (Ser208) Antibody, ALEXA FLUOR 555 size: 100ul | 407.22 USD


bs-5617R-A594 | Smad3 (Ser208) Antibody, ALEXA FLUOR 594 size: 100ul | 407.22 USD

Catalog number bs-5617R-A594
Price 407.22 USD
Size 100ul
Long name Smad3 (Ser208) Polyclonal Antibody, ALEXA FLUOR 594 Conjugated
Also known as Anti-Smad3 Ser208 PAb ALEXA FLUOR 594
Conjugated with ALEXA FLUOR® 594
Excitation emission 590nm/617nm
Properties For facs or microscopy Alexa 1 conjugate.If you buy Antibodies supplied by Bioss Primary Conjugated Antibodies. ALEXA FLUOR they should be stored frozen at - 24°C for long term storage and for short term at + 5°C.
Conjugation Alexa Fluor,ALEXA FLUOR® 594
Conjugated Alexa conjugate 1
French translation anticorps
Alternative name Smad3 (Ser208) Polyclonal Antibody, ALEXA FLUOR 594
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bs-5617R-A647 | Smad3 (Ser208) Antibody, ALEXA FLUOR 647 size: 100ul | 407.22 USD

Category Conjugated Primary Antibodies
Host Organism Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)
Target Antigen Smad3 Ser208
Specificity This is a highly specific antibody against Smad3 Ser208.
Modification Phosphorylation
Modification Site Ser208
Clonality Polyclonal
Clone Polyclonal antibody
Concentration 1ug per 1ul
Source KLH conjugated synthetic phosphopeptide derived from human Smad3 around the phosphorylation site of Ser208 [NL(p-S)PN]
Gene ID Number 4088
Tested applications IF(IHC-P)
Recommended dilutions IF(IHC-P)(1:50-200)
Crossreactivity Human, Mouse, Rat
Cross-reactive species details Due to limited amount of testing and knowledge, not every possible cross-reactivity is known.
Background of the antigen Smad3 is a 50 kDa member of a family of proteins that act as key mediators of TGF beta superfamily signaling in cell proliferation, differentiation and development. The Smad family is divided into three subclasses: receptor regulated Smads, activin/TGF beta receptor regulated (Smad2 and 3) or BMP receptor regulated (Smad 1, 5, and 8); the common partner, (Smad4) that functions via its interaction to the various Smads; and the inhibitory Smads, (Smad6 and 7). Activated Smad3 oligomerizes with Smad4 upon TGF beta stimulation and translocates as a complex into the nucleus, allowing its binding to DNA and transcription factors. Phosphorylation of the two TGF beta dependent serines 423 and 425 in the C terminus of Smad3 is critical for Smad3 transcriptional activity and TGF beta signaling.
Purification Purified by Protein A.
Storage conditions Store this antibody in aqueous buffered solution containing 1% BSA, 50% glycerol and 0.09% sodium azide. Keep refrigerated at 2 to 8 degrees Celcius for up to one year.
Synonyms SMAD3phospho S208; SMAD3phospho Ser208; p-SMAD3Ser208; hMAD 3; hSMAD3; HSPC193; JV15 2; JV152; MAD mothers against decapentaplegic Drosophila homolog 3; MAD3; MADH 3; MADH3; Mothers against decapentaplegic homolog 3; Mothers against DPP homolog 3; SMA and MAD related protein 3; SMAD 3; SMAD; SMAD-3; SMAD3_HUMAN.
Gene targetSmad3 Ser208
Short name Anti-Smad3 Ser208
Technique Antibody
Isotype Immunoglobulin G (IgG)
Alternative technique antibodies
Alternative to gene target SMAD family member 3, HSPC193 and HsT17436 and JV15-2 and LDS1C and LDS3 and MADH3, SMAD3 and IDBG-18366 and ENSG00000166949 and 4088, transforming growth factor beta receptor, nuclei, Smad3 and IDBG-175693 and ENSMUSG00000032402 and 17127, SMAD3 and IDBG-645466 and ENSBTAG00000012599 and 515125
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Anti-Smad3 Ser208 | Technique alternative | 01011199919
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