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Recombinant Lilium longiflorum Chemocyanin

Recombinant Lilium longiflorum Chemocyanin is available 2 times from Mybiosource labs

MBS1027801 | Recombinant Lilium longiflorum Chemocyanin size: 0,05 mg (E-Coli) | 718.54 USD


MBS1027801 | Recombinant Lilium longiflorum Chemocyanin[Chemocyanin] size: 0.05 mg (Yeast) | 6.08 USD

Products_type Recombinant Protein
Other size please contact us to order other different size
Source Recombinants or rec. proteins
Group recombinants
Technique Recombinant
Alternative technique rec
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Recombinant Lilium longiflorum Chemocyanin -
EU:+32-(0)1-658-90-45 US:+1-(408)780-0908 [email protected]
  • Lilium
  • longiflorum
  • Chemocyanin
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