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Pseudo V

Pseudo V is available 2 times from Himedia labs

OD063-50PK | Pseudo V size: 50PK | 173.2 USD


OD063R-50PK | Pseudo V size: 50PK | 173.2 USD

Catalog number OD063R-50PK
Supplier Himedia
Price173.2 USD
Size 50PK
Use to be used on 90 mm media plates
MeSH Data
Scope note:Functional obstruction of the COLON leading to MEGACOLON in the absence of obvious COLONIC DISEASES or mechanical obstruction. When this condition is acquired, acute, and coexisting with another medical condition (trauma, surgery, serious injuries or illness, or medication), it is called Ogilvie's syndrome.
Tree numbers
  • C06.405.469.158.272.217
  • C06.405.469.531.492.500.217
Additional information
Entrez Genepseudo  (BRCA1P1)
Description Pseudo V is a circular ring of 8 discs made of inert material, it's coated with a combination of 8 antibiotics and used in the susceptibility testing of 8 antibiotics in one shot for Pseudomonas, for each disc a symbole and a concentration of antibiotic are printed on its periphery. the test is efficient, easy and rapid.
Compositions each ring contains:Amikacin (AK - 30 µg), Carbenicillin (CB - 100 µg), Chloramphenicol (C - 30 µg), Ciprofloxacin (CIP - 5 µg), Cefotaxime (CTX - 30 µg), Gentamicin (GEN - 10 µg), Norfloxacin (NX - 10 µg), Tobramycin (TOB - 10 µg)
Cultural response Average diameter of zone of inhibition is observed on Mueller Hinton Agar after 18-24 hours incubation at 37°C for standard cultures.
Appearance Flat circular ring of inert material w/ 8 equidistant arms on the outer periphery, each arm having a 6 mm disc at the end; each disc impregnated w/ different antibiotics, w/ corresponding symbols & concentrations printed on the ring.
Storage On receipt discs should always be stored at -20°C under dry conditions
Packing Each pack contains 10 rings
Application Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing
Gene targetPseudo
Short name Pseudo V
Alternative name Pseudo V
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